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True Colours 嘉人本色 Episode 21 Recap

Nian Mengyu said to Jiang Feng that he had confessed to Jiajia, Jiang Feng had no chance, let him leave as soon as possible, Jiang Feng actually already guessed the progress of Jiajia and Nian Mengyu, but still couldn’t restrain wanting to see Jiajia In the mood, seeing Nian Meng Yu saying this, he deliberately asked Nian Meng Yu Jiajia if he accepted him. Nian Mengyu was naturally lack of confidence. He had to say that Jiajia liked the feeling of being chased. He likes to satisfy Jiajia’s vanity as a girl. Jiang Feng smiled and said that he also wanted to satisfy Jiajia’s vanity.

In fact, even if Jiajia didn’t speak, Jiang Feng knew that she finally chose Nian Mengyu. For three years, he knew Jiajia and Nian Mengyu very well, and he also saw the feelings between them. Rose sauce is a rose cake. He can even imagine how many roses Nian Mengyu sent to Jiajia. What he and Nian Mengyu said was only intentionally angry with him. Only he knew how much he envied Nian Mengyu.

Nian Mengyu didn’t know that Jiajia had made clear his choice with Jiang Feng, and thought Jiang Feng and Jiajia had started to be ambiguous again. He was arrogant that he wanted to go to the bar and Jiajia followed. In the bar, Jiajia was knocked down by a man. Nian Mengyu lifted Jiajia and asked her if she was okay. Jiajia felt that one thing was better than the other. Nian Mengyu said that she was okay, but Nian Mengyu saw no one else Jia rushed and went forward to grab the man and apologize. The other party didn’t take Nian Mengyu’s words seriously, the two fought, and Nian Mengyu’s face was dazzled.

After handling the matter in the Public Security Bureau, the police said that Nian Meng Yu, Jia Jia and his family had already paid for the medical expenses for them. The two were very strange. They didn’t tell their family about this matter. When they were about to go back, when their father appeared, they realized that he paid for it. When his father saw Nian Mengyu, he went up and kicked him, saying that he took Jiajia to a place where Jiajia was protecting him. He said that he was taking him by her.

Nian’s father also yelled at Nian Mengyu for stealing the official seal of the winery and selling half of the shares to Xinhai. Nian Mengyu knew that his father was really angry this time, let his father go home and say this again, don’t scare Jiajia. Only then did Jiajia understand why the house was settled so smoothly. It turned out that Nian Mengyu did so much behind him. Nian Mengyu comforted Jiajia and said that it was no big deal. Anyway, he was beaten up for her since he was a child. This is not the first time. Jiajia was distressed by Mengyu. He has always been a strong man. Since he was a child, he wanted to prove himself in front of his father. This time, she was in vain for her previous efforts.

On the way back, Nian Mengyu rode a bicycle to carry Jiajia back. He told Jiajia that he was the most inseparable person in the world. Jiajia heard Nian Mengyu’s words and said to us Just keep riding like this. Nian Mengyu listened to Jia Jia’s words, suddenly stunned, the bicycle stopped, Jia Jia was hit by the inertia and hit Nian Mengyu’s back. Nian Mengyu looked back at Jiajia silly and found Jiajia looking at him with a smile. It is said that the best thing in the world is that people who like it are also loving themselves, and now these two young hearts have finally come together, and they don’t have to be afraid that the other party just treats themselves as friends, even if they pierce the window paper, even friends Can’t do it.

After Jia Jia and Nian Meng Yu were together, the two lived a sweet little couple’s life. Jia Jia was going to participate in a Dutch exchange group event. Nian Meng Yu asked Da Zhi to drive a car to play the celebration of the audio store in front of the school, the speaker said In order to celebrate the store manager and send Xiaolu Jiajia Xiu Chengzheng to give discounts, Jiajia has not had time to introduce himself to the exchange group. People have known him through the big horn and the billboard on the car, and she was ashamed to blush.

Jiajia was recommended by everyone as a representative to participate in the closing ceremony of the International Academic Week to speak, and Nian Mengyu specially trained Jiajia’s spoken English. Ready for an internship, Nian Mengyu tried his best to go to the same hospital as Jiajia.

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