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Well Dominated Love 奈何boss又如何 Episode 2 Recap

Although Yan Jingjing was blamed by Nie Xingchen, he was not angry, but became more and more interested in Nie Xingchen. Yan Jingjing was depressed because of Nie Xingchen’s remarks, and couldn’t sleep at night to call Han Ziyu to ask if he really had obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc., which made Han Ziyu very surprised.

Nie Xingchen and Yan Jingjing knew each other. The two had a relationship, and she also cherished a photo and gifts of the two. On the weekend, Nie Xingchen didn’t go to the company due diligence, and did not answer Yan Jing’s phone call, Yan Jing was choking. Tong Xin ran to chase the stars on the weekend, but in the end received a phone call from the company and had to reluctantly go to the hospital to send documents to Yan Jing, but accidentally fell, Hanzi happened to pass by and kindly stepped forward to ask.

Tong Xin instantly felt that Han Ziyu was handsome and gentle, and became nympho. Han Ziyu checked Yan Jing’s body, but it was not wrong five years ago. The headache was probably caused by cerebral vasospasm caused by stimulation. Yan Jingjing recalled that the first headache was when she smelled Rosemary on Nie Xingchen’s head. She always felt that she was very familiar. Han Ziyu let him contact this person, which was helpful to restore memory.

Nie Xingchen has worked hard in recent years and has saved money to buy a small apartment house, but her money is only enough for down payment. Zhao Yuanfang is very generous to help her. He knows a staff member of the sales department of Bojue. Going up and chatting, I heard that Bojue Group will launch several sets of employee welfare rooms next week, which are very favorable. Nie Xingchen instantly moved, in order to buy a house, no longer mention the matter of resignation, patiently continue to be the secretary of Yan Jing.

Yan Jingjing deliberately adjusted Nie Xingchen because of his anger, and made various difficulties at work. Nie Xingchen was angry, but for the house, he put a smile on his face and forced to run back and forth. Yan Jingjing didn’t want Nie Xingchen to get two tickets for the concert, but the ticket was sold out long ago. Nie Xingchen asked all of her friends, made countless calls, and finally got two, but Yan Jingzhen only took After one, I also wanted to see it alone.

Yan Jingjing visited the shopping malls under the Bojue Group. The performance this year was unsatisfactory because the rise of the e-commerce industry affected the business of the stores. Nie Xingchen had learned the facts before and analyzed the situation. Yan Jing asked the president in charge of her to come up with a rectification plan. This kind of work was all in charge of the investment and sales department, and she was left to do it.

Nie Xingchen couldn’t be angry, and finally couldn’t hold back his anger. Knowing that Yan Jing had obsessive-compulsive disorder, he deliberately ripped off the bead jewelry on the backpack and sprinkled the beads a little. Yan Jing couldn’t bear to hear the sound, immediately picked up the beads regardless of identity, and his face was ugly and dying. Nie Xingchen was very dark.

Nie Xingchen found that Yan Jingxuan’s license plate number turned out to be 0521. This is not his birthday. Let’s discuss what may be an important anniversary. Nie Xingchen blamed herself for pulling over the beads, which caused everyone to work overtime. At night, she asked everyone to eat hot pot. Yan Jing called Nie Xingchen to ask for a document. The information was on Nie Xingchen’s computer. Her power-on password was 0521. , Just like your license plate number, silent and silent.

Yan Jingjing also ran to eat hot pot with everyone. Everyone immediately became restrained. Someone wanted to get coriander. Nie Xingchen immediately stopped it because Yan Jing didn’t eat coriander. Colleagues can’t stand up anymore, Yan Jing has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and they have to pinch the watch one by one when eating a hot pot. Everyone dares to be angry. Nie Xingchen thought of a way and prepared a table to let Yan Jing get better. Then came over and solved the matter perfectly.

After the meal, Yan Jing asked Nie Xingchen why the power-on password was 0521. Nie Xingchen made a reason for Yan Jing’s unbelief. Nie Xingchen had to say that this date was a commemorative day he met his boyfriend. Yan Jingjing will be suspicious. Zhao Yuanfang came to pick Nie Xingchen. Everyone wentssip and suspected that they were a boyfriend.

The President’s Office organized a team building event, and Yan Jing also joined in the fun. Director Huang on the bus announced that the boss prepared the shopping coupon benefits. Two or two teams were required to compete. Yan Jing directly proposed to team up with Nie Xingchen. Nie Xingchen took two days off with pay. Playing with a guessing game, Nie Xingchen misidentified Yan Jingjing and was afraid of itching, Yan Jing was stunned, and felt that Nie Xingchen was too familiar.

This time the group building was escaped from the secret room. Yan Jing also let Zhao Yuanfang come. Nie Xingchen chose to team up with Zhao Yuanfang. Yan Jing can only partner with Director Huang. Yan Jing looked at Zhao Yuanfang and was not pleasing to the eye. He encountered it in the game. Nie Xingchen soaked in hot springs, Yan Jingjing also came, asked her again, do you know each other? Nie Xingchen still denied it, but she saw that Yan Jing was wearing a ring necklace on her neck, and her expression was wrong. Yan Jing saw that she knew, and excitedly questioned whether she denied it?

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