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The Legend of Jin Yan 凤归四时歌 Episode 4 Recap

Xiao Qi heard the news that his servants had asked him to go to Wenfu, and came to Wenfu all the time. It turned out that it was arranged by Su Yu. Su Yu frankly said that Su Jin had already run away, because he was afraid of being punished before he became a prime minister. Jin, she wanted to get married with Xiao Qi, but fate made a joke with herself. Although Xiao Qi was touched by her sincerity, he always wanted to marry Su Jin, so for Su Yu, even though he was also guilty, he could not do much. Su Yu hoped that he could preserve his identity in the palace, Don’t talk about what he pretended to be like a brocade, Xiao Qi nodded and agreed.

Su Jinmeng arrived at the scene where Su Yu was married. She woke up from her dream instantly, but found that Xiao Yu was gone. The people at Muchen Temple told her that there was no such thing as the son she said, nor the so-called black man, but she helped her to make a fake order. Su Jin took the fake order and couldn’t find Xiao Yu. When she was in a hurry, she heard the sealed salute. She was shocked and felt that something had happened in her dream. She hurried back to Wenfu to check.

Su Yu went out under Mrs. Wen’s escort. Su Jin saw Su Yu wearing a wedding dress and greeted her with a ceremonial ritual. She cried out to her sister. After hearing Mrs. Wen’s panic, she let the people in the house rush to take Su Jin Take back to Fuzhong. Su Yu marries into the palace to see the concubine, who knows that she was ridiculed by Wen Fei when she came, and asked about the eight-grain jade from her royal imperial family. Su Yu didn’t know about it, after all, it was For Su Jin’s things, she had to lie that she was enshrined in the Ling Temple. Wen Fei continued to find her troubles. The concubine stopped Wen Fei, but still asked Su Yu to return home and take Yu Pei back.

Su Jin had a terrible headache in the room. She could have never married either, but it was because of herself that her sister was about to be married. Mrs. Wen told her that Su Yu was willing to marry, but Su Jin refused to believe it. . Mrs. Wen got a letter from Su Yu, and heard that she wanted Bawen jade. Mrs. Wen quickly asked Sujin about the whereabouts of Bawen jade, but Sujin didn’t know where it was placed. Mrs. Wen had to let everyone Look around. In fact, the eight-pattern jade pendant was hidden by Su Jin herself. She was afraid of hurting her sister for the rest of her life.

After some thoughts, Su Jin decided to go to the Wang Mansion to look for Su Yu, but she saw Xiao Yu’s figure as soon as she turned her head, which surprised her and hurried up after her. Chuangmeiyuan was going to be hit by a board, and she and her inner servant quickly pulled their legs and ran. Xiao Yu was very annoyed that the concubine was standing as a princess, and all he could do now was to find the suspense. He didn’t have to worry about it any more. Zhong Li told him that for his big marriage, Wen Fei had tried his best to procrastinate and also told him The woman had already received the approval of Mu Chen Temple, which made Xiao Yu thought about it.

Su Jin pretends to be a maid to meet Su Yu, who knows that the two came to the front and took her inner waiter to find that their token had just been lost. Su Jin quickly took out the token that Xiao Yu left her and wanted to be confused After crossing the border, the internal attendants saw this golden jade and knelt in a hurry. Su Yu was startled when she saw Su Jin coming. She asked her why Su Jin came here. Su Jin told her that she had asked for permission and she could take her sister home, but Su Yu Not willing, because the concubine had already seen her face, and even if she retired, she could not marry someone she liked, so it would be meaningless.

Su Yu persuaded her sister to go back. Since she chose, she would not be afraid anymore. Seeing that she insisted on this, Su Jin had to put down Yu Pei, hoping that she would get what she wanted, but she wanted to stay for two more days, watching her sister get married before leaving After hearing the words, Su Yu was soft-hearted, and after telling her a few words, she was left behind. Su Jin thought that her sister had carried a lot for herself, thinking that she must have decided to stay for her own sake. She could not leave her sister in the palace. She decided to give her life order to the prince, so that she could save her sister from fire and water.

Halfway along, Su Jin met with the guards. After being questioned, Su Jin took out the gold jade order, and those guards hurriedly knelt down, which made Su Jin very curious. Who is Xiao Yu, and the token can go unimpeded. But turning around, she heard the voice of the guards catching her everywhere. Su Jin ran out of her legs and ran into Mei Yuan in a panic. She turned around and saw Xiao Yu. With anxiety, she threatened Xiao Yu with a sharp weapon to help herself temporarily avoid chasing.

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