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The Legend of Jin Yan 凤归四时歌 Episode 5 Recap

Xiao Yu retreated to search for Su Jin’s guards, but was very curious about whether she knew her identity. He pinched Su Jin’s neck to make her express her intention, but saw the hairpin above her head froze for a moment. Su Jin immediately seized the opportunity to kick him, and then immediately began to cry on the ground, Xiao Yu couldn’t help but call himself a bodyguard, and said that he did not speak out about Su Jin’s false accusations.

Later, he asked why Su Jin was in the Wang Mansion and could walk freely in the Wang Mansion. Su Jin lied and said that he was Su Jin’s personal maid and came to give her eight-grain jade pendants while he was able to walk freely because he The gold jade order left for himself made Xiao Yu a little relieved. Su Jin immediately begged him to take himself to see Xiao Yu and show him the order to stop her sister from marrying. Xiao Yu told her that everything was so, everything It doesn’t help.

Su Yu touched the wedding dress over and over again in the room, and the maid came to report that Su Jin broke into the front yard and was still looking for the prince’s bedroom. At that time, Su Yu was taken aback, and she asked her maid to hurry up Su Jin tomorrow morning. Send out the palace. The next day, Su Jin looked at her sister’s marrying figure. She was entangled with her life order. She didn’t know if she would send the life order. On that day, Xiao Naiwai brought refreshments to honor her, and also gave her two silver, Su Jin didn’t collect his silver, but asked him to answer a few questions. Is there a good-looking guard in the palace with hairpins on his head? Xiao Nai waited for a long time to think of the guard described by Su Jin. Zhong Li.

Sujin was worried that Xiao Yu would get drunk when he was drunk. At that time, Xiao Qi already knew that Su Jin’s close-up girl disguised as Su Yu went to send Su Yu with eight-grain jade. On the day of the wedding, Su Yu waited for several hours in the wedding room, but did not see Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu didn’t want to go at all, let Zhongli kneel, he didn’t want to go to the marriage room either, he wanted to marry a relative or a person he liked. The concubine learned that Xiao Yu was still in Meiyuan, and immediately became furious. She personally went to Meiyuan and asked Xiao Yu to go to the wedding room immediately. She also took out the order of Xianwang. Someone opened the door and Xiao Yu was gone.

Xiao Yu was very uncomfortable. He came out to relax and happened to meet Su Jin who was watching the moon on the boat. The two men just said a few words and saw someone chasing. In a hurry, Xiao Yu took her off the boat to hide Into the water. Su Jin’s feet were covered with water plants, Su Jin thought that Xiao Yu was going to save himself, but Xiao Yu thought Su Jin was entangled with himself. Fortunately, in a critical moment, Su Jin got out of the control of the water plants and spit out a sip of water. , She found that Xiao Yu had not yet come up, so she turned her teeth and dived into the water to get Xiao Yu up. Xiao Yu had passed out when rescued and went ashore. Su Jin pressed his chest hard, and finally prepared to give him first aid with artificial respiration. Xiao Yu suddenly woke up and was awakened by pain.

The maid came to report the concubine, but did not find Xiao Yu. The concubine thought he was deliberately avoiding himself and lamented the mother-child centrifugation. Xiao Yu brought Su Jin to the Chaomen Pavilion. This was the former residence of the Emperor’s favorite concubine. It is now deserted. He brought Su Jin here for temporary shelter. Su Jin asked Xiao Yu if Xiao Yu looked ugly. Why is it that there is no hidden disease in leaving the Princess alone in the marriage room, and Xiao Yu was half angry at the time. Su Yu was still sitting in the new house, and didn’t dare to move, when a black cat ran in, frightening the crowd.

Xiao Yu felt that Su Jin was too nagging and deliberately ignored her, but Su Jin was still familiar, and while nagging to help him wipe his hair, Xiao Yu was angry and helpless and had to warm her with the wine in her hand Body. Su Jin never drank alcohol, but smelled what kind of wine it was. After two bites, Xiao Yu felt something was wrong. Sure enough, Su Jin’s wine was on his head and he slept on Xiao Yu’s shoulder. This time, Xiao Yu didn’t push her away.

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