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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 13 Recap

Although Rong Jingfeng has forced the toxins out, Ziyan has been accompanied by poison all the year round. He has already hurt his heart and has no medicine to treat. Thinking of the imminent death in the future, Ziyan tells his apprentice Xiaoxiao what is happening, and then asks her if she is willing to take over the role of the host. Although the host of the sick character looks beautiful, she is destined to die early. Xiaoxiao expressed that he would keep the sick character hall with his own strength.

After returning to Longyin City, Lin Jing stayed in the room for a long time until it was night. Rong Wei felt guilty and stood in front of the door to talk to him. However, the cold disease suddenly broke out at this moment, Lin Jing realized that he hurriedly helped her to the bed, wrapped in a blanket, Rong Si vowed to be with him from now on, and would never let anyone hurt Ling Xuge. The next morning, Lin Jing walked around Longyin City and looked around, looking at everyone with a smile on his face. He was so peaceful that he couldn’t help but feel sad. I was afraid that when Lingxu Pavilion attacked Longyin City in the future, all the good things would no longer exist.

Rong Jingfeng heard that her daughter had relapsed and came to Tangyao in person. Lin Jing learned that the city master had ordered the encirclement and suppression of Tangmen, so he pleaded for him and released the innocent women and children. However, Rong Jingfeng had made a decision long ago, and originally wanted to use this incident to achieve his goals, which would eradicate future troubles and allow Longyin City to stand strong in rivers and lakes.

Rong Si stayed in Lin Jing’s room and did not return. Instead of explaining the reason to her father, she admits that she and Lin Jing secretly promised a life-long life. Rong Jingfeng’s face was so good that Rong Jingfeng looked so uncomfortable. Rong Si first broke up Lin Jing, and then talked to his father seriously, determined to stay with Lin Jing, and never marry.

Now that the defense of Longyin City has not been completely perfected, Rong Su needs to stay in Tingfeng Town for a few days. Because Lin Jing’s request to marry Rongyu spread throughout the Longyin City, Lu Yizhou wanted to take Rongsu back to send blessings and resolve the sisters by the way. resentment. Rong Su knows more about the preciousness of his family, but when he heard that Lu Yizhou was about to leave, his heart suffocated and he turned away. Lu Yizhou presented Yuanyang Yupei as a guilty convict. He was disgusted by his mouth, and his hand was not loose.

Rong Suo thought deeply, Rong Jingfeng was cunning and suspicious, Mo Xian learned that Tingfeng Zhen was out of order, and decided that Rong Suo would come to reorganize, so he set up an ambush here in advance and arranged for the spiritualists to be mixed into it, which was difficult to detect. Bai Zhizhi was ordered to meet a team of horses on the way to Tangmen. The smell of jade mushrooms came out of the sedan chair, which made him so excited. He hurriedly stopped and admitted that he had always loved food. Fortunately, he had eaten Yu mushrooms. Never forget this.

Lin Ruohan was busy going to the meeting to meet Mo Huan, and he had no intention of dealing with it. He simply took out a bag of jade mushrooms as a gift, and Bai was greatly moved, saying that if he had a chance in the future, he would definitely repay his favor. Despite not being clumsy about his classmates, he was busy saying good things to Lin Ruohan in front of Mo Huan. Lin Ruohan showed his loyalty to Master on the spot, and he set about preparing to go to Longyin City to offer gifts.

When Baizhi arrived at Tangmen, he found that Tangmen had already been left empty. Rong Jingfeng decided to get rid of Lin Jing. He lied that Baizhi was ambushed halfway and ordered him to support him. Ziyan informs Rongsu of the real situation and hopes that Rongsu can rescue Lin Jing. As long as Rongxi and Lin Jing get married and leave Longyin City, no one will ever seize the title of the city owner.

Rong Su refused, but after thinking about it, he immediately set off to help Lin Jing get out of trouble. Fortunately, Lin Jing prepared the antidote early so that he could protect himself even if he was exposed to poisonous gas. At the same time, Longyin City ushered in Lingxuge’s request for marriage, and Lu Yizhou was mainly responsible for peace. Rong Jingfeng learned that Lin Jing was the head of Lingxuge’s young master. He couldn’t help but be angry, and even accused Rongyu of concealing himself.

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