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Burning 燃烧 Episode 45 Recap

According to the restaurant owner, Li Qiang’s original name was Kong Yang, and he often went in and out of this place with Xu Jiafu. Since both of them were stowaways, they didn’t know whether Yongming was true or not. Liu Yeqing retrieved surveillance video and found that Xu Jiatong’s car had disappeared near Niuzhuang. Feng Kai arranged to travel around Niuzhuang to search. Then the airport police station sent Xu Jun to Longwan Public Security Bureau.

After arriving in the interrogation room, Feng Kai stated that Xu Jiatong was suspected of instigating Xu Songlin to kill Zhou Haoyu in order to cover up the true purpose of the BAT project. Xu Jun was confused, and he didn’t know Zhou Haoyu’s affairs. He couldn’t help wondering whether his father Xu Jiafu was really alive. However, Feng Kai could not give a response, so he had to watch him lose and leave.

Cui Zhiyou called Liu Yeqing and confirmed that Xu Jiafu had indeed smuggled to the South in 1986. At that time Jinsen was selling drugs in Banzhou and Nanguo Xichuan Textile Company was also in Banzhou. According to several relevant clues, he found that Xu Jiafu settled in Banzhou. During Xu Jiatong’s time in the UK, Cui Tianxing also stayed in the UK.

But there is no clear evidence to prove Cui Tianxing’s true identity, unless Kong Yang can be found to understand the truth. After Kong Yang was sentenced to life, he is currently serving his sentence in Banzhou Prison. Cui Zhiyou sent Kong Yang’s information to Liu Qingye and asked her to investigate Kong Yang’s specific information.

Ma Lan went to the prison to visit Yang Heng and talked about the various changes that had occurred recently. Yang Heng was eager to find out the cause of his mother’s death and entrusted Ma Lan to inform Gao Feng to come to the prison. Although Zhao Yue’e was detained by the police, she was very strict and answered police questions without leaking. According to the law, the police only have twelve hours for interrogation when detaining a suspect. After twelve hours, if the police cannot find evidence of the suspect’s crime, the suspect must be released.

In order to bring up the progress of the interrogation, Feng Kai escaped from Cui Tianxing’s photo and showed it to Zhao Yue’e. Then he played Cui Zhiyou’s investigation video. Zhao Yuemo was very cunning, and instead of revealing flaws, he satirized the police that they rely on speculation and wanted to prove Xu Jiafu. There is no death, it is better to overthrow the DNA paternity test results of the 1995 Forensic Medicine Office.

Li Xia angrily accused Feng Kai that Xu Jiafu’s trump card should not be revealed. After all, Zhao Yuee was a person who had seen strong winds and waves. If the police could not find clues from her, then Zhao Yuee might pave her way of retreat as long as she regains her freedom , Eradicate all doubts in the investigation. Feng Kai was a little upset. He originally wanted to catch Zhao Yue’e by surprise.

Seeing that the detention time was about to come, Li Xia was doing something like needles. Just as Feng Kai and her superiors were frowning, Shi Lei called suddenly, saying that Cai Liang had surrendered. Zhao Yuemo calculated the time and was about to leave the police station. Feng Kai and the others immediately entered the interrogation room and immediately took out the arrest warrant to remind Zhao Yuemo that she needed to stay in the police station.

Chen Jie came to the nursing home to visit Gao Sihai. After detailed analysis, Gao Feng believed that his grandfather was stimulated to suffer from Alzheimer’s because he learned that Zhou Wei had let Xu Jiafu go. Chen Jie was shocked when she heard this, and she didn’t understand why Zhou Wei would betray Gao Sihai until she recalled that in 1993, Shen Chaoying’s brother had uremia and needed a kidney transplant. That was the first time she had seen Gao Sihai and Zhou Wei quarrel.

Xu Jun was released and returned home. At this time, there was no one in the house. Feng Kai and Liu Yeqing arraigned again. Zhao Yuemo confessed that she had concealed the secrets of her husband Xu Jiafu’s alive life. He lied about finding that Zhou Haoyu had asked hackers to investigate Xu’s company, so he hired Xu Songlin to kill Zhou Haoyu. Zhao Yuemo took all the charges and helped her granddaughter Xu Jiatong get rid of crime.

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