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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 20 Recap

Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi live together in a room. Originally, Chen Jiaxin wanted to go out and was pulled by Wang Yiyi. Wang Yiyi took care of Chen Jiaxin to lie down and hugged Chen Jiaxin lying next to her. Wang Yiyi told Chen Jiaxin that this birthday is more meaningful and happier than ever.

The next day, Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi just got up and found that Lin Xishi had returned from grocery shopping. Chen Jiaxin distressed her mother’s body and hoped that she would be able to suspend business for a day. However, Lin Xishi thought that he could not go out of business when he first came here. Chen Jiaxin offered to work with her. Wang Yiyi immediately asked him to help make noodles.

Lin Xishi deliberately told Wang Yiyi to make noodles is difficult, but Wang Jianyi thinks that there may not be more difficult than he manages a company, so he took the initiative to help work. Wang Xiyi not only learned to cut vegetables, but also helped Lin Xishi to push the cart to the store. Chen Jiaxin was blocked by Lin Xishi when he wanted to help. Looking at Wang Xiyi’s cart back, Lin Xishi felt very familiar and remembered Chen Jiaxin’s father before.

After a busy day, Lin Xishi made a bowl of noodles for Wang Yiyi, and told Wang Yiyi that this bowl of noodles is like Chen Jiaxin. Although simple, it is the most important existence. Wang Yiyi very much agrees with this sentence.

Ansen and Siqi went shopping together. Several times they wanted to hold Siqi’s hand, but they didn’t dare. Siqi satirized Ansen too much. Anson threw away the popcorn in his hand and pulled Siqi to kiss. Siqi also put her eyes closed wholeheartedly, but a child found Anson had a popcorn on her head that disturbed the two of them for a moment. Wang Xiyi fell asleep in the car and leaned on Chen Jiaxin. Chen Jiaxin found Wechat from Shi Anna and told Wang Xiyi she was coming back.

Dylan took a pot to find the pottery master Zhongshan Dragon. This pot was made by Chen Jiaxin, but the color was painted by Wang Zhenzhu. In the past, both Zhongshan Dragon and Wang Zhenzhu went to the countryside. At that time, Zhongshan Dragon was very talented. It happened to resume the college entrance examination. Wang Zhenzhu encouraged Zhongshan Dragon to go out. Zhongshan Long hoped that Wang Zhenzhu could wait for him for three years, but Wang Zhenzhu did not expect to marry the next year, and Zhongshan Long never married.

Zhongshan Long saw ceramic works very like Chen Jiaxin, and also offered to meet her or give back a gift. Dylan was happy for Chen Jiaxin. Wang Yiyi pretended to have arm pain and asked Chen Jiaxin to go to her aunt to get a plaster. While taking advantage of Chen Jiaxin’s plaster, Wang Yiyi took off his pajamas. Wang Yiyi used this to break Chen Jiaxin’s tension and embarrassment, and the two were really together.

Wang Yiyi’s mother once said that she would give her wife the task of wearing a tie in the future, so that it would not affect her feelings, so Wang Yiyi taught Chen Jiaxin to wear a tie. Chen Jiaxin is immersed in happiness, Wang Yiyi received the news from Shi Anna, and the day after tomorrow, Anna will return.

Chen Jiaxin felt sad and felt that a kind and perfect person had been hurt because of him. Wang Yiyi comforted Chen Jiaxin and decided to give Shi Anna an explanation. In the past, Shi Anna was Wang Jianyi’s weakness, and Wang Yanyi also decided to face this weakness again. Ansen intends to take Siqi back to see her parents. The mother is very happy to receive the news. She thinks that Siqi is a very good girl, but her father thinks that it is not as good as the teacher. Go to the family.

Wang Yiyi proposed to hold the company’s annual meeting with Wang Zhuzhu’s birthday, and also invited the workers from Huaniao Island to come over. Wang Zhenzhu was naturally happy, and Wang Xiyi arranged for Wang Xiuling and Lin Xishi to dock, and the two discussed which relatives to invite, and also asked Wang Zhengren to teach Chen Jiaxin to dance, and hope to dance with Chen Jiaxin at the opening of the annual meeting.

Wang Yiyi also found that Wang Zhengren has performed well recently, and the report of Huaniao Island showed an upward trend. Wang Yiyi focused on promoting Wang Zhengren and let him take charge of multiple projects. The workers at Huaniao Island have been placed in an important position this time. They used to be inconspicuous factories, which made the whole factory excited.

Since Wang Zhengren didn’t have time to teach Chen Jiaxin to dance, it happened that Dylan came home, and Wang Zhenzhu asked Dylan to teach Chen Jiaxin to dance. When dancing, Dylan seemed to see Chen Jiaxin’s eyes full of love.

Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi made ceramics together, holding their hands against their faces. Wang Yiyi looked at Chen Jiaxin seriously and couldn’t help but kissed Chen Jiaxin. The two were like men and women who were in love and couldn’t help themselves. Siqi was happy for Chen Jiaxin’s successful counterattack. Anson hoped that Siqi would not be too independent. He had to do more and rely on him in everything, which made Siqi comfortable.

When Wang Yiyi returned home, he saw his aunt dancing seriously in the yard following the video study. When Wang Yiyi took a closer look, it was actually that Dylan and Chen Jiaxin were dancing. Aunt always praised the two of them for cooperating with tacit dance. They praised the good teaching of Dylan. Chen Jiaxin did not jump from the beginning, but now she is very skilled. Wang Yiyi left with a black face.

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