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Burning 燃烧 Episode 44 Recap

Xue Yongxiang’s drug dealings with Jin Sen have always been handled by Kong Yang and Xu Jiafu. It is a well-known thing that the Pai Yao Gang has not been contaminated with drugs, but Xue Yongxiang sold it to Jin Sen at a low price when there was a shortage of drugs, which attracted Xu Jiafu’s attention.

Since the extermination of the Pai Yao gang, Cui Tianxing’s family was destroyed by the Western Yuan sect. He fled to Japan under the pretext of extermination, but actually hid in Panzhou, relying on Jinsen’s drug trade to support him. Cui Tianxing is kind to Xue Yongxiang and will help in this way at this time. It was Kong Yang who overheard the news, so he easily revealed it to Xu Jiafu, but he didn’t see that the other party was thinking.

Kong Yang was in prison, thinking back to the beginning, and thinking back that even if he changed his voice, he could still hear his master’s recording. He tightly held a note with the phone number given by Cui Zhiyou in his hand. Suddenly, Kong Yang was taken out by the prison guards outside. He had a foreboding that this was a murder, but after all he could not escape such a fate.

Cai Liang, who had fled, took the knife and carried his hands behind his back, and opened the door to the takeaway boy, and finally let the other person in under the name of the toilet. He was not cautious but careful enough. When he opened the takeaway and found something was wrong, he immediately knew that the other party was the person Xu Songlin had sent to kill him.

The gangster was about to choke Cai Liang to death with a fishing line, but didn’t want to. The other party had already noticed it and blocked his neck with one hand in exchange for a breath of breath. He took out a beer bottle with his left hand and hit the gangster hard on the head to escape. Cai Liang, who succeeded in getting out of danger, immediately called Xu Songlin and threatened him but was threatened by his family.

The killer’s failure to succeed this time put tremendous pressure on the disadvantaged Zhao Yuee and Xu Jiafu. Zhao Yuee moved Xu Jun and Xu Jiatong to the UK beforehand, but Xu Jun was controlled by the police at the airport because of this, and Xu Jiatong, who was a step slower, was able to turn around and escape.

Xu Jiatong’s loss of contact gave the police a lot of confidence. The airport surveillance video showed how Xu Jiatong was blinded and escaped the police’s eyes, but ultimately failed to escape surveillance. At this time, Zhao Yue’e may have lost her calmness, and her heart is not as calm as the surface. The Xu family’s guilty conscience also gave Feng Kai and Liu Qingye a lot of confidence. They brought a group of people to the Xu family and took Zhao Yue’e away.

Sitting in front of Gao Sihai’s hospital bed, Gao Feng recalled Zhou Wei’s abnormal performance during this period, especially his hatred after Zhou Haoyu’s death. In fact, Zhou Wei was the one who helped Zhao Yue’e falsify in the appraisal. Gao Sihai had always known that Gao Feng also knew now, but they were all in embarrassment and pain. Zhou Wei was someone they regarded as relatives, Gao Feng’s tears dripped silently, he didn’t know how to choose.

After that, Feng Kai personally led the team to Cai Liang’s home. Through his wife, it was also a felony not to report and harbor a felon. Cai Liang’s wife didn’t plan to explain, but looking at the baby still in her arms, she finally gave Feng Kai the phone number to contact Cai Liang.

Feng Kai knew Cai Liang’s situation at the moment, so he specifically asked his mother to call in person, hoping that family affection would allow him to surrender. Hearing that his mother would rather let him surrender without treatment, coupled with being chased by Xu Songlin’s people, Cai Liang hesitated but did not choose to hang up.

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