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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 10 Recap

When Nie Xingchen woke up, he found himself sleeping in the living room of Yan Jing’s house. When he entered Yan Jing’s bedroom, he found that it was already empty. Yan Jing was unwilling to make any decisions at the meeting and ordered someone to send relevant materials to his desk. The people in the president’s office perceive that Yan Jing’s distraction may be related to Nie Xingchen, but it is purely speculation.

Nie Xingchen went to Yatai to accept Mr. Gu’s interview, but he was a little bit hesitant about leaving Jinghai to develop in Shanghai. After the interview, I happened to meet Yan Jing who came to talk to Mr. Gu of Yatai. Yan Jing praised Nie Xingchen’s work ability in front of Mr. Gu. Nie Xingchen temporarily decided to agree to Mr. Gu of Yatai. Invited to go to the Shanghai branch for development.

Tong Xin brought a bunch of ingredients to Han Ziyu’s home, planning to cook it herself. But looking at the ingredients on a table and teaching the cooking method on a mobile phone, he was at a loss, but still challenged his own cooking skills. After a mess of stewing, Tong Xin felt that there must be no way to invite Han Ziyu to eat the food she cooked by herself. She ordered takeaway when she thought about it, but she was caught by a fishbone, just as Han Ziyu intimately confirmed the location of the fishbone for her. At that time, Yan Jing came to visit suddenly, so that Tong Xin was frightened, so he got up and left.

Zhao Yuanfang disagrees with Nie Xingchen’s decision to go to Shanghai for development. He bluntly asked why Nie Xingchen had to make himself so far away. Could it be that Yan Jing was really overwhelmed. Nie Xingchen told Zhao Yuanfang that Yan Jing’s father had a great relationship with him, and it was a good choice to avoid embarrassment to go to Shanghai to develop himself. Looking at Nie Xingchen who was silently crying, Zhao Yuanfang felt a little distressed.

Yan Jing told Han Ziyu about his time with Nie Xingchen. Han Ziyu felt that they looked like a legendary sadomasochistic relationship. But for Yan Jing to regain those lost memories, he asked Yan Jing not to be too He is obsessed with eager to regain his memory, and at the same time, as a friend, I sincerely hope that he will not wait for the loss to realize regret.

Yan Jing’s mother suddenly came to Jinghai to visit Yan Jing. It turned out that Han Ziyu called his mother. Yan Jing’s mother told him Yan Jing’s father’s last words, saying that his father did not intend to disturb him and Nie. When the stars are together, when they are dying, they just hope he can live happily. It’s just that I didn’t understand the matter between him and Nie Xingchen, so I forgot the last words.

Yan Jinghua went to visit his father in jacquard, remembering the various teachings his father had taught him during his lifetime. That year, his father always let him plan his life well in advance. Zhao Yuanfang found Yan Jing to ask for leave, expressing his plan to send Nie Xingchen to him, and he also told Yan Jing in secret, saying that the place Nie Xingchen was going to was very poor and remote, and his words made Yan Jing very restless.

Yan Jing came to Nie Xingchen’s downstairs and preached to Nie Xingchen, only then did he realize that Zhao Yuanfang was stimulating himself. Zhao Yuanfang knows that two people will stay on this matter for a lifetime, but now Yan Jing is more suffocated in his heart. Nie Xingchen came to Yan Jing’s residence holding the old objects of the two of them. He accidentally heard other women’s voices in his residence. He mistakenly thought that Yan Jing was in love with other women, and hurriedly fled.

At breakfast the next day, Nie Xingchen received a call from Yatai HR, saying that they could no longer hire her. Nie Xingchen learned that the reason was because Yan Jing was a little angry, but Yan Jing was calm and bland. Go shopping with my mother, Ms. Ye. Nie Xingchen arrived at the meeting place as scheduled, but Ms. Ye played with careful thinking. After many rounds of trials, she concluded that Nie Xingchen had a very good temper and was attentive, very suitable for her baby, Yan Jing, but after many trials, she still did not Identify yourself.

Yan Jing sent a text message again to let Nie Xingchen come to her residence, and asked her to personally supervise the planning company to arrange the scene, saying that she would give it to a very important person. Nie Xingchen felt guilty for Yan Jing and was responsive to him. Yan Jing posted the old photos of the two people back to the photo wall of the restaurant, and actively invited Zhen Nian to say that this was the last time the two met alone.

When Zhen Nian heard this, she immediately apologized for the period when she concealed her photos, but Yan Jing told her that when she was investigating Nie Xingchen, she accidentally discovered that they were both college classmates. Although she had lost her memory, she finally fell in love with Nie. Stars. The departed Zhen Nian burst into tears. Although Yan Jing was a little bit reluctant to accompany each other for 5 years, the stone in her heart was much easier because of this farewell.

Zhao Yuanfang received the news that Zhen Nian was planning to terminate the contract with the earl, and guessed how the big celebrity was experiencing excitement. When Nie Xingchen set up the venue, the lights suddenly turned on, and Yan Jing suddenly came over and asked her whether this place is suitable for confession, and told her everything about the venue today, just for Miss Nie.

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