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Love in Between 一寸相思 Episode 17 Recap

The lakeside in Haizhou sparkled, and Wen Siyuan leaned against the tree, thinking about the conversation with his fourth brother Shang Wan, he would never allow his fourth brother to have an accident. The fourth brother asked him to come according to his own plan. Shen Yuanzhao Xue is just around the corner. When the two met in Haizhou, he seemed a little uneasy in his heart, and he was still uneasy.

A group of people rushed to Langshan to arrest Shang night, and found a body at the entrance of the cave, then entered the cave, but he was very strong, and he resolved a few people in two strikes. Then everyone caught up and was killed by him. All his children were killed with itchy teeth. Several people rushed forward to fight him. Wen Siyuan was afraid to be suspected and also joined the battle, but several people were not his opponents. Wen Siyuan was also hit by vomiting blood and Mu Zhang At the gate, Elder Zhengyang Gongxiu and Wen Siyuan all struck his institution and were locked in an iron cage, unable to do anything.

When Shen Manqing arrived, he saw a mess in the cave entrance, and asked the younger brother who was seriously injured in the cave to learn about Shang Wan’s whereabouts, and quickly chased away. Yuan Yingying, who was being followed by several people, followed her all the way. Explain that there are others who killed her parents, but she did not listen. Shang Wan had no choice but to point out that she would give her an explanation when the truth was revealed. When she woke up and did not see Shang Wan, she was very angry and blamed. When she rushed to the cave to rescue the three people in the iron cage, the elder elder said that Shang Wan had a special scent on her body. , Several people continue to track.

When Zuo Qingci arrived at the Bloodwing Church, Jiang Er felt uncomfortable. Zuo Qingci quickly found a family and asked him to find Langzhong to help Jiang Er. Shang Wan was also seriously injured. He was followed by Xun Xiangque all the way, and was caught up after a while. The two sides were unable to deal with each other, but Shang Wan seemed to be unable to deal with it. On the contrary, it seems that he will become a ghost under his sword. Wen Siyuan rushed out and stabbed him in the abdomen in time. It turned out that Shang Wan had told him that if there was a gap in the plan, Wen Siyuan would kill him and watch his brother die. In his own hands, he was tolerant of all the grief in his heart, and then refused to leave the elders’ good intentions to help him heal.

Zhu Yan and Chang Ge also returned to the southwest. Zhu Yan said to Aber that Amon’s case was on him. Then he saw a long song in local clothes, smeared black charcoal on his face, and lamented that it was like them. Southwestern. Zhu Yan heard that everyone in the village was arrested to become a slave. Once he was arrested, he would have to kill his master for life. At first, it was the abolished slave who was overthrown by the current leader, and now he has started to arrest the slave. What must have happened. Changge was curious, why the leader was hostile to the middleman, Zhu Yan said that the middleman had to kill them all, Changge retorted, then the two decided to go to Master Camel and ask what happened.

Yuan Yingying came to report on the business night, and the main director of Chaomu Pavilion thought that the matter was awkward, that Jin Xu had a problem, that he should also come down from the position of the leader, and he could swallow the truth after he practiced. what. Zhu Han waited for Changge to come to his place of residence and took out the fireworks to send out a signal to contact Master Camel. Changge suggested that the two also set a secret signal, and when they were not far away, they responded with a whistle.

After learning that Jiang Er was fine, Zuo Qing took the opportunity to ask the saint’s condition and saw that the other party wanted to regenerate herself, and exchanged information with it. Jiang Er knew that he wanted to take the opportunity to explore the information, and also begged him not to tell Su Yunluo that he had a heart disease. Then Su Yunluo came in and said that he did not see the young people in the village, and then Zuo Qing confessed the truth. It turned out that half a year ago, the blood wing god religion began to arrest the slaves. This was the responsibility of the guardian of the law. Poison, you can solve it, and now there is only one way. Su Yunluo acts as a slave to investigate the details. Jiang Er is very worried. Although Su Yunluo is slightly unhappy, he still decides to go.

Zhu Yan and Chang Ge did not see Master Camel until they took a nap. The two feared that Master had an accident and hurried to the Bloodwing God Church. Just a short walk away, the middle man released a flying pigeon. Wen Siyuan went to the temple and recalled the big brother who had died tragically ten years ago, and the fourth brother who died in his own hands now. At the moment when he fell, Shen Manqing pushed the door open.

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