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Burning 燃烧 Episode 43 Recap

Cui Zhiyou got the news about the drug trafficking in Banzhou from Li Jinghao’s hands. The more he looked through it, the more he felt that there was a problem, and the more he believed that Cui Tianxing was Xu Jiafu. It is no coincidence that a Chinese national was involved in the drug trafficking case cracked by the Panzhou Police Department on June 15, 1991.

According to Li Jinghao’s introduction, Cui Zhiyou found Mu Shengxian, the police officer in charge of the case, who could not recognize Xu Jiafu’s photo, but he recognized Jin Sen’s photo. At that time, the drug criminal Li Qiang once confessed that he was dealing with Jin Sen in drugs, but at the time, the Pai Yao Gang did not touch drugs at all, so no one believed Li Qiang’s words.

As for the cracked drug case, Mu Shengxian clearly remembers that in February of 1989, a group of smugglers came from China to smuggle drugs through Banzhou Port. At that time, the main criminal of drug trafficking was a Chinese named Xue Yongxiang. . At that time, the police could not find Xue Yongxiang at all, and even thought that there was no such person.

Until the evening of June 15, 1991, a mysterious call reported to the police that it was a drug cartel gathering in a tavern to celebrate Xue Yongxiang’s birthday. When the police surrounded the tavern, they experienced a rain of bullets for thirty minutes. According to Mu Shengxian’s explanation, Li Qiang, the principal culprit at the time, confirmed that there were many drug trafficking members, including Xue Yongxiang, who had died.

At the same time, Cai Liang, who could not go home, had a great resentment towards Xu Songlin. He, who only wanted to reunite with his family, firmly rejected the other party’s decision to secretly go to the South. But he didn’t know that this was the last chance Xu Songlin gave him. Refusing meant that he would be killed.

The next day, Cui Zhiyou found Li Qiang who was still in jail. No matter how Cui Zhiyou induced him, the other party looked calm. Until he saw Xu Jiafu’s photo, Li Qiang’s expression finally had a trace of anxiety and anxiety. Cui Zhiyou knows exactly who Li Qiang is. He just wants the other party to recognize Xu Jiafu’s existence.

Xu Jiafu deliberately reported to the Anti-Narcotics Division of the Banzhou Local Police Department. Xue Yongxiang celebrated his birthday at the doll bar near Zuodong. All his drug dealers were there. Even if the recorded voice has been changed, Cui Zhiyou believes that Li Qiang will definitely recognize his voice.

Xu Jiafu escaped from the cicada and successfully escaped from Panzhou to Xinchuan, then went to the plastic surgery hospital, completely changed his face, and successfully stole the identity of another person to live again. He used the way of betraying others to get his current life. Unfortunately, even if Cui Zhiyou promised to let Li Qiang out of this damn prison, the other party did not sell Xu Jiafu.

This Li Qiang was the man who was in the same boat with Xu Jiafu who smuggled into the Southland-Kong Yang. He watched Xu Jiafu kill everyone and saved his life before he took the initiative to invite him to join his uncle, Xue Yongxiang. At the beginning, Kong Yang’s aunt was killed by Xue Yongxiang for stealing someone, and he helped bury the body. Now that the body is exposed, Kong Yang can only smuggle to the south and be lazy Xue Yongxiang. Kong Yang assured Xu Jiafu that what he hates most is the person who reports, so he will never betray his friends.

Xue Yongxiang has been in the drug business in South China, and Xu Jiafu has also joined Kong Yang. This was the only way to discover that Li Changxu’s company actually helped deliver drugs. Coupled with the threat of family and children, Li Changxu had to agree to help Xu Jun manufacture An opportunity to make merit in Lianda Textile Factory.

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