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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 8 Recap

The method of refining Chihuazhu’s antidote is only known by Rong Jingfeng, and every time the antidote is escorted by Rong Su, it is not easy to get the antidote. Xuan Ye was worried about Rong Su’s safety and kept following Rong Su. Rong Su told him to go back to Jianghu to let him know that he was seriously injured. Rong Su did not intend to return to Longyin City immediately, stay with Lu Yizhou, and wait to find out Lin Jing’s identity.

Rong Jingfeng was very pleased to hear Xuan Ye’s report and greatly appreciated Rong Su’s ability to seriously injure Mo Huan. This won a lot of precious time. The reason why Mo Huan made Xiaoxue Meng get Chihuazhu’s antidote is because she is practicing Xuanbing Rune. This set of exercises requires Chihuazhu’s assistance. Mo Huan instructed his men to facilitate the transaction with Herong Su as soon as possible, as long as they brought the Chihuazhu antidote and told Ling Xuge all the secrets.

In order to be cautious, Rong Jingfeng adapted the method of delivering the antidote every year, put all the Chihuazhu antidote in the city and let the disciples of the Kongzitang guard, then took those who needed the antidote to the city, and then distributed it uniformly for one auspicious day. . Rong Suo is absent, Rong Jingfeng let Xuan Ye take full responsibility for this matter. The flowering season is coming, Rong Jingfeng personally guards the sea of ​​flowers and waits until the withering to extract the antidote.

Lin Jing remembered his mother’s words. If Chi Huazhu was originally owned by his father’s family, why did Rong Jingfeng know how to make it? Mo Huan is the master of Rong Jingfeng, and maybe she taught the method of medicine. Lu Yizhou’s knife was destroyed by the stone gate, and Rong Su went to Xiao Zhang’s door to ask him to order another good knife for Lu Yizhou. Rong Su gave the knife to Lu Yizhou, thanking him for his previous rescue. Since then, he has parted ways.

Lu Yizhou’s face was dead, and he had to walk with Rong Su. Mei Ying’s father was dying badly. He took his father to Longyin City to ask for Chihuazhu to save people, but Rong Jingfeng did not open the city gate to give medicine. Mei Ying also hated Rong Jingfeng because of his father’s death. Lin Jing and Rong Wei checked the information, and he knew from Mei Xueman that the Mei Er Er Er rebellion seriously injured Mei Zhang, Mei Ying brought Mei Zhang to Longyin City to seek medicine, but why the account of the empty word door was fundamental No record?

According to the rules, no matter whether the medicine is given or not, it will be recorded. Lin Jing felt this matter was strange. Rong Su let Xuan Ye send a letter to Mei Ying, asking him to meet by the river. It turned out that the letter told Rong Su that the second head of the family who colluded with the Tang family to betray the Mei family had changed, and that was Xiao. The reason why Rong Su escorted Xiao’s head back to Longyin City was to use Xiao’s head to trap him outside the city, so his father would send the antidote out of the city, and then take the antidote to deal with Xiaoxuemeng.

The head of Xiao is Rong Su’s sacrifice, and Mei Ying is the knife of murder. Rong Su stared at the landing, let Xuan Ye go back to tell the city master, and escort the antidote. Lin Jing put out the method of taking antidote from Bai Lao mouth.

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