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Oops! The King is in Love 愿我如星君如月 Episode 4 Recap

Yan Zhixia and Yan Jin get along very well. When Yan Jin eats, Yan Zhixia sits down and eats together. There are various delicious dishes on the table, which makes Yan Zhixia very happy. Hai Gong just came to find Yan Jin. Seeing this scene, Yan Zhixia felt too unruly and wanted to punish her. Yan Jin guarded Yan Zhixia and rebuked Haigong.

General Gong Ye entered the palace, and the queen mother let Yan Jin pass, and Yan Jin did not want to go. Yan Zhixia took Yan Jin to fly a kite, and Grandpa Hai went back to tell the Queen Mother that Yan Jin was playing around, and the Queen Mother did not say anything. Yan Jin remembered the rumors that the Sanbao father-in-law never took a shower. He heard the news recently. Yan Zhixia turned around and was startled. The whole person fell to the ground. Princess Anle heard that Sanbao was selected by Yan Jin as an internal servant, so she was very depressed, so that Sanbao could not play with her. Princess Anle is taking medicine to add the so-called boy urine given by Yan Zhixia to cure Yan Jin’s hidden illness.

At night, Yan Zhixia secretly went to the hot spring to take a bath. It was very comfortable to run inside. Unexpectedly, Yan Jin came over and discovered Yan Zhixia’s daughter. Yan Zhixia confessed that her father-in-law was nowhere to be seen, a group of brothers were waiting for dinner, and she had no way to enter the palace. Yan Jin asked her seller about her glory. Yan Zhixia quickly guaranteed that it was a stopgap measure. She vowed to the emperor to die.

Yan Jin and the mad Taoist talked about the election of the concubine. If the concubine is chosen now, it is to force the queen mother to hand over power. She will not agree. The crazy Taoist mentions Gong Zhiyue, she is Gong Ye’s daughter, indeed a good candidate. Gong Zhiyue also misses Yan Jin, and she will tie the knot at the border during these years. Gong Ye told Gong Zhiyue that Yan Jin had not chosen a concubine for so many years and was obviously waiting for her. The genre told Gong Ye that Master Gong San had already arranged it. Gong Ye was very happy. Now, as long as the Gong family has another champion, their status will be more stable. These were heard by Gong Zhiyue outside.

Lin Yanqing came to Cuixiang Tower to find Cui Niang and asked her whereabouts of Yan Zhixia, but Cui Niang did not know. Lin Yanqing came to Yan Jin and said that Grandpa’s life was honest and honest, and he must have been wronged. Yan Jin naturally understands, but now he can only save the prime minister by taking the plan. Yan Jin thought of the imperial examination and felt that Gong Ye would have a move here. Now he has to wait for the opportunity. Yan Zhixia gave Yan Jin tea, and Lin Yanqing was very surprised to see her. After Lin Yanqing came out, he asked Yan Zhixia to leave with him. Yan Zhixia refused to leave the palace. Lin Yanqing couldn’t bear to see his grandpa suffer, and he took someone to prepare for prison.

Grandpa Hai took Xiaoyuanzi and Xiaofangzi to search Yan Zhixia’s room, where she found something like a topographic map of drug addiction. Yan Zhixia made almond dew for Yan Jin, and Princess Anle suddenly came over to see Yan Zhixia, both of them were surprised. Princess Anle gave Yan Jin the pill and forced him to eat it. Yan Jin came to the lunatic Taoist. The mad Taoist asked him to solve Yan Zhixia’s problem as soon as possible. Even if he didn’t care about it, bullying the king was a big crime.

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