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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 9 Recap

On the way back to Longyin City, Rongsu deliberately slowed down his trip, and happened to encounter an assassin ambush. She suggested that everyone should deal with it in a scattered manner and arrange for Xuan Ye to protect Xiao. However, he met with Mei Ying in private, and the two of them sued each other for the purpose of reaching an agreement.

Since Rongyu did not return to Longyin City on time, the crowd gathered to discuss the matter. Ziyan proposed to leave the city to deliver medicine. Bai Zhili Xiangxiyu sent Lin Jing to escort the antidote.

When the head of Xiao woke up and found that he was thrown in the wilderness, it happened that Chi Huazhu’s anti-bite poison was painful and impatient, and Mei Ying was staring at himself. In order to protect himself, he pushed the responsibility of that year to Tang Men, and the vengeful Mei Ying killed him with a knife.

Lin Jing and others were attacked by masked assassins, in order to protect themselves and destroy the antidote in order to escape. Rong Suo went to seize medicine alone and found that the antidote was burned by the fire. On the other side, Rongyu was fortunate to believe Lin Jing’s analysis and knew Rongsu’s conspiracy. Before leaving, the antidote was dropped out.

Lin Jing, who had escaped the disaster, happened to see Mei Ying avenging himself. Mei Ying confessed to killing Xiao’s master to avenge his father. Lin Jing ordered to bring people back to Longyin City, but Mei Ying was not afraid, Lin Jing’s true identity was a lifesaver.

After the matter was completed, Rong Su deliberately pretended to be seriously injured to win the sympathy of Lu Yizhou. She told Xiao that the head was killed by Mei Ying, and she was unable to deal with her injuries. After listening, Lu Yizhou cared about his injury and worried about Lin Jing’s situation.

Lin Jing studied medicine calmly, and Rong Si couldn’t sit still and made Lin Jing go to the sick word hall to rob people, worrying that Mei Ying would expose the identity of the young master in the sick word hall. Lin Jing believes in Mei Ying’s life. On the other side, Rong Su also worried that Mei Ying, who could not survive the torture, would tell the truth.

At this time, Mei Ying’s illusion was worse than death because of the poison in the black room.

Rong Wei went to the Senate Hall to find Rong Jingfeng and reported that the situation happened to meet Rong Su. She questioned Rong Su for the sake of self-interest and ignored the safety of Longyin City. The two of them insisted on each other’s words, and decided to find Rong Jingfeng to report the situation. After seeing the city lord, Rong Su asked Mei Ying to kill Xiao’s master, and insulted the face of Longyin City, but Rong Wei thought that Mei Ying’s revenge for his father should be treated with courtesy. Both of them seem to have no flaws, but the old traitor Rong Jingfeng is known to be behind the scenes and ordered the release.

Ziyan was ordered to release the person and opened the door to find that Mei Ying’s nose was completely gone, so he ordered everyone to ask him to take him to Shengzitang for treatment. When everyone left Houbai, they came to ask the reason why the city owner released the people. Ziyan analyzed that the city owner wanted to use Mei Ying as a breakthrough to inquire about the whereabouts of the first Chihuazhu.

Lu Yizhou received preferential treatment from Rong Su, Xuan Ye personally delivered the medicine. Lin Jing, who came to visit, deliberately uttered the words of Lu Yizhou’s emphasis on light friends, making Xuan Ye misunderstand. After Xuan Ye left, the two discussed to pretend to be confused and confuse the audio-visual, so as to send the antidote back to Lingxu Pavilion. Sure enough, Xuan Ye informed Rong Su of the disagreement between the two. Rong Su, who was suspicious by nature, did not want to believe, but could not kill Lu Yizhou.

Mei Ying was treating the injury in Shengzitang, and Rongyu was worried that Rongshou’s ambition was determined to take care of herself. Instead of grateful, Mei Ying poured dirty water on Lin Jing. Rong Su extended the trading hours due to the missed repair of Xiaoxuemeng. This miss made her even more fond of Lin Jing and wished to peel and cramp him. On the other side, the Mohan analysis antidote learned the news was in Lin Jing’s hands, and sent someone to watch Lin Jing snatch the antidote.

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