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True Colours 嘉人本色 Episode 22 Recap

Both Meng Yu and Jia Jia entered the internship hospital and started working. In addition to professional internships, Nian Mengyu was busy with business matters. He was wearing dark circles every day. Jiajia couldn’t bear to see him work so hard, and suggested that he change to a lighter hospital , Nian Mengyu refused to accompany her internship. Nian’s father always wanted Nian Mengyu to be a doctor, he didn’t want his son to talk about business and drinking like him, but Nian Mengyu didn’t want his father to control his life. He likes to do business. .

After a day of rest, Nian Mengyu took Jiajia to fish and relax, but he was called back by the hospital before he sat down. The factory had an accident and a large number of wounded were taken to the hospital. Dazi took advantage of the gap to come to Nian Meng Yu to discuss with Mr. Yan, and advised him to take a break from school. Anyway, Meng Yu didn’t want to be a doctor anymore. Trembling.

Nian Mengyu ran errands for Jiajia while he was in the hospital, but also had to take care of business with Dazi. Dazzi’s social interaction was okay, and his ability to manage business was incomparable to Nian Mengyu. No way. In order to let Jia Jiaduo take a rest, Nian Mengyu turned off her alarm clock. Jiajia was very angry when she woke up, but she still appeared to rescue Nian Mengyu in time. Nian Mengyu suddenly thought that he had always wanted to get rid of his father’s control, but he was thinking about how to control Jiajia’s life. He had always thought of letting Jiajia do a casual job in the hospital. It was too tired to be a doctor. But after hearing why Jiajia is quite a doctor, he still hopes that Jiajia can do what he wants to do.

Nian Mengyu and Dazi discussed the operation at about 5 o’clock. After that, he went to see Dazi. But the operation was not good on this day. At the end, it was already 6:30. Nian Mengyu told Jiajia that he had temporary prior When Jia Jia left, she didn’t care too much. She stayed to clean up the rest, and everything was the same as usual. Nian Meng Yu walked out of the corridor and found that the patients and medical staff were waiting for the elevator, and the crowd was crowded, so he changed to the stairs. The more anxious people are, the more likely they are to make mistakes. Nian Mengyu slipped and slipped under one of his feet, and he fell back on the stairs with his head. In the moment of falling, Nian Mengyu was terrified. There was always a very bad hunch that he was worried about something more terrible. Now is the busiest time, Jiajia is also very tired every day. He was afraid of what happened to Jiajia.

Nian Mengyu struggled, but when he arrived at the hotel, President Yan had already left. He also left a sentence for him not to do business with young people who were busier than himself. Nian Mengyu was exhausted both physically and mentally due to the days of intensive work and this messed up meeting. When Dazi left, Mengyu drank himself alone, thinking about his father, and then thinking about what he had messed up recently. In fact, Nian Mengyu was drunk. Fortunately, even if Dazi found him to be taken to the hospital, the consequences of alcoholism would be serious. Jiajia did not know that Nian Mengyu was alone at this time, and Nian Mengyu told her that the business was going smoothly, and Jiajia felt relieved to continue on duty. The little patient took the camera to shoot video for Jiajia, and Jiajia faced The camera said that he called Nian Meng Yunian pig because he was fat like a fat pig when he was young

After returning to the hospital, Nian Mengyu happened to hear Sai Nan and his classmates saying that he always suspected which disease he had in which department. Nian Mengyu didn’t care about it at the beginning, and he also laughed. But sometimes he would feel dizzy and nausea. When he followed the teacher in consultation one day, he encountered a patient who fell to his brain after drinking. The symptoms are similar to those of Nian Mengyu. The teacher said that this is a delayed concussion. Delayed cerebral hemorrhage has already occurred. After everyone left, Nian Mengyu stayed and asked the teacher what the condition was, and the teacher gave him a case.

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