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Oops! The King is in Love 愿我如星君如月 Episode 6 Recap

Gong Zhiyue looked at the mirror in the room, feeling that his appearance was not as good as it was then. The maid came over to give her something and said that she was beautiful and beautiful and she was the first beauty of Dong Shengguo. Gong Zhiyue was very happy to hear it, but felt that he was killing the enemy at the border, his hands were bloody, and I don’t know if Yan Jin would dislike it.

Gong Ye asked Gong Zhiyue’s attitude towards the emperor Jin Gong today. Gong Zhiyue was very shy. Gong Ye told her to tell the empress truthfully, Gong Zhiyue was very puzzled and worried that it would harm the emperor.

Yan Jin asked people to find a few sets of women’s clothing, to give one set to Gong Zhiyue, let Yan Zhixia first try them. Yan Zhixia was reluctant to change, but they were all very excited to run to change, and Yan Zhixia could only change. Yan Zhixia was worried about exposing her identity and deliberately glued a mustache, making Yan Jin very dissatisfied. Yan Zhixia put on this Yuehua skirt, which was very good-looking. Yan Jin looked dumbfounded and said that it would be useless to keep it. He simply gave it to Yan Zhixia.

Yan Zhixia sent the money out, and Cui Niang called the younger brothers and paid off the wages owed to them. But they eat and live and play in Cuixianglou these days. They still owe a lot of money to Cui Niang. Gong Ye and Gong Zhiyue entered the palace. The queen mother also called Yan Jin and asked him if he meant to get married. Gong Zhiyue was very shy. The Queen Mother said that there have been a lot of things recently. Yan Jin sent a blue Yuehua skirt to Gong Zhiyue, who was very happy.

The queen mother asked Gong Ye to arrange people in the imperial examination, and Gong Ye said that he had already prepared. The Queen Mother gave Gong Ye the test questions and answers to Gong Ye, so he must arrange it properly. Gong Ye saw that the conflict between the Empress Dowager and the Emperor was getting bigger and bigger, and thought it was a good opportunity. Yan Jin was injured and came to Yan Zhixia, but did not expect to see Yan Zhixia put on women’s clothing. Yan Zhixia was going to give Yan Jin medicine, and big Zhang Dayang came to Yan Zhixia to drink and eat meat. The two were so scared that they quickly hid in the cabinet.

Unexpectedly, the big Zhang Dayang thought that Yan Zhixia was not there and had been waiting outside. Yan Jin was afraid that the whole person would be trembling. Yan Zhixia took out the long light, patiently appeased Yan Jin, and told him a story. The two stayed in the cabinet for one night. Yan Zhixia was busy with Yan Jin’s fear of blackness. He called on Big Zhang Dayang and Xiao Linzi to catch fireflies together and put them in a lantern to make a lamp.

Yan Zhixia, the god of mystery, came to Yan Jin and blew out the lamp. Yan Jin was so scared that he accidentally broke the lamp and fireflies all flew out. In the little fireflies, Yan Jin and Yan Zhixia sat together, very excited.

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