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Love in Between 一寸相思 Episode 24 Recap

Su Xuan was caught by Mu Ying as a bargaining chip

Yun Luoqing resigned to the barren mountain, and the two elders who supervised Su Xuan took them to meet him. When Yun Luo saw the master, he knelt down and apologized to the master. He was incompetent and lost the Ceylon star. Su Xuan dragged the rope and was about to come over to attack Yunluo and was subdued by the two elders. Yun Luo cried and told Qing Ci, now I saw what the master looked like.

When no one was there, Qing Ci alone approached Su Xuan alone, and after awakening him with a bell, he stretched out his arm in front of him, and Su Xuan took Qing Ci’s arm and bit him fiercely. Soon Su Xuan passed out, and Qing Ci thought of it as useful, but Huang Quan’s work caused him more pain.

Yunluo knocked on the door of Qingfang’s room. Hearing Qingci dropped on the ground, she ran in to ask for a light. Qingci didn’t want Yunluo to see her, and asked her to turn off the light and go out quickly. Yun Luo hugged Qing and asked him to calm down. At this time, Su Xuan on the other side seemed to recover his skill, opened the rope, and wounded the two elders. After waking up, Qing said to Yunluo that her illness was just an old one, so she didn’t need to worry. Yun Luo forced Qing Qing to say what Ceylon Star Ye had done. Qing Qing confessed, Yun Luo was very guilty, but he was in his hands for ten years. Qing Ci told him that Su Xuan’s situation would wait tonight, and Yun Luo also promised him to live well before the master could be saved.

Su Xuan ran out of the mountain, shouting A Luo in his mouth, crazy, but unexpectedly hit by Mu Ying who came to follow Yun Luo. Su Xuan passed out and was taken back by Mu Ying. Yunluo found out that Su Xuan was missing in the morning, and hurried out to find it. He returned and told Qing Ci. Since he couldn’t save him, let him leave. His master found it himself. Qing Ci left by horse alone. Mu Ying took Su Xuan to the most secret place in Yu Jiang. He not only wanted Yu Jiang, but also the entire Wumeng League. He wrote to Jin Xu to ask Zhengyang Palace to marry Man Qing to him, but also the leader of the wedding day. Pass it to him.

When Wen Siyuan received the news, he thought about it. This Mu Ying was so angry because Man Qing had retired that he wanted the entire Wumeng League. How could Jin Xu be threatened by him like this. At this time, Man Qing ran over and said that he saw Mu Fu Zhang Deng Cai Cai, this matter will not be related to himself, Wen Siyuan smiled and told Man Qing, she didn’t want to marry, no one could force her, Man Qing Also laughed.

Yunluo learned that the master had been arrested by Mu Ying, and anxiously came to Wen to discuss the countermeasures. Yun Luo thought of Qing Ci when he didn’t know what to do, if he would find Twelve Lang Wei to break the game. She proposed to use Musan Shen’s hand to get rid of Mu Ying. In order not to let the mountains and rivers come forward, she could ask Wu Erzhai. This remark made Wen suddenly feel that Yun Luo was like Zuo Qingci.

Gui Guzi healed Zhu Yan, and told him that because his practice is only half of his practice, the spirit is away from the soul. If he wants to unite his spirit, he must abandon this technique, and Zhu Yan also agreed. Changge took Zhu Yan out of Fang Waigu to find his father Mu Xiu. Zhu Yan was stunned by this Mingzi. Shen Sanzhang negotiated with Yunluo, in order for Wen to guarantee the fire, Su Xuan wanted Yunluo to be the hostage, and Yunluo agreed in a single bite.

After several people left, Wenguai Yunlu didn’t discuss with him to make unreasonable claims. Yunlu also frankly told the master and himself that he must choose the master, so that he could appeal to the brothers of Wen. Shen Sanzhang lobbied Muying to cooperate with himself, and handed Yunluo to his care. Afterwards, he was elected as the new leader.

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