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Love in Between 一寸相思 Episode 23 Recap

Yun Luoqing’s big marriage is disturbed by Zhu Yan and Huang Er, Jiang Er tells Chang Ge his true identity

The two mothers-in-law put Yunlu on their wedding dresses, exaggerating the talents of the two men, and Yunluo also smiled with a happy face. Qing Ci smiled happily after watching all of this out of the window, but suddenly looked sad and turned back to the study to continue looking at the medicine book. Elder Le led the people in Fangwai Valley for a long time without finding the entrance, then Pei Jinghuan’s people appeared. Fang Waigu was beaming, Jiang Er looked at the auditorium in a daze, Chang Gejin said that he had never seen a married couple. Jiang Er said that he didn’t know, and pulled him to worship the world and Gao Tang. When they were about to worship, the couple found that something was wrong. Chang Ge also asked silly whether Jiang Er was also considered a relative. Jianger ran out shyly, and Changge also chased out.

Before the marriage, Qian Qing couldn’t wait to run in. The mother-in-law was pulled out by Jiang Er. Qing Ci asked Yun Luo sincerely if he really wanted to marry himself, but Yun Luo couldn’t leave the teacher repeatedly. Yun Luo just thought that if she got married and the master was saved, she ran around from the urination, Qing Qing treated her well, she could not tell whether she was really willing to marry Qing Ci, only knowing that it was all happy, and she was also happy in her heart. . Qing Ci once again asked if he was married to save Su Xuan when his mother-in-law came in to cover Yunluo.

Qing Ci and Yunluo walked out in mixed clothes, and Zhu Yan on the side became more and more unable to control the demon, but was controlled by the demon instead. In the auditorium, the two worshipped Tiandi and Gaotang, and Zhu Yan came when the couple was about to worship. Zhu Yan told Yunluo Ceylon Xingye. Yun Luo forced to ask Qing Ci, Qing Ci admitted, Yun Luo left alone, telling him that he and Zuo Qing no longer have a relationship. Qing shed tears silently and returned to the study to continue reading the medicine book. Chang Ge rushed in to ask Zhu Yan what was going on, Zhu Yan hit his head hard.

Qing Ci wore a wedding dress and continued to read the medicine book. Suddenly, a medicine book appeared. Suo Mengmeng and Huang Quan cited each other. Qing Ci dropped his hand. Isn’t Su Xuan’s antidote his own. It was dawn, and Qing Ci sat in a daze in a pile of medicine books. Chang Ge suddenly locked it up because of Zhu Yan’s incident. Jiang Er was stimulated by Qing Ci’s affairs and decided to confess his identity with Chang Ge. Although Chang Ge was a little unacceptable, Jiang Er was the devil’s daughter, but she was also a reasonable person, but her feelings for her were true.

When Chang Ge ran back to find Jianger, he found that he was no longer there. Jiang Er, who was hiding aside, also left Fang Waigu in tears. And Qing Ci rode to chase Yunluo early in the morning the next day. The horses sent by Pei Jinghuan were all killed by Zhengyang Palace. When he learned that Yunlu was out of the valley, he sent someone to watch Yunluo’s whereabouts.

Yun Luo was tracked by someone, and one person could not cope with it, so he went to Wen Siyuan for help. Wen Siyuan also informed the truth about Yunluo’s identity. At that time, Yongshan Jun attempted to assassinate Weining Hou and was destroyed. In order to clear the obstacles, he slandered the loyal people such as Xie Li and Su Xuan, and supported Jin Xu to the position of Wumeng. .

Ceylon star leaves are lost, to find the way, now is to get rid of the Lehai Mountain that tracks the clouds. Yun Luo went to the restaurant to deliberately lead Le Haishan to a remote place, and asked him about the relationship between Twelve Langwei and Jin Xu. Le Haishan did not admit that Yun Luo killed him. And all this was secretly seen by Mu Ying. The secrets of Twelve Langwei and Jin Xu seemed to be a little bit of information. Mu Ying left with a smirk. Yun Luo then returned to the barren mountain to find a master.

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