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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 3 Recap

Zhao Yuanfang encountered Zhen Nian in the hotel lobby, she came to look for Yanjing. Yan Jingjing asked Nie Xingchen with a ring and denied it. Has it ever appeared in a lost memory? Nie Xingchen refused and said that he was not in his memory. Yan Jingxin didn’t believe it. He had to wear the ring on Nie Xingchen’s finger to give it a try. Just try it to know.

Nie Xingchen refused, the two shoved up, and Zhao Yuanfang and Zhen Nian came and interrupted both of them. Nie Xingchen walked in panic, Yan Jing saw Zhen Nian and closed the ring. Yan Jing looked at Zhen Nian carefully, and suddenly found that she was a bit like Nie Xingchen, and said this. Yan Jingjing clearly told Zhen Nian that the reason why the relationship between the two could not go further was because she was not the owner of the ring, and hope Zhen Nian would not waste time on herself.

Zhao Yuanfang is a friend of Nie Xingchen. Like Zhen Nian, he knew that Ning Xingchen had a relationship with Yan Jingjing. He was worried that Yan Jingjing would recover his memory. He also persuaded Nie Xingchen privately that he should start again or end completely. Nie Xingchen explained everything. It’s to buy a house, it has already been put down, but it’s just a little unsteady. In order to make Yan Jing no longer doubt, Ning Xingchen took Zhao Yuanfang to eat and drink, and deliberately sent a circle of friends. Yan Jing was angry at first glance, and immediately asked everyone to pack things back to the company and stop playing.

Back to the company, Yan Jing still found Nie Xingchen, and forced to put the ring on her finger. The perfect one was just like a customized one. Yan Jingjing asked Nie Xingchen to explain that Nie Xingchen still did not know, and lied that she already had a boyfriend. Zhao Yuanfang also stood up to help the acting and pulled Nie Xingchen away.

Yan Jingjing was in a bad mood. He took Han Zi to fight boxing and treated the other party as a punching bag. Tong Xin became a little fan sister, and went to the hospital to meet Han Ziyu when he was fine, and how good Han Ziyu was like a patient who didn’t trust him. Tong Xin’s idiot said that he was the chairman of Han Ziyu’s support club. He wanted to be his fan and caused Han Ziyu to have a headache. She felt that her brain was broken or she wanted to please herself in front of her boss Yan Jing. .

Zhao Yuanfang brought food to colleagues of the President’s Office, and thanked them for taking care of Nie Xingchen, deliberately making them feel like Nie Xingchen’s boyfriend. Yan Jingjing was dissatisfied with the working time. Nie Xingchen went to Zhao Yuanfang’s office. Nie Xingchen explained that he came to discuss the work with Zhao Yuanfang, and proposed to invite Zhen Nian to be the promotion of the live broadcast project. Yan Jingyan directly agreed.

Nie Xingchen contacted Zhen Nian privately and talked about cooperation. Zhen Nian deliberately revealed the diamond ring in his hand, vaguely sworn the sovereignty of his girlfriend, and called Yan Jing to call him the other side. Yan Jingjing was angry that Nie Xingchen was hiding from herself and talked about work as soon as she met. Nie Xingchen was reluctant to talk nonsense, and reminded Yan Jingjing that if he struggled with himself again, he could only consider resigning and leaving the company.

The next morning, Yan Jing looked forward to waiting for Nie Xingchen to come and set up the poss. The result was Tong Xin, who was very disappointed. Nie Xingchen asked for leave and was taking a bath at home. Yan Jing expressed that he was sending the courier. Nie Xingchen opened the door in a bath towel and squatted down to reach for the express. However, she felt Yan Jing’s legs. When she saw someone, she scared her Immediately closed the door.

Nie Xingchen scrambled to clean up the house, and then opened the door again. Yan Jing expressed that he was here to seek peace, apologized for the previous mistake, and agreed to her resignation, but it took a while to find others to replace it and agree Get along peacefully during this time. Yan Jingjing has obsessive-compulsive disorder and can’t get used to the mess of Nie Xingchen’s house. Nie Xingchen fell asleep, he took her to the bed intimately, and washed the dirty clothes, the code was neat and tidy.

After waking up, Nie Xingchen looked at the spotless home, and he was so angry that he couldn’t find where to put his things. The angrily working man was angry at Yan Jingjing. The previous promotional video inadvertently recorded Yan Jing in the last few seconds. After the video was released, the fire rate was high and the thieves were high, all of which were in the face of the flowers. When Yan Jingjing cleaned Nie Xingchen’s room, she saw that there was only one toothbrush on her vanity and no male clothes. She decided that Zhao Yuanfang was not Nie Xingchen’s boyfriend.

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