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True Colours 嘉人本色 Episode 20 Recap

Nian Mengyu arranged a car for Jiajia. Jiajia packed up her luggage and was ready to leave. She carefully folded the dress that Mengyu gave her and took the car. Nian Mengyu was lost alone in the resort area and sat down on a chair. Jiajia’s car passed by. She saw Nian Mengyu’s lost back. After a lot of trouble, Jiajia asked the driver to turn around and go back.

In the evening, when Meng Yu returned to the hotel, he saw Jia Jia came back again, and there was joy in his heart, and there was no anger in his face. He asked Jia Jia why he came back again. Jia Jia said it was too wasteful to look at these roses. After tidying up to make rose sauce or making dried flowers, Nian Mengyu ignored her and went back to her room alone.

Listening to the sound of Jiajia chopping rose petals, Nian Mengyu couldn’t sleep either. He came out and grabbed the kitchen knife in Jiajia’s hand and chopped up the petals himself. He also said that he was cheap, and Dazi asked him to buy a bunch, he favored it A house. Jiajia said that she was cheap, she was not worth the age of Meng Yu, so that the two could also quarrel for who was cheap, and they also started throwing petals at each other, making the two reconciled. Jiajia decided to use the remaining roses to soak in the hot spring, and also invited Nian Mengyu to soak together. Nian Mengyu really went into the water again, and he was alone with Jiajia in the hot spring. His heartbeat was straightening. Jiajia asked him why his face was so red. He straightly said that the water was too hot, and he slipped away.

Before going to bed, Meng Yu and Dazi reported the situation. Dazi comforted him that Jiajia was afraid of changing because he cared too much about him. Nian Mengyu was determined to listen to Dazi’s words and slowly confess.

The next day, Nian Mengyu and Jiajia climbed the mountain together. Jiajia had a lot of problems with Mengyu’s fall. He knew his habits better than Mengyu himself. Nian Mengyu was very moved. He ignored Jiajia’s calm analysis and insisted After buying a couple of pendants, Jiajia laughed at his grandfather who actually bought something the little girl liked.

Nian Mengyu invited Jiajia to play golf with him. Jiajia had no sportswear, so the two went to the mall to buy clothes. Jiajia chose a short skirt, just put it on, and Nian Mengyu took off his coat to cover Jiajia. He also said that the skirt was too short to be harmful, so she changed it.

Jiajia was puzzled, and the length was just right. Who knows that when he came home, Nian Mengyu took advantage of Jia Jia’s inattention, and added a section of her skirt, and the short skirt became a middle skirt. Jia Jia looked at Nian Meng Yu with anger, but he was satisfied. He felt that the changed skirt was good-looking and not easy to run out. The youth was beautiful and the best of both worlds. Anyway, as long as he didn’t show it, it would look good in his eyes.

Jiajia wore this skirt and played golf with Nian Mengyu, and was seen by a Russian children’s clothing designer. The designer felt that such clothes were very creative. The translator helped him to ask whether Jiajia is a Chinese-style Lolita style Nian Mengyu wondered what style it was. Jiajia bluntly said that when he was a child on Children’s Day, he wore a big white sock in the skirt of his school uniform.

Jiajia was accidentally sunburned, and Nian Mengyu comforted her as beautiful as Faye Wong’s sunburn makeup, and helped her apply medicine. At this time Jiang Feng also came. He saw Jiajia jokingly said that he was going to become Jiajia’s doctor, so he helped her see the injury and wanted to help her treat. When Nian Mengyu saw Jiang Feng, he approached Jiajia for another reason, and the jar of vinegar in his heart was overthrown again. After being jealous, Nian Mengyu didn’t ignore Jiajia, but took the initiative to help her rub the medicine. Jiajia was willing to help him in order to make him happy.

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