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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 2 Recap

Li Zhenyan decided to teach Fang Xiaolu in another way. On the day when Teacher Hu checked the results of their ensemble, Li Zhenyan told Fang Xiaolu not to read the score, but to play as much as he wanted. He would cooperate with Fang Xiaolu and Fang Xiaoluo. Listening to Li Zhenyan, I really started to play casually. Li Zhenyan also worked hard to cooperate with Fang Xiaolu.

The two cooperated very tacitly. Li Zhenyan also discovered the special features of Fang Xiaolu, and she also had a new understanding of music in her heart. . On the way back after the two ensemble, Fang Xiaolu looked at Li Zhenyan’s back and suddenly felt a little moved on him. Li Zhenyan kept thinking about his thoughts silently, thinking that if he did not move forward, no one would wait for him. Li Zhenyan was thinking about something in his heart. ,

Forgot to cross the road, Fang Xiaolu turned around after crossing the road and found that Li Zhenyan hadn’t left, so he rushed back to cross the road with Li Zhenyan. Li Zhenyan told Fang Xiaolu that if she wanted to become a pianist, she would practice hard every day from now on, but Fang Xiaolu said that she didn’t want to be a pianist. He wanted to be a kindergarten teacher and bring joyous music to the children. Li Zhenyan had some Surprised by Fang Xiaolu’s pure love for music.

Early the next morning, Li Zhenyan made two breakfasts, and Fang Xiaolu came to the meal on time. The two quarreled while eating breakfast. Jiang Caiwei came suddenly and said that there was a good news to tell Li Zhenyan, and Li Zhenyan gave Fang Fang. Xiao Ren rushed back. Jiang Caiwei told Li Zhenyan that Fisher came to the Baiqi Conservatory of Music and wanted Li Zhenyan to seize this opportunity. Jiang Caiwei also told Li Zhenyan about what she had learned about Fisher.

Fisher and Wayenda are equally famous, but they are very personal. Low-key. After getting off the plane, Fisher left the airport alone. He went to the noodle restaurant next to the academy for dinner. He happened to meet Qin Fen, the son of the noodle restaurant owner. Qin Fen was a junior at the Baike Conservatory of Music. Qin Fen knew about Fei. After Scheer was also a graduate of Baiqi Music Academy, he enthusiastically took him to the school with him.

After entering the school, Fisher left Qin Fen away. He walked around the college alone and took many photos. Fisher was attracted by Fang Xiaolu’s piano and listened to Fang Xiaolu’s outside the piano room. During the performance, he took a picture of Fang Xiaolu. It happened that Qin Fen was also attracted by the sound of the piano, and the idea of ​​finding Fang Xiaolu’s accompaniment for him to make up the exam came up. Fang Xiaoluo was kind-hearted and agreed to Qin Fen’s request. Qin Fen returned I took Fang Xiaoli to his noodle restaurant for dinner.

The two were eating, and Fisher came. Fang Xiaoli and Fisher were very close. Several people had a good time at the noodle restaurant. Li Zhenyan made a table of food at home. After waiting for a long time, I was a little disappointed that Fang Xiaofu could not come back. Li Zhenyan was about to pour out the food. Suddenly he heard someone knock on the door. Li Zhenyan thought it was Fang Xiaoru who was coming. He opened the door, but it was Jiang Caiwei who was drunk. Came in.

Early the next morning, Jiang Caiwei asked Li Zhenyan whether he had considered it clearly and whether he wanted to change the system. Li Zhenyan said that he wanted to maintain the status quo. Fang Xiaolu, who didn’t contact Li Zhenyan all night, made excuses and rushed into Li Zhenyan’s home. Seeing Jiang Caiwei at Li Zhenyan’s house early in the morning, Fang Xiaolu thought Jiang Caiwei was Li Zhenyan’s girlfriend, and the depressed Fang Xiaolu ate at the noodle shop.

When I met Fisher, Fisher said that he had experience when he met Fang Xiaolu because of the emotional affairs, and he helped Fang Xiaoru analyze it. He also asked her to take herself to see Li Zhenyan, and Fang Xiaorui went to the doctor in a hurry. , He took Fisher to Li Zhenyan’s house. Before entering the door, Fisher was helping Fang Xiaoru to tidy up his hair. Li Zhenyan opened the door and saw this scene, thinking that Fisher wanted the other Xiaoru to plot an evil, so he punched Fisher. Your face.

Fisher and Fang Xiaolu entered the door. Fisher looked at the photos of Li Zhenyan’s house and recognized his father as the piano master Li Yazhe. Only through Fisher did Fang Xiaolu know about Li Zhenyan’s parents, Fisher Seeing the photo of Wayenda, I criticized Wayenda again, saying that he hated Wayenda very much. Li Zhenyan admired Wayenda very much, so naturally he refused to listen to Fisher slander Wayenda and drove him away. Get out.

The next day, Fisher officially went to the Baiqi Conservatory of Music and showed the photos he had taken in the past two days to the teachers of the academy. Several teachers were looking at the photos. The director introduced Fisher and Li Zhenyan to each other. Fisher saw Li Zhenyan and tore up his transfer application.

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