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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 19 Recap

Dylan came to celebrate Chen Jiaxin’s birthday, and seeing that the pen on the table heard that Wang Yiyi didn’t open it at all, Dylan took Chen Jiaxin and went directly to Wang Yiyi and Shi Anna’s birthday celebration restaurant every year.

Di Lun saw Wang Yiyi sitting there alone, and encouraged Chen Jiaxin to give things to Wang Yiyi, but Chen Jiaxin was reluctant to let the waitress turn over, and kept secret to want to give Wang Yiyi a surprise. Chen Jiaxin wanted to see Wang Yiyi sitting in the corner and watching Wang Yiyi silently. Dylan couldn’t bear to disturb going out first, watching Wang Yiyi. Di Lun suddenly had some envy but also looked forward to Wang Yiyi not to live up to this kind girl.

Wang Yiyi thought it was a gift from Shi Anna. Perhaps Shi Anna also knew that Wang Yiyi’s knot had been trying to find this pen, so Wang Jieyi thought that Shi Anna finally bought this pen. Wang Yiyi wrote Shi Anna’s name on the paper with a pen, and also wrote sorry, Xiao Ximi and Chen Jiaxin, maybe at this moment Wang Yiyi thinks these people are their own sorry people. Chen Jiaxin, who was sitting on the side, smiled happily when he looked at the smile on Wang Yiyi’s mouth.

Wang Xiyi asked Siqi to accompany Chen Jiaxin for his birthday. Maybe No matter what he bought, Siqi bought a lot of things he likes to eat and drink. A picture of Chen Jiaxin was placed on the table to celebrate Chen Jiaxin’s happy birthday. An Sen also took out Wang Yiyi’s photos to celebrate his prosperous business and happy family. Siqi suddenly felt that both were celebrating at the portrait.

On the stage, it was announced that Anna Shishi had celebrated Wang Yiyi’s birthday for a long time, making him his exclusive white swan, but after a long wait, Anna Shi did not appear. Chen Jiaxin sat and looked at Wang Yiyi, who was disappointed. She couldn’t bear to let Wang Yiyi pass her birthday alone, so she put on a doll and walked on the stage to dance. Wang Yiyi couldn’t help smiling many times.

came to the background, Chen Jiaxin hadn’t had time to take off his clothes and Wang Yiyi came over. Wang Yiyi guessed that it wasn’t Shi Anna himself, but thought that it was the person arranged by Shi Anna, Wang Xiyi still thanked the performer and thanked Shi Anna for the gift. Chen Jiaxin did not break through, and was very happy that he actually gave the right gift.

Wang Yiyi claimed that looking at Shianna’s doppelganger felt like a little transparent person beside him, and also told the person in front of him that he and Chen Jiaxin were married and wanted to give the child and Chen Jiaxin a family. This is his birthday celebration today main reason. Wang Yiyi will call Chen Jiaxin to express his concern after finishing his speech, because today is also Chen Jiaxin’s birthday. The puppet’s mobile phone rings in front of him to debunk Chen Jiaxin’s identity.

Wang Yiyi took Chen Jiaxin to the already prepared playground to celebrate Chen Jiaxin, and also helped Chen Jiaxin redeem the dowry as a birthday gift for her. Wang Yiyi searched all the pawn shops in front of his house, and then he found Chen Jiaxin’s dowry. Wang Xiyi took Chen Jiaxin to play the two people’s playground, this is their exclusive birthday night. Chen Jiaxin suddenly felt that he was very happy. Wang Yiyi suggested that he would come with Xiaomi in the future.

Chen Jiaxin felt that Wang Yiyi thought she was destined to fail when she refused to accept her pen. Wang Yiyi heard that the pen sent by Chen Jiaxin was very surprised. When he heard that it was bought from Gu Yitian, he immediately knew that Gu Yiyi was difficult to deal with. He had found it many times. Gu Yiyi not only sold it to him but also scolded him. Got him.

Chen Jiaxin lied that he bought the pen easily. In fact, Chen Jiaxin told the story of her and Wang Yiyi to Gu Yiyi. Chen Jiaxin thought that Wang Jieyi encouraged himself to cheer himself, so he had his own present. Chen Jiaxin’s understanding of love and his affection for Wang Yiyi moved the ancient day, and only then sold things to Chen Jiaxin. Chen Jiaxin snuggled up next to Wang Yiyi, thanking her for knowing Wang Yiyi, even if she returns to the past now, she will not be afraid anymore. At this moment, Zhao Zishan suddenly called to tell Chen Jiaxin that her mother Lin Xishi collapsed.

Chen Jiaxin hurriedly rushed past Wang Yiyi. It happened that Shi Anna woke up from the hospital. When she discovered that she missed Wang Yiyi’s birthday, she quickly called Wang Yiyi. Wang Xiyi hung up Shi Anna’s phone. Lin Xishi deliberately broke away Chen Jiaxin and Zhao Zishan, angered Wang Yiyi and sorry Chen Jiaxin, getting a photo of his ex girlfriend in the room was not counted, and also signed a divorce agreement to use Chen Jiaxin as a tool for giving birth.

Wang Yiyi was too late to explain, Chen Jiaxin and Zhao Zishan came back, and Wang Yiyi hurried out. In the living room, Wang Yiyi took the initiative to help Lin Xishi to tidy up the room and sort out what she still had time to sort out. Chen Jiaxin proposed to stay to take care of his mother, Wang Xiyi also offered to stay with Chen Jiaxin. Wang Xiyi envyed Chen Jiaxin for having such a mother. He always wanted such a mother, but his parents died in a car accident when he was very young. Wang Xieyi grew up in family competition, learned self-protection, learned the joys and sorrows beyond expression, and many things are at the bottom of his heart.

Chen Jiaxin is very distressed to Wang Yiyi, and hopes to share all successes and failures, bitterness and pain with Wang Yiyi in the future, no matter what is the way forward, Chen Jiaxin hopes to spend time with Wang Yiyi. Wang Yiyi moved to embrace Chen Jiaxin, and also said that the previous divorce agreement was the most wrong thing he did right. He wanted to fulfill Chen Jiaxin’s wish so that he and Xiaoxi Mi and Xiaoxi Mi’s mother could live happily together. It was Chen Jiaxin’s wish on the wishing tree.

Wang Xiyi’s words were also heard by Lin Xishi, and he felt a little comfort in his heart. Perhaps the two were originally because the children were walking together, and they might find that the two are the most suitable people for each other. Jia Tiancai brought a birthday cake to celebrate Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi. The child kept crying. Wang Yiyi coaxed the child skillfully to satisfy everyone present.

In the evening, Lin Xishi placed Chen Jiaxin and Wang Xiyi to live, and received a text message from Wang Yiyi. Wang Xiyi promised to void Chen Jiaxin’s divorce agreement and take good care of Chen Jiaxin in the future.

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