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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 6 Recap

Lin Jing learned that the girl brought by Lu Yizhou was Miss Mei’s family. His face was very embarrassing. Rong Huan felt uncomfortable and went away. Lu Yizhou asked Lin Jing to deal with Mei Xueman first. He ran up to chase Rong Huai. Mei Xueman was sad that Lin Jing couldn’t remember himself. Lin Jing explained that he likes Rongyu, and that only people who want to spend a lifetime together are Rongyu.

Mei Xueman saw that Rong Si didn’t know Lin Jing’s identity, moved out of Ling Xu Pavilion and Mei Fu to design Long Yin City to steal Chi Huazhu, reminded Lin Jing to think clearly, if Rong Si knew the truth, I’m afraid it wouldn’t Forgive him. Rong Si was walking around in the forest because he was angry and was attacked by Cang Qi. Lin Jing and Lu Yizhou arrived at the crucial moment. Cangqi explained that the order was given by his wife, and it is not necessary to kill the personality of Longyin City.

When Rong Hua suffered a cold illness, Lin Jing asked Lu Yizhou to take good care of Rong Hua. He returned to Lingxuge and asked his mother to ask clearly. Mei Xueman waited for Rongyu to wake up and told her Lin Jing’s identity. Rongpi was very shocked. Lin Jing’s real name Na Lanyue, he went back to Lingxuge and had a quarrel with his mother. He had to be with Rongyu, but Lin Ruo was so cold that his father was hurt by Rong Jingfeng, Lingxu The Pavilion and Longyin City are incompatible.

Lin Jing was very shocked and could not accept or believe what his mother said. At this time, Mo Huan was killed. It turned out that Lin Ruohan and Rong Jingfeng were also apprentices of Mo Huan. Lin Ruohan screamed that Mo Huan was an old monster. The two fought but she couldn’t beat Mo Huan. Mo Huan came to the house today to give Lin Ruohan a wake-up call. He didn’t really open a killing ring. After he injured Lin Ruohan, he left.

Lin Ruohan told Lin Jing that she and Rong Jingfeng were the most important disciples of Ming Zun Mo Huan. Later, she met Lin Jing’s father and the two fell in love with each other, but the spirituality was strict and the disciples were not allowed to contact the outside world. She betrayed the spirit religion for love, eloped with Lin Jing’s father, and was chased by Mo Huan. Rong Jingfeng coveted Chi Huazhu, the ancestral family of Lin Jing’s father, killed Lin Jing’s father and snatched Chi Huazhu, even attacking Mo Huan.

Lin Ruohan’s operation of Lingxu Pavilion for so many years is to defeat Longyin City and take back Chihuazhu, so that Rong Jingfeng and Mo Huan and his followers will not continue to use Chihuazhu to harm Wulin. Lin Ruohan did not allow Lin Jing and Rongyu to be together, one was hatred and the other was stand. Lin Jing agreed with pain. Rongyu went to Lingxu Pavilion to see the patriarch, hating Lin Jing for deceiving himself, thinking that he was for Chihuazhu.

Lin Jing is willing to trade his life for Chi Huazhu, willing to let Rong Hua stabb himself. Rong Su sent his men Xuan Ye to Xiaoxuemeng to buy news, Liuli said that the price tag was Chihuazhu Antidote. Lin Ruohan knew Rong Jingfeng’s thoughts, and wanted to infiltrate the forces of various schools while Mo Xian attacked Ling Xuge. She let Lu Yizhou stare at Rong Su.

Lin Jing told Rongyu his real name. Lin followed his mother’s surname, and he was named Lanyue. Lin Ruohan called Ronghua alone to the room on the grounds of diagnosis and diagnosis, and let her see Chihuazhu, who had broken into her heart, when Mei Xueman was not strong enough to break into the body in one go, and the anti-bite poison developed quickly. Lin Ruohan let Rongyu choose either to take Chihuazhu directly, or to suppress the poison of anti-bite for her.

Lin Jing asked Mei Xueman to help herself in acting, because she wanted her mother to let go. Rong Si has already made a choice. For the time being, she will not take Chi Huazhu away, let Lin Ruohan send herself away, and she will find a way to get the antidote and send it back.

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