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Parallel Love 时间倒数遇见你 Episode 4 Recap

Zhao Yan went to work in Hongyu Group, Jiao Yang decided to prove his charm to Lin Miao. Lin Miao got Jiaoyang within a minute, but Jiaoyang had no choice but to go back to the company. Father Jiao learned that Jiao Yang was splashed with water by Lin Miao during the lunch break. He also wanted to give Lin Miao a bonus, and finally someone came to help Jiao Yang. Jiao Yang arrived in the meeting room for a meeting on time. Li Dong temporarily changed the meeting time. Jiao Yang knew that Li Dong had always been dissatisfied with himself. Li Dong was embarrassed.

Lin Miao was prevented, and the company’s management wanted to join a new member-Zhao Yan, Zhao Dong’s Qianjin, served as the director of the brand public relations department. Father Jiao knew that the appointment of Jiaoyang to take over the hotel business of the group a few days ago caused everyone’s dissatisfaction, but after the wedding banquet, Jiao Yang also showed his ability to work. I hope that all directors if they still have work in Jiaoyang have doubts. If you don’t, don’t talk about it.

Su Chengjun went to Lin Miao, but Lin Miao and Jiao Yang went to a meeting. Zhao Yan came to Hongyu Group this time to help Jiao Yang. The elevator was full. Lin Miao volunteered to make the next one. Jiao Yang claimed to have something to talk with Lin Miao and join her. Jiao Yang asked Lin Miao how he knew that the board of directors had a relationship with himself today. Lin Miao told him that this was the employee’s survival skill. Lin Miao put on the shoes sent by Jiao Yang. Jiao Yang apologized to Lin Miao. K was repaired, and the two reconciled.

Lin Miao knew that the mobile phone was gone, so she couldn’t take it easy. No matter how you stayed here to complete the task, it was possible to go back. When Jiao Yang canceled Lin Miao’s overtime work and wanted to send her back, Lin Miao was unwilling to see the note left by Su Chengjun on the table and agreed to let Jiao Yang send him back immediately. Jiao Yang met Zhao Yan in the basement, and Zhao Yan sat directly on the Jiao Yang car. Lin Miao walked down the street and was knocked down by Su Chengjun in a car. Su Chengjun regarded her as Lin Weijun. Lin Miao quickly denied telling Su Chengjun that he had admitted the wrong person.

Jiaoyang waited for Lin Miao at the intersection and saw that she and Su Cheng both got off the bus immediately after the struggle. At this time, Su Cheng received Lin Weijun’s phone call, and Lin Weijun cried that his game account was stolen. Jiao Yang wanted to send Lin Miao to the hospital and let Xiaoxin send Zhao Yan home, which made Zhao Yan very dissatisfied. Zhao Yan asked Xiaoxin to tell Lin Miao what happened to Jiaoyang since he took office. Zhao Yan was very angry when he heard everything about Jiaoyang and Lin Miao.

On the way, Lin Miao is not keeping her soul, Jiao Yang is waiting for her thanks, but Lin Miao has no meaning at all. Su Chengjun asked Lin Weijun if he had any siblings. He was puzzled when he heard that Lin Weijun did not. Jiao Yang took the medicine box to personally apply Lin Miao’s medicine and gave her a massage. When he was a child, Jiao Yangtao was chased and beaten by Jiao’s father. When Jiao mother felt distressed, he went to study Chinese medicine and there are some specialties, but Jiao mother has already Is gone. Lin Miao wanted to stand up, accidentally slammed his foot on Jiao Yang again. In the evening, Jiao Yang came to the living room with a flashlight, Lin Miao was asleep, and there was a resignation report she was about to write today, which was scolded by Jiao Yang. Jiao Yang was very angry when she saw it.

Early in the morning of the next day, Jiao Yang ignored Lin Miao, went to work directly, and confessed to Xiaoxin, from now on to prove to Lin Miao what is the charm of the youngest entrepreneur of this century. Jiao Yang asked Xiaoxin to get the project case, but Lin Miao had already sorted it out. Jiao Yang asked Xiaoxin what information I need to sign. I didn’t expect Lin Miao to sign for Jiaoyang. This made Jiaoyang Very depressed, let Xiaoxin send Lin Miao’s well-planned case into pieces and send it over, and tear up all the contracts that have been stamped, telling everyone in the company that Lin Miao can only do what she has done in the future.

Lin Miao returned to the company to give Xiaoxin a plan, and Xiaoxin told her that Jiao Yang had already done it. The last time my grandmother had an accident was at ten o’clock in the evening, Lin Miao decided that she must rush to the welfare home before her grandmother had an accident. Su Chengjun came to Lin Miao, claiming to consult with her on the rooftop wedding planning, and said that it was requested by the chairman, Lin Miao can only promise. Jiao Yang toured around and found that the whole company didn’t need his own place. At this time, he received a call from Jiao’s father and said that it was work. Jiao Yang quickly passed by.

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