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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 10 Recap

Longyin City sent elite disciples to escort the antidote, and the antidote was stopped on the way. The order of Cang Qiling Shao Patriarch came to answer it, but he didn’t want to be caught by Xiaoxuemeng Liuli first. Mei Ying bears the murder case and is now trapped in Longyin City. Mei Xueman learned of this and believed that it must be someone else’s false accusation. He hurriedly knelt and invited the lord Lin Ruohan to rescue him. How could Lin Ruohan say nothing but comfort and vomit blood on the spot.

Mei Xueman personally diagnosed the veins and found that Lin Ruohan’s body poison was becoming more and more serious, and it was quite tricky. He happened to see Cang Qi missing and returned, so he inferred that there was an undercover hidden around Lin Jing, and entrusted Cang Qi to deliver the message. Lin Ruohan, who was originally in a coma, suddenly burst into madness, pinching the seven necks of death. Fortunately, Mei Xue hurriedly shouted the name of Lanyue, which made Lin Ruohan recover his mind.

For many days after that, Lin Jing hadn’t got a response from Ling Xuge for a long time, justified anxiety. He just heard Mei Yingshan’s magic tricks, which made the guest red plum spit the heart, causing all the maids in the city to secretly promise. Even Rongli heard They all wondered, and couldn’t help going to ask for advice. Lin Jing saw that Rong Si was in close contact with Mei Ying and was so jealous that she directly pulled her away and was teased and jealous without knowing it.

Mei Ying mixed with Longyin City at first, originally wanted to wait for the opportunity to retrieve the secrets of the Mei family. However, Bai Bai worked hard for Zhuoran, making him unable to get close to Lao Zi Tang. At this moment, he saw Rongyu himself and used it simply, saying that Rong Jingfeng searched for martial arts. The secrets of the major families, even the Qimen Dunjia, which is collected by the Mei family, are among them. Rongwei was kind-hearted, and indeed returned the Mei family secrets to Meiying. Rongsu witnessed the whole process. After Rongli left, he mocked Meiying.

Because Lin Jing accidentally destroyed the medicine, Rong Jingfeng fined him to fertilize the medicine garden for one month, during which no outsiders were allowed to help. Rongyu pleaded useless, Lin Jing was willing to receive the punishment, but only one day was short, one month was hard to get through, and the whole body smelled of manure every day, even Lu Yizhou could not avoid it.

In the evening, Bai Zhiyi made chicken broth and was about to serve Ziyan. Lin Jing ran to steal a drink. He was so angry that he thumped his chest when he was so angry that a pot of chicken soup was miserable. Mei Ying’s study of Qimen Dunjia has made some progress. Lin Jing was almost fascinated by the formation. He heard the other person talking about Rongli, provocatively speaking, and immediately ridiculing Meiying’s dearness.

Mo Huan dived into Lingxu Pavilion at night, and lit the roots and leaves of Chihuazhu in the main room of the pavilion, thereby exacerbating the anti-phagocytic effect of Lin Ruohan. Lin Ruohan got up and lost his power, Mo Huan was not angry but smiled, regretting Lin Ruohan as a spiritualist with a good aptitude, and now looks like this in order to continue life.

Lin Ruohan satirized Mo Huan, even if his face is still there, he still has old age. Unfortunately, when he grows old, he is alone and there is no credible person. Even if he was raised since childhood, he still hurts her deeply. Due to the practice of Inner Magic and mental skills, the body is not as good as before. Perhaps Lin Ruohan’s words touched him, so he injected the antidote into Lin Ruohan’s heart, indicating that Longyin City’s evil needs to be removed, as long as Ling Xu Pavilion and Lingjiao joined forces , Will be invincible in the world.

Rong Jingfeng went to meet Mei Ying, tried it with three points of strength, and then found that he was secretly practicing Qimen Dunjia. Mei Ying feared that Rong Jingfeng could see the clues, and said that he had seized Tanghua Chihuazhu that day and returned to Mei’s home shortly after being chased by Ling Xuge. Because Rongyu was at the scene, Ling Xuge could not determine Chihua Whose hand is the bead?

Rong Suo’s men went to Shengzitang to take the medicine, with a disrespectful attitude, and they uttered eloquence, which was just heard by Rong Jingfeng. Rong Jingfeng came forward to punish him, and then asked Lin Jing about his rescue of Rongyu from Lingxuge.

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