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Parallel Love 时间倒数遇见你 Episode 8 Recap

On the way to Lirong Manor Villa, Lin Miao accidentally revealed her understanding of Su Chengjun’s sorting habits. Su Chengjun was surprised. Jiao Yang got angry and deliberately got off the bus to let Xiaoxin send his pillow over, and also let Lin Miao accompany himself. Su Chengjun First go to Oak Rong Manor. Jiao Yang and Lin Miao came to Oak Rong Manor. Su Chengjun told them that Oak Rong Manor was a bit strange. The three of them walked in together. There was no one but the candle on the dining table lit up.

Suddenly the lights went out and a woman with a disheveled hair appeared. The three of them ran away in a hurry and came to a studio. Su Chengjun accidentally knocked down the model on the table and apologized to Jiao Yang. Jiao Yang knew he was not intentional, Lin Miao looked at Jiao Yang unhappy and asked him where it was. Jiao Yang told her that this was his mother’s former studio. Unfortunately, I didn’t protect anything. Lin Miao comforted just an accident. It’s up to you to believe that you will protect it and make the best choice for it. No one is qualified except you. At this time, Su Chengjun found that the door was locked and the three of them could only spend one night in the studio The door was opened the next day.

The three met with the lobby manager and chef of Lirong Manor. The lobby manager was a female with a wine glass to tease Jiaoyang. The chef kept watching them. When he was eating, the chef gave Lin

Miao and Su Chengjun prepared hearty food and gave Jiaoyang a bowl of stir-fried noodles. Jiaoyang was very puzzled. The chef explained what a person should eat not because of status or temperament. Both Lin Miao and Su Chengjun had a sense of intelligence The taste is mature and Jiaoyang feels vulgar, and they have to draw portraits for them. Jiaoyang can’t eat any food and return to the room. Lin Miao asks the chef to cook Jiaoyang noodles.

Su Chengjun gave Jiao Yang his face. Jiao Yang saw Su Chengjun’s dark circles. He asked him if he didn’t sleep last night. Su Chengjun lamented that he came to the mountain and remembered many things. Jiao Yang remembered that the Oak Rong Manor was the first time he met Su Chengjun. The place is now the first cooperative project. All of these are destined. I believe that as long as we work hard, this place will be rejuvenated. Su Chengjun proposes to overthrow the Oak Rong Manor. Zhao Yan and Xiao who just arrived Newly heard, Zhao Yan disagreed. There are memories with Jiao Yang when he was a child. Jiao Yang felt that what happened yesterday was that the man in the village was pretending to be a ghost and decided to catch the female ghost first.

In the evening, several people united to catch the female ghost. It turned out that she was the daughter of another manager, Shanshan. Shanshan didn’t admit that she deliberately scared them to lie about sleepwalking. The hostage of Oak Rong Mountain Villa asked Jiao Yang why she was pushed to Shan Shan has to go to the hospital to verify her injury. Jiao Yang asks Xiaoxin to show the evidence, but the safe in Jiao Yang’s room is empty. Jiao Yang’s hundred mouths are unwilling to compensate, but Shan Shan wants Jiao Yang to marry herself. Zhao Yan listens After quarreling with Shanshan’s father, Lin Miao went up to persuade him to be overthrown. Jiao Yang told everyone that it is impossible for him to marry Shanshan. Lin Miao already had a fiancee. The people at Oak Rong Mountain Villa did not believe it.

Lin Miao admitted that Jiao Yang still wanted to show them, kissed Lin Miao, Zhao Yan was very angry to see this scene, Lin Miao you actually seduce Jiao Yang with your back. In the evening, Zhao Yan went to Lin Miao and told her that it was impossible to give Jiao Yang to you. Marrying Jiao Yang was my dream since I was a child. Although I don’t know what trick you used to get ahead, I believe I must not Letting you be together, Lin Miao explained that he cooperated with Jiao Yang because he was not forced to marry.

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