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True Colours 嘉人本色 Episode 19 Recap

Just when Nian Mengyu asked Jiang Feng to move out of Jiajia’s house, Jiajia proposed to reconcile the conflict between the two of them, saying that Jiang Feng returned the rabbit to Nian Mengyu, and Nian Mengyu returned the furniture. In one step, the two of them disagree, of course, but more difficult things are coming. The original owner of the house, Zhai Xin, sold the house to Jiajia while mortgaged the house. Now the creditors have to take back the house and let Jiajia move away from it.

Nian Mengyu and Jiang Feng couldn’t take care of each other, and quickly helped Jiajia find a way to secure the house. Zhai Xin hid, Jiajia couldn’t find her. The guarantor is her lover, Sun Jianhong, the CEO of Zhenggao Group, Jiajia and Nian Mengyu intend to talk to him, if he is willing to help Zhai Xin pay off the debt, the house can be kept.

Facing the requests of the three young people, Sun Jianhong told them that the money was not what he owed, and the house was not where he lived. He would not repay the debt. Jiajia would be useless even if he served tea and poured water. Jiang Feng consulted a lawyer. Jiajia did not have a real estate certificate and the purchase contract was ambiguous. If he wanted to secure a house, he could only pay off the bank loan.

Nian Mengyu found out that Sun Jianhong’s legal person was his father-in-law, and that the company still owns much of Sun Jianhong’s wife. He also found that Sun Jianhong’s recent bidding was the company of Hou Lin’s boss. He came to Hou Lin, hoping to get the opportunity to meet Hou Lin’s boss. Hou Lin offered to help him talk with the boss about this matter, and Nian Mengyu insisted on seeing him in person. Hou Lin envyed Lu Jiajia’s ability to have Meng Yu’s boyfriend help her to turn the tide like this. Nian Mengyu smiled and confessed that they were not together because he did not yet know Jia Jia’s intentions. Jiang Feng took Jiajia to find Mr. Gu to find a way, and when they returned, Meng Yu had already handled everything.

Nian Mengyu didn’t forget to drive Jiang Feng out of Jiajia’s house. He had planned to play a game of basketball with Jiang Feng. Jiang Feng had to lose when he lost. The two talents had just started. Jiajia told them with a real estate certificate Good news, in order to thank the two for their help, Jiajia decided to invite the two to travel together. Jiang Feng struggled everywhere, and Nian Mengyu had to start first to be strong.

It didn’t take long for Meng Yu to cheat Jiajia out on the grounds of regiment building. Jiajia felt wrong because Dazi asked him to drive alone, and Jiajia and Nian Mengyu were in separate cars. At first, she didn’t know Nian Mengyu’s real plan for this trip, but later discovered that Dazi and Jiang Feng would not come at all, she lied to Nian Mengyu to take a bath, intending to sneak away. Nian Mengyu hadn’t washed it yet, and he was wrong, so he quickly came out to look for Lu Jiajia in a bathrobe.

Nian Mengyu pulled Jiajia in a bathrobe, and Jiajia dragged her suitcase to death. She said that Nian Mengyu had the ability to take her back. Nian Mengyu shouted that he was dressed like this and pulled with her, if the security guard saw that he should be taken away. Jiajia stepped back and asked Nian Mengyu to go back and put on his clothes first. Nian Mengyu pretended to agree, but when he walked to Jiajia, he wanted to take her back to the room. Meng Yu’s bathrobe tape, Nian Mengyu’s bathrobe spread out at once, Jia Jiaquan who shouldn’t see saw it, Nian Mengyu screamed in shock. This scene is more exaggerated than the original mug grab. Although it was grown up wearing a pair of pants from an early age, after all, there is a difference between men and women. Jiajia lowered his head and dared not lift it up.

Jiajia pushed the door out of the room and saw that the hot springs were filled with pink and white balloons. She never thought that one day someone would prepare these for herself. With a “snap” sound, these balloons were all untied and flew into the sky. Nian Mengyu was holding flowers in his hand, and he was happy and looking forward with all his face.

Jia Jia faced Nian Meng Yu’s confession, she hesitated. She had always worried that Nian Meng Yu didn’t like her in her heart, but she was afraid of losing him after knowing his intentions. Also very disappointed, the two separated.

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