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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 16 Recap

After a lapse of many years, the mother-in-law of Jinye has already suffered from a stubborn illness. There are dozens of men under the knee, all of whom are the orphans of the Nalan family. If they are desperate to save the family, lest the whole house will be destroyed. , Nurture the descendants of Nalan family alone. Jinye’s mother-in-law, Xie Entian, made her able to see her wife again in her lifetime. However, she was close to the candid candle. Before her death, she handed off her descendants to Lin Ruohan and urged her to avenge her family.

Lingxuge’s diet was too light. Even if Rongyu was willing to move in, it was still difficult to swallow. Eventually, she decided to go to Houshan alone to take the hive to the dish. Xiaocai took the opportunity to follow people, until he entered the mountain, only to show his true face, wanting to kill. Rong Hua was invincible by force. He dropped the hive at a critical moment, led a large number of poisonous bees to block the road, and took the opportunity to get out.

As the daughter of Rong Jingfeng, Rongxi naturally resented her from top to bottom in Lingxu Pavilion, especially Xiaocai grew up next to the patriarch and learned his exercises and even suffered from it. Now that Xiao Caixing has failed, Lu Yizhou is deeply disappointed with Xiaocai’s behavior. Lin Jing has a headache and immediately issues a killing order. He never wanted Rongyu to stop and claim to be Xiaocai contest, let everyone lose.

Xiao Cai martial arts was personally taught by Lin Ruohan. Looking at the entire rivers and lakes, he can definitely rank in the top few. Lin Jing complained that Rongyu was too impulsive and was determined on the spot before he could stop it. Rongli didn’t have time to regret, so she played coquettishly and asked Lin Jing to help herself find a way. Lin Jing couldn’t let his daughter-in-law suffer. Instead, she had to move all the cheats from the cabinet.

However, Rongli’s internal strength was not enough, and the time was too short. Even though Lin Jing had practiced all day long and had made some progress at most, he was unable to successfully defeat the opponent. Lin Jingluo made a small plan and deliberately defeated Rongyu during the fight, making Xiaocai afraid. He guessed that Ronghua seemed weak on the surface, but in fact it was hidden.

After Rong Suo left Longyin City, he first came to Jiangnan to visit Mei’s house. He opened the door directly and said that he wanted to invite Mei Ying to lead the way and take her to Lingxu Pavilion to visit Rongyu. Mei Ying had already seen Rong Su’s fierce and unsympathetic feeling, and worried that she would take the place of the city’s master and wanted to kill Rong Wei, but Rong Su didn’t mean it, but made other arrangements.

Cang Qi was instructed to pass the book to Longyin City, and Rong Suo stayed at the Jiangnan Zhenzhong Inn to wait for the news. She was certain that Mei Ying was hesitant, but she would never refuse it easily, because no matter whether she helped or not, she could not stop Rong Suo from traveling to Lingxu. Pavilion. Mei Ying is a wise man. Rather than fighting against Rong Su, it would be better to push the boat and sell his feelings, not to mention that he missed Rong Wei in his heart.

On the day of the test, everyone gathered around the temple, Lin Jing announced that the rules were ignored, Rongyu claimed to be a guest, and on the grounds that the guest does not deceive the Lord, modestly let Xiaocai make three moves. As soon as the voice fell, Xiao Cai glared and looked at each other. Although the blade was close to the skin, it was not scratched because of Ronghua’s clever avoidance.

Three strokes have passed, Rongyu leaned close to his upper body, holding a sword to fight back, Xiaocai only felt that his internal force was irresistible, and his body was unstable, and he took a few steps back, and had not yet reacted. The long sword had been beaten by Ronghua, Lin Jing Jing caught in time. Everyone was shocked by this, and Xiaocai was so convinced that even Lu Yizhou could not understand why Rongyu had made rapid progress.

Rongli’s victory over martial arts is not arrogant, but she is extraordinary, showing that she can come here for thousands of miles, but she just wants to stay with her beloved one. Since she stays in Lingxuge’s home, she will inevitably treat everyone as a family. Impressed by Lin Jing, he noticed that Ronghua’s internal force must be hidden, so he hurriedly pulled her away. As a result, as soon as she walked, she saw Ronghua vomiting and fainted.

Lu Yizhou found the instantaneous pill from Nuanbo, and found that this medicine can greatly increase the skill of martial arts practitioners in a very short period of time. When the effect of the medicine recedes, it will be comatose and the veins will die, and Rongyu is in Taking Instant Pill before the test will win the small draw.

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