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Love in Between 一寸相思 Episode 22 Recap

Man Qingwen Siyuan met in the rain Fang Waigu Zhang Luoyun Luo Qing’s resignation

Man Qinghan stayed in the cave for three days and passed out. He was brought to Jinxu and he did not want to serve the master. He would rather die than marry into Mufu. Jin Xu saw that the girl was so digging, and still had to punish him. The girl next to Man Qing said that Man Qing was punished, and Wen Siyuan pretended to be indifferent, but in fact had been seen through by the girl. When Man Qing woke up thinking that Wen Siyuan told himself that he would not marry if he did not want to marry, he should ask what he really wanted in his heart. Man Qing wore a horse-riding horse and ran towards Mu Mansion. He told Mu Ying in front of Mu Lian’s tombstone, and then went to Shanshuidu to find Wen Siyuan.

Wen Siyuan disappeared behind closed doors, and Man Qing fainted outside. Mu Ying asked the master not to be so dismissed because of Man Qing’s resignation. Mu Xiu only said that Zhengyang Palace’s meaning was to be obeyed. Mu Ying disapproved and bumped into a few words. Mu Ying slapped him a few times. Man Qing woke up and found that Wen Siyuan happened to be a woman, and Wen Siyuan told her to leave without any trouble. Don’t disturb her Yaxing. Man Qing told him that he would wait for him at the shop of the Lantern Festival on the 15th of tomorrow. door. When he went out, he cried, and Wen Siyuan immediately called someone to stop the piano, looking at the sadness of Man Qing’s left back outside the window.

Mu Ying retired from marriage because of Man Qing. Mu Fu didn’t bite as a tortoise, he must make Man Qing look good. Man Qing changed into new clothes, bought a butterfly lamp, and the sky was raining. She had been waiting in the rain, the lanterns had been wiped out, and Wen Siyuan had not come yet. She cried aloud in the rain. The text in front of the window was uneasy, and the pouring glass of wine overflowed without realizing it. He still went out and held Manqing on the ground under the umbrella. Manqing cried in a hug holding him wronged.

Yunluo wakes up and finds himself in Fangwaigu. The doll outside the window looks at the strange sister. Qingci happily runs over to ask Yunluo about the situation. Yunluo just asked Ceylon Xingye to get out of bed to save the master. Qing said he would save him when he married him. Yunluo agreed happily.

Zhu Yan got out of the fire and heard that Yunluo was going to marry Qing Ci as the wife of Shaogu, and the heart demon told her that Yunlu didn’t have him in his heart. Jin Xu had learned that Ceylon Xingye had been taken by Qing Ci to save Yunluo. He secretly secretly rejoiced. It was really God who helped him. He wanted to end Su Xuan himself. Pei Jinghuan sent people to follow Zuo Qing’s speech and learned that he was going to save Emperor Ai from taking medicine. But Jin Xu, who had kept himself in the valley for ten years, was a traitor. He supported Jin Xu in his position and heard what he said. Dead. He sent someone to follow Elder Le to find Emperor Ai before Jin Xu.

Fang Waigu Zhang Luo had a happy event, but Qing Ci retreat to study pharmacology. He had to find a way to save Su Xuan before Yunluo knew, otherwise Yunluo would hate himself. Jiang Er asked Yunluo. When Master and Qing’s resignation was more important, Yunlu chose the master. Jianger almost said that she was leaking. She worried that if Yunluo knew, the consequences would be disastrous. Jianger ran out nervously and happened to meet the long song.

Chang Ge was curious and Yun Luozai said that he would get married. Jiang Er laughed that he did not understand the love of ordinary people. Chang Ge once again said that he was not a monk, but he was just practicing martial arts in Zhengyang Palace. Ridiculously Jianger married her if she didn’t believe it. Zhu Yan’s demons could not restrain himself more and more. He instigated the relationship between Yun Luo and Zhu Yan in his head. Zhu Yan couldn’t stand it anymore. He couldn’t suppress it.

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