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True Colours 嘉人本色 Episode 24 End Recap

Da Zi called Jia Jia to see a doctor, deliberately agitated Nian Meng Yu, and wanted to create the opportunity for the two of them to explain. Who knows that Jia Jia, who is used to seeing male patients, is no problem dealing with Da Zi. Nian Meng Yu is here, Jia Jia also only asked about seeing a doctor, and neither of them said much.

Jiajia and her girlfriends drank and sang. Yanyan advised her not to miss Jiang Feng. He was so devoted to Jiajia and waited for her for six years. At first, Yanyan treated Gao Song like Jiajia did to Nian Mengyu, but in the end it was not parting ways. It is good to be with Jiangshan now. The sisters showed up and said, I hope Jiajia won’t wait to miss Jiang Feng before regretting it. Jiajia couldn’t forget Nian Mengyu in her heart, and didn’t want to hurt Jiang Feng, and borrowed him to heal her injuries. At the end of the party, Jiang Feng came to pick up Jiajia. Friends all saw Jiang Feng’s affection for Jiajia. They joked that they always used each other as a shield, and simply proved the best.

Jiang Feng sent Jiajiadu downstairs and confessed affectionately to Jiajia, saying that Jiajia had been waiting for Mengyu for six years, and he had also waited for her for six years. It was time to end. He once again explained his intentions, but Jiajia couldn’t say anything other than thank and sorry. For so many years, she was like a locked piano, and she could no longer be tempted to other men, even if Jiang Feng was good, she couldn’t give it. The answer he wanted.

Nian Mengyu has been waiting for her downstairs at Jiajia’s house. After watching Jiang Feng go, he dialed Jiajia’s phone. It has been six years. When Jiajia saw the familiar remarks name again, she hung up. On the phone, Nian Mengyu heard that Jiajia was still using the ringtone they had recorded together, and dialed the phone again, this time Jiajia answered.

Nian Mengyu said that he would return the computer to Jiajia. Taking the opportunity of speaking, Nian Mengyu asked Jiajia how he and Jiang Feng were not married. Jiajia only said that he was going to be soon, because he was delayed by study and work a few years ago. After the separation, the two felt slumped in their hearts. Jia Jia’s mind was full of images from college dating. Nian Mengyu saw the bicycle downstairs in Jia Jia’s downstairs and stacked all the bicycles alone.

When Jiajia and his parents went out the next day, the adults thought that Lei Feng was alive again. Lu’s father told Jiajia to have dinner at the house last year. Jiajia originally refused, but he couldn’t hold back his father and had to agree.

It was agreed to have dinner at Nian’s family. Jiajia gave the gift he brought back from Holland to Uncle Nian. The two families took a group photo. According to tradition, Jiajia and Nian Mengyu had to take a separate photo, but at this time Nian Mengyu My phone rang and the group photo was not completed. Jiajia said to adjust some small materials in order to ease the embarrassment. Listening to Nian Mengyu on the phone saying that she would take the other person back to the United States to see her mother, Jiajia was surprised and accidentally poured too much spicy oil. When she reacted, it was too late. She thought it would happen to tease Nian Mengyu once, so Added more material to it.

At the dinner table, Nian Meng Yu praised that the dumplings made by grandma were delicious, and these seasonings were not available in the United States, and the Chinese food over there tasted wrong. Jiajia listened and wondered why Nian Mengyu could not eat these dumplings she made. When she was in college, she made dumplings for Nian Mengyu and Dazhi for four years, and once she didn’t add a little more spicy oil. He can’t stand it, let alone today’s amount. She snatched Nian Mengyu’s ingredients and tasted it herself. It was so spicy that she ran out to drink water. Nian Mengyu comforted her elders and followed.

At this time, Jiajia knew that Nian Mengyu had long lost his sense of taste. Nian Mengyu confessed to her about going abroad for treatment alone after being injured. She asked Nian Mengyu why he didn’t tell her such a big thing. Nian Mengyu said that she was so busy and so tired at the time that he didn’t want her to be distracted. Later, when he returned to China from treatment, he happened to ran into Jiajia and Jiang Feng together. He thought that Jiajia had transferred to love after only two years. So she didn’t bother her. Jiajia didn’t approve of Nian Mengyu’s logic. How could he unilaterally decide to disappear from Jiajia’s world on the grounds that he cared about Jiajia.

After so many years, Jiajia was unable to get out of her heartache at all. In her feelings, Nian Mengyu’s departure seemed to abandon her. In the past six years of youth, even without Nian Mengyu, her life was still Never walked into another man. Nian Mengyu asked Jiajia, and now he can’t give her the life she wants most, and can’t even taste the food she cooks. She still wants to live with him for a lifetime, Jiajia hugs him, and the two are still happy in the end Together.

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