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Well Dominated Love (2020) 奈何boss又如何

Well Dominated Love (2020)
Other Title: 奈何boss又如何 / Nai He Boss You Ru He / What If You’re My Boss?

Genres: drama, Comedy, Romance, Drama
Wu Qiang
Peng Yi Ying, Han Yu Ting
Mango TV
Release Date: 
Jun 10, 2020 – Jul 16, 2020
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Adapted from a web novel by Chun Feng Yi Du


  • Xuan Lu as Nie Xingchen
  • Zhao Zhi Wei as Yan Jingzhi
  • Liu Yin Jun as Zhao Yuanfang
  • CEO of Yuan Da. Nie Xingchen’s close friend.
  • Wang Qian as Zhen Nian
  • Liu Yu Chang as Han Ziyu
  • A neurologist. Yan Jingzhi’s close friend. He has a slight phobia for women.
  • Jin Wen Xin as Tong Xin
  • Zhao Zheng Yang as Huang Tao, Department Head
  • Mei Ni Sha as Ai Lu, one of Yan Jingzhi’s secretary.
  • Wu Heng as Jin Dongxu
  • He Xing Yu as Sun Yang

The drama is about the romance between a picky CEO and his temporary special assistant.
Nie Xing Chen is the new assistant of Yan Jing Zhi. Despite meeting for the first time, she already knew the difficult daily habits of her boss. He is an arrogant CEO with a high IQ, suffers from mild obsessive-compulsive disorder, is assertive at work, pursues perfection in life, but is also a perfect man in the hearts of many girls.

Whereas Nie Xing Chen is the perfect secretary at work can be sweet, beautiful, capable, independent, and always has a positive attitude and is optimistic about life. Famous as a cold-hearted boss, Nie Xing Chen managed to hold and handle alone. As time went by, Yan Jing Zhi and Nie Xing Chen began to fall in love until they experienced problems with each other. What is the next ending story of two strangers but actually seen each other for years?

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