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Burning 燃烧 Episode 47 Recap

Gao Feng and Zhou Wei analyzed the case of Xu Jiafu’s DNA transfer in detail. They wanted to find out the details of Zhou Wei. Unfortunately, Zhou Wei has always been unable to speak. It is simply too difficult to find flaws. Zhou Wei said frankly that he was suspected by Gao Sihai. However, Gao Sihai only suspected, not personally. He did not believe that he had the motive of fraud. At the same time, he believed that the police and the law could find the real murderer and return the truth. The world.

Cui Zhiyou finally rushed back to the police station under the serial urging of the director, but this time he came back only to officially leave. The director appreciated Cui Zhiyou’s talents, so he reminded Cui Zhiyou that if he stood by himself, his career would be smooth sailing. Cui Zhiyou doesn’t care about the future. He just wants to thoroughly investigate the case that year. He believes that Xu Jiafu is not dead and Cui Tianxing must be related to him.

Seeing that he was stubborn, the director tore up the resignation letter to his face. Cui Zhiyou guessed that the reason why the director was so angry was because Cui Tianxing put pressure on the director. Cui Zhiyou packed up his belongings and turned to leave the police station. His partner Kim Jae-yong was waiting outside the police station, reluctantly, and because Cui Zhiyou was expelled, the reaction was extremely fierce. Cui Zhiyou couldn’t bear the pain of parting, so he planned to stimulate his partner. Jin Zaiyong had not made progress for many years. He hoped that before the next meeting, he could see that Jin Jae-yong had become the sheriff, otherwise the two would not need to meet.

Xu Songlin and Xu Jiatong continued to flee. Cui Tianxing called his granddaughter Xu Jiatong to persuade Xu Jiatong to sneak into the southern country from Haidong to avoid the limelight. However, the Shanghai police will go to the South in two days. Xu Jiatong thinks it is not safe to stay there, so he wants Cui Tianxing to leave as soon as possible.

However, Cui Tianxing was very impressed. He admitted that he was old and didn’t have the energy to run around. He arranged for Long Jun to buy two tickets to the UK, and then sent someone to clean the room without leaving any clues.

Liu Qingye and Zhou traveled to the prison to find Yang Heng to record a confession, confirming their doubts about the 1995 paternity test. Through investigation, Fang Fei found that Nanguo Tianxing Industrial Company had transferred 500 pounds to British Larry Company. Although there is no conclusive evidence, it has been shown that Cui Tianxing was Xu Jiafu who died of fraud. Feng Kai arranged for Fang Fei to investigate all domestic information about the BAI project, and asked Liu Qingye and Zhou You to avoid talking about the BAI project when interrogating Zhao Yuee.

Zhao Yuee evaded the police and answered the police question lightly. Liu Qingye couldn’t bear it, and warned Zhao Yuee that even if he pretended to be crazy, he would always show his feet. Gao Feng and Feng Kai mentioned Zhou Wei’s details and thought that Zhou Wei was probably the ghost who exchanged DNA samples that year. Gao Feng analyzed Zhou Wei’s motives, whether it was the source of the kidney or the sensitive depression under the fence, and thought of countless reasons. , But found that every reason was not stable enough to make Zhou Wei lose his mind and betray his grandfather Gao Sihai.

At the same time, Zhou Wei came to the cemetery alone, and left only after putting down a book in front of the tomb of Gao Jianshe. That night, Zhou Wei organized Gao Sihai’s autograph diary at home. He remembered the scene of eating with his biological father and his comrades many years ago.

A comrade-in-arms told him that his father was the captain of the medical team, and Gao Sihai was the deputy captain. It was precisely because he had not become the captain that Gao Sihai was unwilling to make mistakes in his work, so Zhou Wei’s father was implicated. Later, because of guilt towards Zhou Wei’s father, Gao Sihai offered to raise Zhou Wei.

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