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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 9 Recap

Nie Xingchen recalled the kiss downstairs. When he entered the room and saw Zhao Yuanfang still in the house, Zhao Yuanfang told Nie Xingchen that although Yan Jing lost his memory, he still fell in love with her again, but Zhao Yuanfang persuaded Nie Xingchen that it was just Yan Jing’s impulsiveness hoped that she could treat her feelings calmly. In addition, she also hoped that she would have the courage to tell him why she refused Yan Jing’s reason, so as not to always be entangled with each other. Nie Xingchen was moved by Zhao Yuanfang’s words. Afterwards, Zhao Yuanfang left Nie Xingchen’s house holding the chili pepper Nie’s father gave him.

As soon as Zhao Yuanfang left, Nie’s mother began to compare Zhao Yuanfang with Yan Jing. In desperation, Nie Xingchen had to tell her mother that Yan Jing was his boss and not an assistant. In the early hours of the next morning, Yan Jing came to Nie Xingchen’s residence. It turned out that Zhao Yuanfang’s vacation was cancelled by Yan Jing. Yan Jing continued to accompany Nie Xingchen’s parents as assistants. This behavior made Nie Xingchen feel a little strange. .

In front of the driver, Yan Jing drove Nie Xingchen and her parents to the largest shopping mall in Jinghai and bought a bunch of things. Yan Jing turned into a small bag master and followed behind. Soon Yan Jing and Dad Nie became a little tired. The two rested in the massage chairs in the mall. In order to allow Nie Xingchen to accompany his mother for a good stroll, Dad Nie took Yan Jing to experience cupping. Yan Jing asked to cup. Pulling away to accompany Nie’s mother to go shopping, but he was trapped by the massage chair.

In the cupping shop, Yan Jing screamed with pain. Father Nie took this scene into a mobile phone video and sent it to Nie Xingchen. As soon as she saw it, Mother Nie also told Nie Xingchen about his embarrassment and told Nie Xingchen that sometimes men Not as strong as he had seen, a word made Nie Xingchen thoughtful again. After cupping, Yan Jing asked Dad Nie to keep his screaming voice a secret just now, and Dad Nie said that his mouth was very strict, so he was relieved.

Because Nie Xingchen and Nie’s mother were still nailing, Dad Nie brought Yan Jing to a snack bar. Dad Nie bluntly said that he already knew Yan Jing’s identity as the owner. Because Yan Jing liked Nie Xingchen, he wanted to be at Dad Nie. Behave well in front of him, saying that he can drink with him without saying a word, and telling father Nie that he has even-number OCD.

With the taste of wine, Father Nie told Yan Jing about the story of Nie Xingchen when he was six years old, saying that he originally wanted Nie Xingchen to retire from the piano class, but Nie Xingchen persisted. Yan Jing asked his father Nie how he was his son-in-law. One sentence made him squirt out all the wine in his mouth, but he calmly and calmly told Yan Jing that their opinions as parents are not important, the important thing Nie What the stars have for him. When Yan Jing heard this, he immediately understood.

Father Nie and Yan Jing went back to Nie Xingchen’s residence with a little drunkenness, talking about secrets that couldn’t be told, and even called brothers and sisters. Because Nie Xingchen was worried about his drunken Yan Jing, he followed him and came to his residence. As soon as Yan Jing entered the house, Nie Xingchen gave him bath water. Because of the heat of drinking, Yan Jing took off his clothes and regarded the kitchen as a lust tank. Nie Xingchen was extremely ashamed at first sight and took it. Wrapped him in a bath towel and slowly led him to the bathroom.

After Yan Jing woke up drunk, she felt extremely embarrassed when she remembered the embarrassment of her drunkenness last night. At the same time, Huang Tao received a call from Yan Jing, saying that he would not be able to come to work today, so everyone in the President’s Office began to speculate about Yan Jing’s love partner. Zhen Nian came to the Piaget Group to look for Yan Jing. He happened to meet Zhao Yuanfang. Zhao Yuanfang persuaded Zhen Nian to learn to let go. After all, Yan Jing already has someone he likes, and Zhen Nian was so anxious to hear that he mumbled that Zhao Yuanfang was a despicable kid. people.

Yan Jing came to Nie Xingchen’s residence again, and brought a thoughtful gift. At the same time, he was very attentive to transfer them to first-class cabins, making the itinerary for them back to Shashi clear. At the same time, Yan Jing accidentally heard the old couple’s true evaluation of him and Zhao Yuanfang at the door. At the same time, he accidentally heard that Nie Xingchen’s love was caused by the obstruction of his family.

After Nie Xingchen and Yan Jing sent their elders back to Shashi, Yan Jing asked Nie Xingchen to tell him all the truth, otherwise he would tell the elders that he was Nie Xingchen’s first love boyfriend. In desperation, Nie Xingchen told Yan Jing about the time of the year. Back then, I always thought that Yan Jing was a person whose family background was as ordinary as his own, but one day Yan Jing’s father came to him and told her very directly that the two people’s family background did not match the marriage. For this reason, Yan Jing missed a lot of opportunities that she had arranged for him. The two people even had completely different environments. Even if they were together, they would not be happy. In addition, please don’t agree to Yan Jing’s proposal.

On the day of the proposal, Yan Jing’s father kept calling Yan Jing, and Nie Xingchen answered the phone. In the restaurant, Yan Jing confessed his heartfelt confession. The two couple rings had already expressed all his thoughts. Yan Jing knelt on one knee and was full of sincerity like Nie Xingchen proposes. Such enthusiastic Yan Jing made Nie Xingchen very moved. Just about to reach out and accept the ring, Yan Jing suddenly fainted.

When Nie Xingchen sent Yan Jing to the hospital, he also saw the news of his father’s death in a car accident on Yan Jing’s mobile phone. Such sudden news made Nie Xingchen difficult to accept. She felt that it was her fault that caused Yan Jing not to see it. The last side of my father, what is even more peculiar is that you lost your memory after waking up.

Yan Jing heard that Nie Xingchen was too selfish, and rejected herself again for his own guilt. At the same time, he asked Nie Xingchen if they had any memories of objects in common when they were together. Nie Xingchen told Yan Jing that he would sort these things. Bring it to him. The miss between the two was too dramatic. Yan Jing was silent by the window for a long time, and Nie Xingchen, who was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus, also remained silent for a long time. Rain was fluttering, Nie Xingchen did not wait for the bus, but waited for Lai Yan Jing to stand in front of him holding an umbrella, and the two of them looked at each other and were speechless.

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