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The Legend of Jin Yan 凤归四时歌 Episode 10 Recap

Su Yu misunderstood the meaning of Su Jin. She thought Su Jin was dreaming of dying herself, but thinking of this sister’s mischief, she told her that she had come to take the Huangquan Road for her. Where can Su Jin hear her sister’s remarks? She told Su Yu that if she got the Jin Yuling, she could go in and out of the palace and take Su Yu together. But Su Yu told her that if they left, Wen Jia would be in big trouble. Unless they can find the Xian Wang’s watch, Su Jin immediately decided to go and find the Xian Wang’s watch. Seeing Su Jin’s leaving, Su Yu sighed, hoping that God could bless her this time.

Xiao Yu went to see the concubine, first she said a lot of compliments, and the concubine had no way to deal with the matter at that time. Xiao Yu digressed and talked about asking for help for all people. On Tian Antai, the concubine had no reason to refuse and had to agree. Xiao Yu talked about letting all the guards in Yongning Pavilion escort, which made the concubine suddenly uneasy, but she couldn’t just say that she had to deal with it and think about the countermeasures later.

Because Xiao Yu once said that if Su Jin performed well, she could be given a golden jade order. Su Jin thought about it and decided to ask Xiao Yu how to perform well. Xiao Yu heard that his subordinates came to report that there was a maid to find Zhong Li. Zhong Li immediately thought that Xiao Yu had to change clothes with himself again. He had to change clothes with Xiao Yu obediently. Xiao Yu, who changed clothes, came out to see Su Jin. Su Jin asked him for anything. Even if he greeted him with a smile, he gave him tea and poured water, pretending to be gentle and having a good attitude.

Sujin reiterated the matter of Jinyuling, Xiao Yu told her that she could give her a chance, so Sujin was more attentive, fanning, and pinching shoulders, Xiao Yu pinched all fell asleep. While he was asleep, Su Jin felt around his waist, because Jin Yuling was fixed on the belt, and Su Jin simply took the entire belt away. Of course, Xiao Yu pretended to be asleep. He just wanted Su Jin to take Jin Yuling smoothly.

The concubine went to Long’an Temple. Xiao Yu heard that Su Jin was slowing down in Fuzhong. After smiling, he decided to hand over the Fuzhong house affairs to Wen Fei. At this time, Su Yu sent a letter to Su Jin, telling her that the concubine had taken a large number of bodyguards, and now it was a good opportunity to go to the forbidden area. Su Jin immediately went to the middle of the night, but she didn’t know it, and Xiao Yu also searched. Xiao Yu quickly hid after hearing the movement, Su Jin held the candlelight and looked around, but found nothing. At this time, she heard the movement and hurriedly walked over to check. Naturally she saw nothing. As a result, someone outside shouted and someone came to the forbidden place to search immediately.

Sujin had no other choice but to jump into the dry well on the side, who knew that Xiao Yu was also below when he jumped down. The aunt beside the concubine was dubious, and people were kept here, waiting for the concubine to come back and check it out. Xiao Yu learned that Su Jin also came to find his suicide. He immediately became furious and Su Jin once again cheated himself. He immediately questioned who Su Jin sent him, and Su Jin couldn’t get rid of it for a while. Su Jin could only lie when she thought about it, and she fought with Xiao Yu. In a hurry, Xiao Yu knocked her out.

The concubine was worried, and hurried back, Zhong Li asked to check. Zhong Li found Xiao Yu and told him that it wasn’t long before he went out of town, and the concubine said that she was in a hug and returned to the palace. Despite the fire, Xiao Yu took Zhong Zhong to rescue Su Jin. Su Jin found the remaining pieces of paper in the dry well. Zhong Li happened to rescue her, but did not reveal his true identity. When Zhong Li came back to life, Xiao Yu told him that he had to keep Su Jin. He just wanted to know what Su Jin and Xiao Qi are all about.

Sujin dreamed again. This time an unknown man bathed in the river, causing her to blush and heartbeat. Sujin whispered to herself after being awakened. Fortunately, it was a dream. Xiao Yu sneezes after getting up, and the maid on the side tells a joke, which may be the one who misses him.

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