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True Colours 嘉人本色 Episode 23 Recap

Nian Meng Yu secretly went for an examination. The doctor said that his condition was very bad. In order not to worry Jiajia, he decided to go to Texas for treatment and lied to Jiajia that he had gone back to Beijing to discuss business. The year before leaving, Meng Yu held Jiajia tightly, maybe he would never come back after this farewell. Although Jiajia was reluctant to give up, she did not see Nian Mengyu’s abnormality.

Jiajia hoped that Nian Mengyu would go back to the hospital for an internship with her soon, but Nian Mengyu told her that he had come to Texas to accompany his mother. He didn’t tell Jiajia in advance, and Jiajia didn’t think much, and asked him to take good care of his mother. After Nian Mengyu’s examination and treatment in a high-end hospital for a period of time, the doctor still recommended him to undergo an operation. If he did not undergo an operation, his life would be in danger at any time, and the operation would also damage the nerves and cause paralysis. Nian Mengyu didn’t want Jiajia to follow him for the rest of his life without expectation, and never dared to return to China.

Jiajia, who was waiting at school, did not wait until Nian Mengyu, but waited for the news that Meng Yu would quit school in the coming year. She suppressed the sadness in her heart and calmly helped Nian Mengyu pack her luggage and send it to her father in Beijing, and then came to Nian Mengyu on a long-distance plane alone. Ask him if he is too impulsive, after all, he will graduate in a year.

Nian Mengyu told Jiajia that he didn’t want to waste any more time in medical school, not even an hour or a minute. Jiajia asked him what about her, she could go through fire and water for him, and she could no longer love him. The first time she faced Nian Mengyu’s confession, she hesitated because she was afraid of losing.

Later, she figured it out. Even if he chose to break up in the end, she would agree for him, but she didn’t expect this day to come so quickly. Suddenly, and he didn’t fall in love because of empathy, but suddenly left her. Jiajia even thought that she had confirmed that Nian Mengyu didn’t cherish her, so much so that he didn’t discuss any decision he made with her. After she finished speaking, she left Nian Mengyu’s house. Later, Dazi told Jiajia that Nian Mengyu had transferred all the shares in her business to Jiajia, but she did not accept it.

Nian Mengyu is also very painful, but he can’t drag Jiajia, can’t give her happiness, it is better to let go as soon as possible, even if she will be sad, she will always come out of the sadness, live a good life, and live with him without happiness. .

After returning to school, Jiajia could think of the past with Nian Mengyu from the trees and plants in the school. She could not imagine that he would leave her life like this. Until graduation day, Dazhi told her that the audio shop would be transferred. Finally, she left the classmate who was taking graduation photos, rushed to the audio shop, and saw the removed house number and the dismantled rack, she finally convinced herself to take over the fact of breaking up.

In a blink of an eye, in 2010, Jiajia came back from exchange studies in the Netherlands, but accidentally left the laptop at the airport service counter. After Nian Mengyu took the computer away, he cracked the password and saw the video that Jiajia took during the internship. Jiajia inside said that he was called the New Year Pig because Nian Mengyu was white and fat like a pig when he was a child. Nian Mengyu shut himself in the office and watched the video and then shed tears. Da Zi knew that Nian Mengyu’s feelings for Jiajia had not changed, and wanted to push him back to chase Jiajia back.

When Nian Mengyu saw Jiajia and Jiang Feng at the airport, he thought they were together, so he angered that his assistant was the girlfriend who brought home to meet Nian’s father. In fact, he was afraid that Jiajia would let go before him. No matter what Da Zi didn’t care, whether Jia Jia was with others or not, Kan Nian Meng Yu had never let go of Jia Jia in these years, and he couldn’t bear to let him take it all alone.

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