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Parallel Love 时间倒数遇见你 Episode 1 Recap

Lin Miao came to 2010, Lin Miao and Jiao Yang met

Do you have the illusion that time is like a mischievous foolish ghost, it always makes us meet the wrong person at the right time, and loses the right person at the wrong time, and occasionally gives you some small Surprise makes you recover and get what you want, but most of the time, it prefers to live with you. If time, space and material are all human illusions of human cognition and can be randomly disrupted and reversed, then who do you want to go to most? The moment of meeting.

One day in 2020 and 2010, on the congested road, Lin Miao and Jiao Yang got out of the car and ran to the cafe at the same time. When the door opened, some mysterious force suddenly appeared. Lin Miao came to 2010 and hit Jiao. Yang and Jiao Yang asked her to apologize. Lin Miao looked at the time and hurried away, and came to the venue and found that this was not the star theme he had arranged, but the inauguration ceremony of the vice president of Hongyu Group.

Jiao Yang also hurried to the meeting place, put on a suit to attend the inauguration ceremony of the vice president prepared by his father, practiced what he had to say on stage in the background, then Lin Miao rushed over and asked him where Joni was, Lin Miao did not know Joni at all He wanted to leave and was stopped by Lin Miao. When pulling, Jiao Yang’s clothes were torn. Jiao Yang was angry and made the security guard pull Lin Miao away. Jiao Yang can only wear a casual outfit, the reporters saw his

Dressing up thinks that he is not respecting people, Jiao Yang’s speech went smoothly, but the reporter saw the lipstick mark on his neck, Jiao Yang recalled that it must have been left by Lin Miao just now. Lin Miao came to the company and saw that Jonico did not know her. Lin Miao realized that he had returned to 2010 and decided to go back to the cafe to try and not to go back. He tried many times and was tried by the coffee shop. Of employees rushed out. Jiaoyang’s lace news was put in various magazines. Jiaoyang’s father was very angry and reprimanded Jiaoyang in the office. He wanted to find an assistant for Jiaoyang, but no one came to apply for it. In fact, the recruitment was fake. Jiaoyang ordered people Made a fake link.

Lin Miao came to the house ten years ago and found the key in the flower pot at the door of the house. Everything was so familiar and so warm. Suddenly Lin Miao received a text message to help Jiaoyang become the president of Hongyu Group in three months. By 2020, it will disappear forever. At that time, Lin Miao returned home ten years ago. When she saw that she was fainted, Lin Miao was also scared and decided to apply for Hongyu Group. Jiao Yang’s father decided to serve as Jiao Yang’s assistant personally. When someone came to the interview and when the meeting ended, the employees wanted to help Jiao Yang, but did not expect to make a mistake. Lin Miao went to the interview and found out that he was Jiao Yang. Jiao Yang’s father immediately arranged Jiao Yang disagreed with Lin Miao’s entry, but he could only agree to the threat of his father.

Jiao Yang thought that Lin Miao wanted to chase himself. Lin Miao explained that he was not interested in him. Jiao Yang asked him to leave. Lin Miao pressed Jiao Yang’s father to press him. He also said that this job was very important to him. Yang accidentally pressed the survival button and quickly pulled Lin Miao away. Jiao Yang made the staff difficult, Lin Miao made her retreat. Sure enough, Lin Miao received many documents as soon as he went to work, Lin Miao completed the report quickly, then Su Chengjun from the marketing department passed, Lin Miao’s ex boyfriend, Lin Miao was busy With his head down, he went to Jiaoyang’s office. The phone on the desk rang and no one answered it. Jiao Yang did not agree to arrange an apartment for Lin Miao.

Lin Miao ran out of cash and could only make up for one night in the company. Jiao Yang played games in the office and saw that Lin Miao was making things difficult for her in the company. Lin Miao could only leave. Jiao Yang saw Lin Miao wandering the streets in the middle of the night trying to send her home. Lin Miao claimed that he had no place to live, and was expelled from the house when the rent expired. Jiao Yang took Lin Miao back to his home.

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