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The Legend of Jin Yan 凤归四时歌 Episode 3 Recap

Su Jin brought Xiao Yu to an inn, and Xiao Yu thought that the inn was too shabby. Su Jin told him that it was pretty good in a very special period. Su Jin said that she missed her mouth and was aware that Xiao Yu’s trip to the border city was related to Wen Fu. He thought he was a little rude. Su Jin wanted to clean his wounds and change the dressing. He pushed Su Jin away, Su Jin didn’t pay attention, and was stumbled backwards under his feet, Xiao Yu hurried forward to grab Su Jin, the two fell at the same time, Su Jin fell on Xiao Yu, scared De Sujin jumped up quickly. Xiao Yu still hadn’t figured out the real purpose of Su Jin, so she decided to figure out her details and see if she was innocent or detailed.

Several of the concubine’s troublemakers went to the palace to meet her. Before going in, Xiao Qi told him to stop Xiao Yu from going to the house at all costs. Su Yu was also called by the concubine, but it was a pity that the concubine said that she hadn’t done a big gift yet. Without acknowledging her identity, she and her mother were waiting outside the door. The concubine was angry in the mansion. The concubine’s will came first. Xiao Qi was in such a situation, and the situation was getting bigger and bigger. She asked where Zhong Li went to Xiao Yu. All things, the concubine suddenly became more angry, so Zhong Li immediately dispatched everyone to find Xiao Yu back.

Xiao Yu asked Su Jin what happened, and said that he might be able to help her. Su Jin thought, since he had lost his memory, he didn’t know anything, so he lied that he had a friend who was disliked by two at the same time. Someone has raised a relative, and I don’t know what to do now. Xiao Yu knew that it was Wen Jia’s daughter-in-law Su Jin. Su Jin tricked him into saying that he went to the border town to help Wen Jia’s daughter-in-law to rescue the soldiers. Xiao Yu thought that if he could help Su Jin to remarry, then he and Xiao Qi no one wants to catch up with Wen Jia, it is the best of both worlds. So, Xiao Yu proposed a way for Sujin to change her eighth character and change her eighth character to the wounded officer Koff, so she could escape this marriage contract, but it was very troublesome to make a false statement, and Sujin was also thinking about how to make twilight. Chen Si made this fake order for herself. Xiao Yu told her that if she made this fake order, let alone marrying into the royal family, it would be difficult for her to marry. This made Su Jin stunned.

The concubine hoped that Xiao Qi could make way for the world. Xiao Yu had to get married with Wen’s family, but Xiao Qi didn’t ask for much in his life, he only wanted a prime, and he even tried to kill him. Su Yu was startled when she heard it outside the door. She rushed into the hall desperately and said she was willing to marry Xiao Qi. The concubine told Xiao Qi that he could be given more rights, but Su Jin must marry Xiao Yu, seeing that life and death mattered a lot, Su Yu knelt down and said that she was willing to marry Xiao Yu into the main palace, and unveiled the Su Yu Xiao Qi also reacted. This was not the Su Jin he wanted, so he gave up suicide and forced the concubine. Afterwards, Xiao Qi was sealed as a general admired by Tian Ce and could already supervise politics, which is what Xiao Yu did not want to see.

Xiao Yu was leaving ink beads as marks along the way. From the cliff to the place where the two bought horses, Su Jin didn’t realize it at all. After the two bought horses, Su Jin didn’t know how to ride. He simply trimmed by the river. The two quarrelled by the river, so rare. Zhong Li found the mark left by Xiao Yu. He saw that Xiao Yu was planning, but originally planned to disperse the cover, but found that there were more than one Su Jin in the footprints, there must be others, he immediately realized that Xiao Yu was in danger, so he Bring people to catch up quickly. Xiao Yu also found something wrong here. He saw that someone was following him, and there was a dark arrow coming. He quickly hid with Su Jin.

The man in black found traces and hunted down the two in the forest. Xiao Yu was injured again to protect Su Jin, but he still saved Su Jin’s life. Unfortunately, Su Jin was also injured. Xiao Yu lost to the black man. Fortunately, at the critical moment, Zhong Li arrived with someone. The matter was finally resolved, but the people who were caught were all dead and could not ask anything. Xiao Yu let Zhongli let Su Jin go. He felt that this matter had nothing to do with Su Jin, so he didn’t have to worry about her.

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