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Burning 燃烧 Episode 46 Recap

Zhao Yuee wanted to prove Xu Jiatong’s innocence, but the following confession was full of loopholes, so that Feng Kai frequently asked questions, making her a little flustered, and finally pretending to be crazy and stupid, insisting that Xu Jiafu died in 1986.

Cai Liang surrendered to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and explained the causes and consequences. He told in detail how he assisted Xu Songlin in creating the illusion of Zhou Haoyu’s car accident, and then tried to find ways to remove the computer bag from the scene of the car accident. Because Cai Liang’s mother was suffering from cancer and urgently needed money for surgery, Cai Liang had to agree.

After the incident, Xu Songlin threw the motorcycle into the valley, and Cai Liang asked Zhang Biao to monitor Gao Feng. Although the three were in contact, Zhang Biao and Xu Songlin did not know each other. Based on past experience, Shi Lei judged that Cai Liang did not lie. Feng Kai went to the Qishan River accordingly and successfully salvaged the motorcycle destroyed by Xu Songlin.

An Ning came to the cemetery to pay homage to Zhou Haoyu, but the police found her whereabouts. After receiving the news, Feng Kai immediately led people to follow her until she tracked down an abandoned factory. Feng Kai persuaded An Ning to surrender, but An Ning escaped, and kept climbing to a high place. Fortunately, Zhou You and Fang Fei cooperated properly, and he was finally arrested and brought to justice.

In the interrogation room, An Ning truthfully confessed that he helped Zhou Haoyu hack into the system of the British Larry Company. Later, Zhou Haoyu checked the company’s accounts, casually said something about Nanguo Tianxing Industrial Company, and then went out to call.

Cui Zhiyou has not yet gone to the prison, but was told by the other party that Li Qiang was assassinated by his inmates. The original case became more and more obvious, but now it is strange. Yang Heng expressed his apologies when Gao Feng visited the prison. He blamed himself for witnessing the truth with his own eyes. He knew that Xu Guangyi and Xu Da jointly excavated Xu Jialu’s tomb, but he still did not tell the truth. Even after Xu Guangyi died, he misled the police in the direction of investigation. .

Many years ago, Luo Hongying absconded in fear of crime. Yang Sanshui used the money to buy Yang Heng to make a false statement and make an alibi. Now this secret has finally been paid for, and Yang Sanshui died at home before Yang Heng went to prison. Gao Feng determined that Yang Sanshui did not die by suicide, but by homicide. Thinking of someone who might be associated with him, he went to see Zhou Wei with anxiety, and deliberately mentioned that Zhao Yuee had been arrested, and Xu Jiatong and Xu Songlin were still fleeing. .

Xu Da died in Zhou Wei’s hospital when he was killed. Gao Feng hoped that Zhou Wei could take the initiative to confess the truth, because this truth was related to the paternity test incident that caused a national sensation in 1995. The host of the incident was also Zhou Wei. .

Gao Feng speculated that Xu Guangyi and Xu Da were going to dig Xu Jialu’s grave because they wanted to extract the left leg femur from the corpse and exchange it with the left leg femur of the Jiao corpse in Haidong County. After the matter was settled, the two men bought insiders and instructed him to take the left leg femur as a biological sample during the autopsy on the corpse.

In other words, someone used Xu Jiafu’s brother’s remains and Xu Da’s blood to mislead the police to identify the two persons’ body tissues as Xu Jiafu’s father and son, and concluded that the two were father and son. Zhou Wei listened to Gao Feng’s narration silently, without any fluctuations, the carefully designed civet cat for the prince, looks cliché but effective. It’s just that Gao Feng couldn’t understand. The paternity test technology was just popularized by the Public Security Bureau. As a rural woman, why Zhao Yue’e could be proficient in this, not only burned the charred corpse on the grounds of development, but even destroyed all the paternity test data.

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