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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 6 Recap

Yan Jingjing found Han Ziyu Tucao Nie Xingchen refused his own pursuit. How could Han Ziyu persuade him to make him feel more uneasy. He simply didn’t want Han Ziyu to pay for himself. When he left the restaurant, Yan Jingchang changed his mind halfway. Tell Han Ziyu to eat grapes. Yan Jing listened to Han Ziyu’s suggestion and began to deliberately neglect Nie Xingchen, but Nie Xingchen was a little puzzled by this. It was even more confusing to learn that Yan Jingjing and Zhen Nian were going to date.

When Zhen Nian and Yan Jingjing finished their meal, when Yan Jing went to pay the bill, the cashier made an additional statement to see that he was very familiar, asking if Yan Jing had been to the restaurant before, but because of memory loss, Yan Jing had nothing to do with the past. No impression. Zhen Nian got up and found Yan Jing and Nie Xingchen’s photo on the wall of the restaurant’s photo. She was very nervous and hid the photo in her bag. She pulled Yan Jing and immediately left the restaurant.

Han Ziyu blinded the girl, but Tong Xin eavesdropped and learned that Han Ziyu didn’t seem to like the girl on the opposite side. She stepped forward to help him retreat the girl, and Tong Xin took a group photo of the two. Nie Xingchen couldn’t fall asleep at her house. She decided to adjust her biological clock after she left her job. It happened that Yanjing called to let her meet at the shopping mall at ten o’clock. Nie Xingchen readily accepted.

The two came to the shopping mall and chatted for a while. Yan Jing asked Nie Xingchen to help him choose gifts for his friend Hannah. When the three of them shared a meal, Nie Xingchen saw Hannah’s familiarity with Yanjing’s lifestyle, and her inner sense of loss swept over. Fortunately, in the bathroom, Hannah told Ning Xingchen that she was Yanjing’s neighbor’s sister, And he is already engaged.

Because Yan Ning Xingchen refused because of her first love boyfriend, she was unhappy, she simply found Zhao Yuanfang and wanted to know her first love boyfriend, but Zhao Yuanfang let him gamble with himself and told him the truth when he won. The two were drunk and smoked, but Zhao Yuanfang told Yan Jingjing that he had drunk the movie and had no memory. When Yan Jingjing decided to call and ask Nie Xingchen, Nie Xingchen planned to let the driver pick him up, but Zhao Yuanfang called, Nie Xingchen agreed to pick him up in person, which made Yan Jingjing’s difference.

Nie Xingchen saw two drunk men sitting on the stairs drunk, although Yan Jingjing was drunk, but his brain was still sober. He felt that Nie Xingchen always had a particularly suitable reason to persuade himself, so these two drunk men Leaned on his shoulders. Nie Xingchen had to find a bartender to help the drunken two people move to Yanjing’s luxury car. Nie Xingchen was embraced by him when he was wearing a seatbelt. Nie Xingchen could clearly feel his heartbeat .

After delivering Zhao Yuanfang, Nie Xingchen sent Yan Jing back to his house, drunk Yan Jing began to undress, which made Nie Xingchen nervous and stopped immediately. Drunk Yan Jing scolded Zhao Yuanfang Lied to myself, while telling Nie Xingchen that she regretted meeting her too late, there was a moment when Nie Xingchen’s love once rushed into her heart, but when Yan Jingjing mentioned that she finally regretted not seeing her father, Nie Xingchen He pushed him away and told him that this was not the next time, so he panicked and left Yan Jing’s residence.

The next day, Nie Xingchen suddenly received a call for help from Yan Jingjing. He was very worried and immediately rushed to Yan Jing’s residence. As a result, he found out that it was Yan Jing’s prank. Some angry Nie Xingchen said that she would not go to work today, and she had to deal with some private affairs. When Yan Jingjing learned that she was going to attend a classmate’s party, she blocked the door to stop her from attending, but Nie Xingchen was not a fuel-efficient lamp. Knowing the beauty of Yanjing’s obsessive-compulsive disorder, he deliberately angered him and closed the door.

Nie Xingchen came to the class meeting, but Zhou Weiwei deliberately made trouble for Ning Xingchen. He happened to be met by Yan Jingjing who was rushed in. After Yan Jingjin entered the house and seated, the students mentioned the past, but Nie Xingchen was very anxious to take Yan Jingjing away from the classmate meeting , Yan Jingjing mentioned to the classmates that he was very surprised to know himself. The resolution went back and asked a question clearly, but was rejected by Nie Xingchen again. Nie Xingchen told Yan Jing that he was very similar to his first love boyfriend, and he never forgot him, but Yan Jing felt that Nie Xingchen’s special care for himself was to replace himself as the original, and turned away very angry. .

Zhou Weiwei called Zhen Nian to recount the events at the class meeting. Zhen Nian immediately tore the photos in the bag and shattered them. When Yan Jingjing drove back, he felt that some people had recently mentioned knowing himself, which was quite strange. He simply went back to the restaurant where he drank with Zhen Nian again to ask what happened. After learning the situation, he immediately came to Zhen Nian’s residence. He questioned whether Zhen Nian had anything to tell himself, and asked where was the photo she took in the restaurant?

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