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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 29 Recap

Wang Yiyi sent Chen Jiaxin to the hospital for examination. Fortunately, the injury was not serious, but only minor abrasions. Chen Jiaxin has always thought about why Wang Yiyi came to Hungary, has he been looking for her for three years? Chen Jiaxin wanted to urge Wang Yiyi to leave, but Wang Jieyi was “dead and shameless” but didn’t leave. Chen Jiaxin walked with a limp and walked, and Wang Jieyi simply took her directly. Chen Jiaxin yelled that Wang Jieyi was perverted, and Wang Jieyi didn’t mind it, but claimed that now ‘S behavior is in line with the perverted standard.

Because the elevator broke down, Wang Yiyi directly took Chen Jiaxin all the way into the room. Chen Jiaxin was willing to rid him of Wang Yiyi. Wang Jianyi ignored it and looked around. He wanted to see how Chen Jiaxin had been in the past three years.

Wang Xiyi took the initiative to cook for Chen Jiaxin, and also told Chen Jiaxin about Qi Qi and An Sen, as well as grandma’s things. Chen Jiaxin refused to eat the food prepared by Wang Yiyi. Wang Yiyi was dissatisfied that Chen Jiaxin had gone silently. Both of them were very painful to lose their children, but Chen Jiaxin disappeared and punished him for three years. Chen Jiaxin believes that Wang Yiyi’s contract is only from the perspective of a businessman, and she should not believe that Wang Yiyi’s love for herself, Wang Yiyi wants to explain, just Shi Anna called. Although Wang Yiyi didn’t answer, Chen Jiaxin still guessed that it was Shi Anna. He was angry and drove away Wang Yiyi, hoping that Wang Xiyi would not come to her again.

Wang Xiyi got up and left, let Chen Jiaxin taste the bowl of noodles before leaving, it was made with Lin Xishi. Wang Yiyi came to the door to touch the injured ring for a long time, and Chen Jiaxin also cried aloud in the room, heartbroken. Wang Yiyi stood there, listening in silence.

Zhongshan Dragon came to Wang Zhenzhu, the two looked at each other for a long time, or Zhongshan Dragon greeted Wang Zhenzhu first, which broke the embarrassment. Zhongshan Long got angry when he watched Wang Zhuzhu well, and began to wonder on the plane that it might be a scam. Now that Wang Zhuzhu is good, he is more certain that such a scam can only be thought of by Wang Zhuzhu.

Pearl Wang also said that he was old and could not consume any more, and his face was no longer valuable. Zhongshan Dragon can give him whatever he likes. As long as he can see him every day and say hello every day, he will be satisfied. Wang Zhenzhu also lamented the marriage of his grandson and daughter-in-law, both of whom care about each other. Zhongshan Long mistakenly called Chen Jiaxin’s name, and Wang Zhenzhu immediately ordered Zhongshan Long to tell Chen Jiaxin’s things.

Pearl Wang quickly called Wang Yiyi and asked him not to come back in a hurry. He has also contacted Xia Zhilu of Hungary to talk about it. To design a soap tray before inheriting the soap on the market, Wang Yiyi will need to talk about it tomorrow. At the same time, Zhongshan Long also called Chen Jiaxin, asked her to design a soap box, and told Chen Jiaxin to entertain others well, and never lose her temper. Hanging up the phone, Zhongshan Dragon began to worry that Chen Jiaxin would blame him in the future, but Wang Zhuzhu smiled, and finally took care of the two of them. I believe Chen Jiaxin must thank them in the future.

Xia Zhilu and Wang Yiyi came to Zhongshan Dragon’s big disciple, Wang Yiyi didn’t think it was Chen Jiaxin. Zhongshan Long also called Chen Jiaxin and said that he came back late that year, Wang Zhuzhu married others, he has been waiting for so many years, regrets that he should not come back late. Zhongshan Dragon did not want Chen Jiaxin to experience it once. Chen Jiaxin explained that she and Wang Yiyi had passed, and she also let go, but Zhongshan Dragon knew that there was no passing between them, otherwise Chen Jiaxin would have accepted Dylan long ago. Zhongshan Long hopes that Chen Jiaxin will talk about this sale with Wang Yiyi as the first customer.

Chen Jiaxin had to listen to the master’s words and formally talked to Wang Yiyi about cooperation, and the two of them added WeChat. Chen Jiaxin was thinking of Siqi and received a call from Siqi. Chen Jiaxin did not contact him for three years. Every time he felt uncomfortable, he wanted to think of Qiqi, but he was afraid that he could not hold on until he had to contact Siqi.

Siqi learned about Chen Jiaxin’s phone number from Wang Yiyi’s cooperation, and therefore proposed to let Chen Jiaxin compensate for his mental loss, first of all the excellent works and signatures of Zhongshan Long.

In another room, An Sen also had a conversation with Wang Yiyi. An Sen ridiculed Wang Yiyi to jump into the pit dug by the chairman. When Chen Jiaxin designed the soap box, whenever he saw the word inheritance, he would think of Wang Yiyi’s past. That unforgettable past made Chen Jiaxin irritable and tore up some design paper. Chen Jiaxin called Dylan and couldn’t help crying, thinking that this was Wang Zhiyi’s intention, she finally forgot the past. Now she had to ask her to recall the past and the inheritance, which reminded Chen Jiaxin that she was a mother, and Chen Jiaxin was in pain.

Dylan ran and accused Wang Yiyi of reopening Chen Jiaxin’s wound, reminding her of Xiaomi, and hoped that Wang Yiyi would leave quickly and stay away from Chen Jiaxin. However, Wang Yiyi told Dillon that he and Chen Jiaxin were only in a cooperative relationship. If they really touched Chen Jiaxin’s heart, Chen Jiaxin could also withdraw at any time, and he asked someone to take over.

Dylan came to see Chen Jiaxin, hoping that she would also give up the case, but Chen Jiaxin thought that as long as he escaped, he spent three years of effort, so he could not avoid it and had to choose to face it. Dylan asked Chen Jiaxin to treat this design as an ordinary case, so it would not be sad, and I believe that Chen Jiaxin can also walk out of the past. Chen Jiaxin promised Dylan to give it a try. Dylan looked at Chen Jiaxin and began to worry, if Chen Jiaxin really walked out of the past, would he still have his place.

Zhongshan Dragon praised Chen Jiaxin’s work because it is boundless and boundless, all of which are the result of being injured by Wang Yiyi. Wang Zhenzhu hopes that Chen Jiaxin is still the same as the former jade, and she doesn’t want her to change after being injured. Zhongshan Dragon is just the opposite. Zhongshan Dragon lost his pearls when he had the inspiration for creation, and it was precisely because of Chen Jiaxin’s hands. Now sit down with Wang Yiyi to design a soap tray. Wang Zhuzhu also hopes that the two can wipe out the spark again through this cooperation. The conversation between the two in the room was heard by Shi Anna, who was visiting grandma.

Shi Anna called Wang Yiyi and asked if he was in love in Hungary? Wang Yiyi truthfully stated that he was not in love. Shi Anna pretended to ask Wang Yiyi to go back, pretending that she didn’t know anything, and said that she missed Wang Yiyi. Wang Yiyi gave a soft huff.

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