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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 8 Recap

In the East China Sea incident, the dragon girl fled overnight, and the fire dragon was ordered to catch it. The dark messenger spied on the side and found that the fire dragon had indeed lost all his memory, and his shot was so fierce that the Moang fell frequently and was seriously injured. If it was not the dragon girl at the critical moment With Wanshui Jingyuan striking the annealing dragon, I am afraid the two will suffer here.

Although the fire dragon failed to complete the task successfully, the demon emperor was in a good mood and did not care about it. Seeing her father like this, Princess Snake Ji was so inquisitive, until the dark messenger said it out, she knew why. At that time, the demon emperor’s fighting method was defeated by the Taiyi real person, so he was locked in the Yunxian cave and handed over to the fire dragon messenger to guard. The fire dragon was invaded by the demon qi, so after the death of Nezha, he fell into the demon palace and became a powerful master.

Since Taiyi really solved Jiu Liyinlei, the mana has been lost. The original Taihaozheng should have become weaker, but the demon emperor has recently discovered that Taihaoqi has not only gradually recovered, but also added a new righteousness out of thin air. . The demon emperor was afraid that this astrological astrology would be detrimental to the demon clan, and decided to take the initiative to attack Taihao before the Taiyi real mana was restored.

The dark messenger did not want the demon emperor to be involved in danger, and persuaded the demon emperor to think twice. Moreover, the princess demon has successfully obtained the gold water token and captured the East Sea dragon clan. The situation is not scary at the moment, just retrieve the silver water token. On the day of retrograde, assist the demon emperor to solve the repression.

The golden water token is in hand, but the token spell has been changed in advance. Princess Snake tortured the water elf and forced her to speak the real spell. The water elf resisted stubbornly and preferred to die rather than confess. The ugly phase claimed that the true eye of the dragon had the ability to remember, and Princess Snake Ji grabbed Ao Guang and saw the turtle immortal through the picture, and immediately issued the wanted arrest.

Nezha was about to go down. Before he left, Tai Yizheng sent mana to him, and Guanyin told him to help the little dragon girl regain the throne of the East China Sea and rejuvenate the dragon. Nezha has not forgotten the grievances of the world, and he is unwilling, but he has to be ordered to obey. Tai Yizheng saw Nazha’s obsession, saying that the monk should be right and wrong, and know what matters. Don’t ignore the world because of personal grievances.

After a lucky escape, Moang and the little dragon girl came to Longhai to ask for help from Ao Qin. At first, Ao Qin faced with difficulty, but after analyzing the pros and cons of the two, they finally agreed to send someone to repair the book and two other dragon kings to discuss the matter of the snake snake. .

The little dragon girl stayed in the South China Sea for a while, and Moang rushed to the West Sea to gather her relatives overnight. Nezha secretly dived into the South China Sea, and accidentally heard that the two dragon kings, Aoqin, were afraid of offending the demon clan, and they joined forces with Princess Snake to deal with the west and the north. Nezha hurried into the princess’s bedroom. At this time, the little dragon girl was still thinking of Nezha, and she hadn’t recovered her mind until she saw that Nezha was standing in front of her.

However, Nazha’s grievances had not disappeared, and she had no intention of reminiscing about the old. The little dragon girl heard Ao Qin’s conspiracy and was unbelievable. She insisted on staying in the South China Sea. She refused to leave with Nezha, and turned away.

Ao Run, the three dragons of the West Sea, and Ao Shun, the four dragons of the North Sea, arrived nonstop, learned that the eldest brother was trapped, and threatened to send troops to attack the demon. Ao Qin immediately quelled the anger of his brothers, and then hosted a banquet for the sake of discussion.

The little dragon girl sat in the room to observe Ao Qin. She was also dubious about what Nezha said. Until Wu Ji attacked with a sword, Ao Qin resisted in time. This completely believed that Ao Qin was a man, and felt that Nezha was too suspicious. The little dragon girl has a simple mind and does not know that Ao Qin is deceitful. This is because he deliberately arranged it. He just wanted to win everyone’s trust and drink the alcoholic drink.

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