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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 18 Recap

Wang Yiyi told Chen Jiaxin that Shi Anna was coming back to celebrate his birthday. He also wanted to make it clear to Shi Anna. Therefore, this birthday cannot accompany Chen Jiaxin. Chen Jiaxin expressed understanding. Because Wang Yiyi left the company first, Chen Jiaxin received a message from Dylan to meet her.

Dylan and Chen Jiaxin came under the wishing tree and also told Chen Jiaxin that he found a pen from a teacher named Gu who had this pen and sold for 100,000 yuan. Dylan knew that Chen Jiaxin had no money and wanted to lend her money. Chen Jiaxin refused to use his own ability to make money to buy and give it to Wang Yiyi as a birthday gift.

Di Lun proposed to be Chen Jiaxin’s agent. Afterwards, all of Chen Jiaxin’s works would be sold by him. Di Lun was worried that Chen Jiaxin felt uncomfortable and thought that she had taken care of her. Point to Chen Jiaxin that he valued Chen Jiaxin’s potential, I believe that one day Chen Jiaxin will become a sought-after, he also counts on Chen Jiaxin to make money. Chen Jiaxin readily agreed, and then Chen Jiaxin wrote on the wishing tree that Xiaomi and her and Wang Yiyi could live happily together.

Wang Yiyi proposed to make Anson work overtime on weekends. Ansen told Wang Yiyi that he would accompany his girlfriend for the weekend. At the same time, he also told Wang Yiyi that this girlfriend was Siqi. Wang Yanyi did not believe in asking personal questions like Ansen Siqi’s preferences. These questions have been memorized by An Sen long ago, and Wang Yiyi couldn’t believe it.

Ansen went back to tell Siqi about it. Siqi thought that Wang Yiyi didn’t care about his subordinates at all. He didn’t accompany his wife’s birthday but went to find his ex-girlfriend. Anson has a different view. Anson believes that the most innocent is Shi Anna. So far, Shi Anna has not harmed anyone. The snail knows the existence of Shi Anna, but Shi Anna does not know that there is a snail. However, Anson also told Siqi Wang Jianyi that she wanted to tell Shi Anna about the existence of a snail.

Dylan took Chen Jiaxin to the ancient teacher and offered to buy a pen, and sold the dowry that her mother gave her in advance. However, the ancient teacher thought that Dylan was an art dealer, and it needed Chen Jiaxin to tell a touching story related to the pen. Only in this way would he be willing to negotiate the price, otherwise he would not sell it for the money.

Chen Jiaxin just said that this pen was the memory of his husband’s childhood. She wanted to give it to her husband on his birthday. Teacher Gu thinks that this is a naive story at all and will not betray, and he drove away Chen Jiaxin and Dylan without any kindness. Dylan had to go to Europe to find his sister overnight, so he left early. In order to obtain this pen, Chen Jiaxin did not return overnight, and lied to Wang Yiyi to accompany Siqi.

Chen Jiaxin has been standing in front of the ancient teacher, hoping to move the ancient teacher and let him agree to sell the pen to her. When Teacher Gu runs, she follows, and when Teacher Gu comes home, she quickly puts on a towel to wipe the sweat. Because of the uncomfortable stomach, Chen Jiaxin couldn’t climb the stairs. The ancient teacher handed over a glass of water. It was Chen Jiaxin’s perseverance that moved Professor Gu to sell the pen to Chen Jiaxin.

Dillon was in the hospital and a girl named Anna again identified the gene, but proved that she was still not her sister. Anna intends to give two tickets to the Paris Opera House to Dylan, which Dylan did not accept. At the same time, Shi Anna was taken to the hospital and passed Dylan. Chen Jiaxin prepared a lunch box for Wang Yiyi, and also put the pen in the bento bag. I hope that Wang Yiyi received a surprise when he saw it, so Chen Jiaxin did not say that there was a gift in it.

Today is Chen Jiaxin’s birthday. Wang Yiyi told Anson to let Si Qi stay with Chen Jiaxin. Just when Si Qi called Chen Jiaxin for a meal at the computer, Dylan also called. Si Qi thought that Wang Xiyi could date his ex-girlfriend, and Chen Jiaxin could also date Dylan, so Si Qi agreed with Dylan and Chen Jiaxin. In the future, Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi were alone when they divorced. All these words were sent by An Sen to Wang Yiyi’s ears. Wang Yiyi was so angry that he gave Chen Jiaxin the bento to Ansen. The gift inside Wang Yiyi also thought that the tableware was not opened.

Chen Jiaxin went home and found that Wang Xiuling was eating takeaway. Chen Jiaxin smelled familiar when she smelled the taste. After careful tasting, it was determined that it was the taste of her mother Lin Xishi. After asking Wang Xiuling for the address, Chen Jiaxin ran over, and it turned out that it was Lin Xishi. Lin Xishi’s shop is very busy, one by one. Chen Jiaxin was very distressed to her mother and knew that her mother came to Shanghai for her. Lin Xishi told Chen Jiaxin that she will always be Lin Jiaxin’s backing and always guard Lin Jiaxin.

Wang Xiyi is angry that Dylan always looks for Chen Jiaxin, full of vinegar to warn Dylan to stay away from Chen Jiaxin, and don’t always harass other people’s wives. Dylan accused Wang Yiyi of not being qualified to speak to him, nor to pretend to care about his wife. Chen Jiaxin took his dowry to give him a gift, and he even had a birthday with another woman, which was not worthy of Chen Jiaxin. Love. Wang Yiyi asked where did Dillon Chen Jiaxin put the dowry pawn? Dylan thinks that Wang Yiyi is not qualified to know, and he does not want to redeem things to be heroes.

Siqi celebrates Chen Jiaxin’s birthday, and also tells Chen Jiaxin that she and Siqi are contracted boyfriends and girlfriends. Now both of them are to cope with the family and can take photos and hang out in the circle of friends, but they can leave as soon as they meet the right half. Ansen opened the gift and found that the pen was deeply apologetic and hurriedly brought it to Chen Jiaxin. Chen Jiaxin looked at the pen in his hand and pondered.

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