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Love in Between 一寸相思 Episode 10 Recap

All of the martial arts disciples attended the Sword Trial Conference. The banquets were full of praise and cynicism. They all shook hands at tomorrow’s contest. Zhu Yan and Wen Siyuan had dinner at the same table. Wen Siyuan had never heard of Zhu Yan’s name. Zhu Yan was mixed in the southwest, and the most feared thing there was the Snow Eagle God. Zhu Yan quickly banned Wen Siyuan, and it was obvious that Wen Siyuan was right.

Zuo Qingci and Bai Mo also came here. Wen Siyuan saw Zuo Qing’s speech. Obviously Jin Xu had guessed Su Yunluo’s identity, otherwise he would not use Heweibai as a bargaining chip, both of whom knew it. Wen Siyuan is still the same sentence as before, and he does not want Zuo Qing to confess his efforts and put himself in a dangerous situation. However, Zuo Qingci said that he had found someone with a strong martial arts strength to break the game.

Zuo Qing’s remarks are bound to be for Hewei Bai, and he will also get Su Yunluo for the last Ceylon star. Zuo Qingci and Wen Siyuan talked about cooperation. Su Yunluo could do what he did for him, and he could do the same for himself. If he wanted to take Su Yunluo out of this matter and couldn’t control her, she should be shut down first. Wen Siyuan told Zuo Qingci about Su Yunluo’s hiding place, she was in the mountain temple.

Wen Siyuan went to the mountain temple to lead Su Yunluo out, but Su Yunluo just left after he went there. Wen Siyuan gave a firework signal to Zuo Qing, informing Zuo Qing that Su Yunluo could not wait to start the action. Zuo Qing was too anxious to resign, so he found the person who had found the situation to rush to Mufu to find his way. In fact, this person was a ghost boy.

Hewei Bai has been kept by Xiu Yugu, and Su Yun has been hiding in Mu Mansion. He learned this news from the conversation between Shen Manqing and Mu Ying. Su Yunluo was preparing for the action but found that the ghost boy rushed into Xiu Yugu’s room. His martial arts were strong, and Xiu Yugu was not an opponent. Shen Manqing and Mu Ying hurried over when they heard the news. The ghost boy grabbed Shen Manqing and forced Xiu Yugu to hand over Hewei Bai. The two sides were deadlocked. The ghost boy had to first capture Shen Manqing.

Su Yunluo recalled the situation in the cave and knew what Zuo Qingci concealed. The ghost boy was sent by Zuo Qingci. Su Yunluo asked Zuo Qing’s speech, and Zuo Qing resigned her point. Wen Siyuan helped Zuo Qing to quit looking for the ghost boy, and to protect the ghost boy and Shen Manqing, neither of them could have anything to do.

The ghost boy took Shen Manqing to his former residence, and took Master Mu’s handkerchief into deep contemplation. This was Shen Manqing’s visit to Mu Mansion, and Mu Yingdai Mu Master gave it to Shen Manqing. The ghost boy covered Shen Manqing’s eyes with a handkerchief and said that it looked like a person. The ghost boy asked Shen Manqing a question. If someone owes her, or if he is a wicked bad guy, do he want to forget him?

Shen Manqing replied that he was a vengeful person and would not forget. The ghost boy has stated that if that person can use death to prove that he knows wrong? Shen Manqing said that if he did, he would live well and remember his good. Shen Manqing didn’t understand why the ghost boy asked these questions headlessly.

Mu Ying brought the man over, and the ghost boy released the ghost mantis to test Mu Ying and let Shen Manqing see clearly. Mu Ying knows the power of ghost mantis. This thing needs human blood. Once bitten, the toxicity is very violent. Mu Ying hesitated and did not want to take the ghost mantis from Shen Manqing. Wen Siyuan came. He opened Shen Manqing’s clothes and took the ghost mantis out. He was bitten and poisoned, and he was unconscious after two steps.

Zuo Qing gave Wen Siyuan a needle, detoxified him, and had to rest well. Shen Manqing’s mood is very complicated. The person who used to hate to save his life saves himself. Mu Ying was dissatisfied with Zhengyang Palace. His marriage with Shen Manqing belonged to the marriage, in order to give Yin Changge succession in the future and become the help of the alliance leader. He couldn’t look down on Yin Changge and felt that he was unbearable.

Mu Ying spoke to Master about the unwillingness and blame in his heart. Master Mu taught Mu Ying and warned him to be cautious. He would say such things in the future, at his own risk. Zhu Yan was angry and Su Yunluo left without saying goodbye. It was very wrong to see her. He always felt that he was ill and asked Zuo Qing to give himself a pulse.

Zuo Qing resigned Zhu Yan away. Su Yunluo was in the room where Zuo Qing said. Zuo Qing said Shen Manqing had returned, and Wen Siyuan was poisoned and told her nothing. Zuo Qing resigned to let the ghost boy take part in the sword test conference and get Hewei Bai. Ghost boy practiced evil skills to cause meridian retrograde to become a child. Before, he was not like this. The ghost boy is willing to listen to Zuo Qing’s remarks.

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