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Oops! The King is in Love 愿我如星君如月 Episode 10 Recap

When Yan Jin did this, the Empress Dowager did not agree, saying that let Gong Zhiyue investigate the case. Yan Zhixia was very anxious, thinking that Yan Jin really did not save Lin Yanqing. Yan Jin quarreled with her and found that she did not react and was very depressed. At present, the documents to pass the enemy are true, and the evidence is conclusive. If you do not do this, the queen mother will randomly assassinate. Besides, Lin Yanqing commits suicide in the fear of sin, without knowing it. Yan Zhixia understood that Yan Jin really wanted to save Lin Yanqing, quickly apologized to Yan Jin, and coaxed him to be happy.

Gong Ye’s subordinates brought back the Mossa ghost Yuan Liang, thinking he might be a spy. Yan Zhixia came to see Lin Yanqing in the prison and gave him dinner. Unexpectedly, Gong Zhiyue came over suddenly, and she went out quickly. The two met outside the prison. Gong Zhiyue was very dissatisfied with Yan Zhixia and sneered at her.

Gong Ye used Gui Yuanliang to poison him in the Mosaic army. Ye Luming found that it was wrong, but they could not solve the poison. Gong Ye was very happy to hear the news. Gui Yuanliang said that he did a lot of things for Mossa, but they were unjust, and as long as Gong Ye could help him, he could do anything. Gong Ye asked him to find a way to let Yan Jin die invisible.

Gong Zhiyue entered the palace, and the queen mother let Yan Jin pass. Yan Zhixia and Gong Zhiyue met, and both sides were frightened. Gong Ye took Gui Yuanliang and asked him to perform the technique. Everyone was very happy. Gui Yuanliang made a glass of wine for Princess Anle, and Princess Anle drank happily. The princess asked him to stay, but Yan Jin did not agree. Gong Zhiyue asked Yan Jin to come out, and Gui Yuanliang was her dedication. She wanted to make Yan Jin happy and asked him why he did not leave Gui Yuanliang. Yan Jin did not explain. Gong Zhiyue wanted to help him share his troubles. She did a lot of things for Yan Jin, but Yan Jin ignored it.

Yan Jin saw a tattoo on Gui Yuanliang’s neck, and Yan Zhixia remembered that it was a sign of unforgivableness in Mossa. Yan Jin took Yan Zhixia to watch the fireworks. Yan Zhixia was very happy. Yan Jin took her and kissed him. After going back, Yan Zhixia found wine to drink. Yan Jin said that he could not drink. Yan Zhixia was very disgusted and said that he could not feel the taste of wine. Yan Jin drank with her. The two drank a lot and said a lot of thoughts. Yan Zhixia mixed Yan Jin to bed and fell asleep.

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