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Burning 燃烧 Episode 42 Recap

In 1995, Xu Jiafu returned here again in a hotel in Longcheng City, and wanted to take his family back to the South. Zhao Yuee still refused because Xu Jun could not accept the reality. Xu Jun always thought that his success now depended on himself. Zhao Yuee didn’t dare to risk his collapse, let alone bring Wu Xiaoling’s time bomb.

Zhao Yue’e once again went to meet the person who helped her and confuses her DNA identification, while Xu Jiafu came to Xu Jun’s room to take a look at his son and granddaughter at the door because of the reason that he went to the wrong room. In the evening, Xu Jiafu deliberately wanted to appear on the scene of his granddaughter’s birthday by chance, and got a little Bouma given to him by Xu Jiatong.

One night passed, Zhao Yuee didn’t change her mind, but she was even more sure of her determination not to go to the South. She even wanted to get rid of Xu Da, the insider. Xu Jialu died in exchange for Xu Jun’s life. Xu Da was the only son he left. Xu Jiafu was not as cruel as Zhao Yuee, so he quickly pleaded for Xu Guangyi to get rid of Xu Guangyi. As long as he had blood on his hands, it would be impossible to betray them. .

Time has returned to the present, Xu Jiafu, who has become Cui Tianxing, has been looking forward to being able to reunite with his family. But since they chose this path of no return, they have made a choice, and there will never be a chance to reunite again.

The daughter’s high fever was the last straw that overwhelmed Cai Liang’s wife. The police helped raise donations and used money to fund her mother-in-law’s surgery. She asked her to contact Cai Liang and persuade him to surrender. At least there would be a family reunion. She has had enough of being alone now, holding a family to death, and never seeing tomorrow.

Cai Liang knows the police’s methods very well. He knows it is a bitter trick, but his wife sees it more clearly. In fact, the police can use the news that Cai Liang’s mother is critically ill to lead him into the game and arrest him. The reason for not doing so, in addition to saving a life, is also to give him another opportunity to make up for his work.

Cai Liang’s wife gave him the last chance to choose. If he did not agree to surrender, he would leave the home with his children. The killer dispatched by Xu Jiafu will also come, and Cai Liang’s choice means how he will end up.

In the office of the police station, Feng Kai was sorting out everyone’s donations, and Fang Fei also came to express her heart. Life and death are always something everyone must go through, but some people will be early and some will be late. Fang Fei once lost her grandmother, but with her family around, the old man walked peacefully.

Feng Kai has been busy with work and rarely has the opportunity to go home, and his wife has always understood the responsibility on his shoulders. However, at the moment when their daughter was critically ill, Feng Kai couldn’t see her last side because of work. Before she died, the little girl was muttering, “Why isn’t Dad coming back.”

This sentence finally made Feng Kai’s wife chill. After finishing her daughter’s funeral, she directly gave him a divorce agreement. In this failed marriage, Feng Kai couldn’t judge whether he was righteous or really wrong. He just didn’t want to experience this pain again.

Feng Kai gave everything to his ex-wife, leaving only the family of three that his daughter had painted. For a long time, he didn’t know what Fang Fei wanted, but Feng Kai couldn’t choose again and let the tragedy repeat itself.

Today is Zhou Haoyu’s funeral. The suffering of Zhou Wei’s husband and wife has reached its culmination. As a result, they become like living dead at the funeral, experiencing the process. And Gao Feng’s eyes kept staring at Xu Jiatong. He remembered what the other party had said when he was in Shanghai, “At the last moment of your life, I want to tell you, I, I once truly loved you.”

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