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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 17 Recap

Chen Jiaxin knows that this pen is of great significance and cannot be measured by value. Chen Jiaxin hopes to continue to treasure. Grandma offered to let Chen Jiaxin take her first pottery works to auction, but also worried that she would not be able to take her hands to shame. Grandma believes that the auction is important, and believes that someone can feel it. Yu Wei and Si Qi were temporarily sent to the reception of the auction, Si Qi satirized Yu Wei to laugh, but Yu Wei wanted to take the opportunity to hug his thigh, and satirized the position of Chairman Chen Jiaxin’s special assistant has not yet settled Was taken down, Si Qi just wanted to teach Yu Wei Ansen over.

Dylan had long known the divorce agreement between Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi, and knew that Chen Jiaxin must have endured a lot of hope that Chen Jiaxin could speak his heart. No one can say that Chen Jiaxin had to tell Dylan about everything. Chen Jiaxin originally thought that it would be fine to leave as agreed, but now everything has changed. Grandma is very good to her, aunt and Wang Zhengren are also very good to her, and even now Wang Yiyi is like a real husband to give her comfort and encouragement.

Chen Jiaxin felt more and more like a home here, she also worked hard to practice how to leave, but finally found that the more practice the more painful, as long as she thought she would never see Xiao Simi, grandma and Wang Yiyi, she felt in her heart Empty. Dylan believes that in addition to Chen Jiaxin rethinking the relationship between the two, or Wang Yiyi is also rethinking the relationship between the two, the position in the family may also be replaced by Chen Jiaxin.

Yu Wei saw Chen Jiaxin and Dylan coming in together, and just about to speculate about the relationship between the two, Wang Yiyi announced in public that Chen Jiaxin came with him. Dylan asked, in what capacity did Wang Yiyi bring Chen Jiaxin over? Wang Yiyi hesitated a little, and Dylan pulled Chen Jiaxin to leave. Wang Yiyi held Chen Jiaxin and announced that Chen Jiaxin was the hostess of Chengjie Group.

At the auction, Dylan praised Chen Jiaxin’s work, and invested 100,000 yuan to buy it. Wang Yiyi even bid for this work to finally bid for one million with Dylan, which in his view is a treasure. Chen Jiaxin proposed to keep Wang Yiyi away from herself, worrying that Wang Yiyi would protect her all the way, and escort her all the way. When the time came, she would be reluctant to leave. Wang Yiyi hoped that Chen Jiaxin would never say anything about leaving again. I will talk about later things, but now Wang Yiyi finds that the most important thing is that he can no longer see Chen Jiaxin feeling sad. Watching Chen Jiaxin sad about Wang Jieyi holding her in distress, and blaming Chen Jiaxin for his poor eyesight, and looking for men to accompany him must at least use him as the standard. Chen Jiaxin seriously answered that if Wang Jieyi was used as the standard to find a boyfriend, he would not find it in his life. Wang Yiyi was very happy when he heard this, and immediately said he could not find the best.

Pearl Wang found Chen Jiaxin alone, reminding her that she should be able to understand Wang Yiyi’s heart through today’s affairs. Wang Pearl let Chen Jiaxin get used to Wang Yiyi’s good, which is justified. Chen Jiaxin still feels that she has robbed Anna, but Wang Zhenzhu thinks that Shi Anna and Wang Yiyi are not suitable. Both of them are for their own goals. It is Chen Jiaxin’s efforts that paid for everything. Chen Jiaxin made Wang Xiuling unselfish. This family has become harmonious.

Pearl Wang gave Mother Chen’s dowry to Chen Jiaxin, hoping that these things would make her feel supported by her family. Chen Jiaxin’s tears fell down, and Wang Zhenzhu knew that this was the most precious thing to Chen Jiaxin, so he gave these things as a birthday gift to Chen Jiaxin. Pearl Wang claimed that he saw the new Wang Yiyi, and believed that the acquaintance of Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi was the best thing in Wang Yiyi’s life, and hoped that Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi would go well.

In the evening, Chen Jiaxin looked at the marriage certificate of the two people and looked at Wang Yiyi who was asleep on the sofa next to her. I really hope that Wang Yiyi really needs her. Chen Jiaxin squatted in front of Wang Yiyi to see him, hoping that the child would look like his father after birth, that would be so beautiful.

Chen Jiaxin got up and went back to his bed, but was pulled over by Wang Yiyi and hugged in his arms. He also kissed Chen Jiaxin’s forehead. Chen Jiaxin happily kicked off the slippers Meimei nest in Wang Yiyi’s arms. Chen Jiaxin prepared breakfast for Wang Yiyi and had a ready-made cricket cup. Wang Yiyi was very happy, but I don’t know why he was made a cricket cup instead of a lizard.

In fact, Chen Jiaxin thought that the lizard was cold-blooded, and Wang Yiyi looked cold on the surface. After getting along, he would find a warm man, more like a cricket, combative and proud. With the cup sent by Chen Jiaxin, Wang Yiyi felt beautiful. Chen Jiaxin found a lot of places where he wanted to buy the same pen as Wang Yiyi and gave it to him as a birthday gift, but nothing happened. Chen Jiaxin had to ask Dylan for help.

Shi Anna also called Wang Yiyi. Shi Anna worked overtime every day just to be able to come back to celebrate on Wang Yiyi’s birthday. Wang Yiyi hesitated looking at the cup in front for a long time. Then Wang Yiyi told Shi Anna to wait for her to come back and tell her one thing, the two agreed to meet in the old place.

Wang Xieyi accompanied Chen Jiaxin to do maternity counseling. Wang Xieyi also knew that Chen Jiaxin and his own birthday were the same day, and also said that they would accompany her every birthday in the future. Chen Jiaxin inquired about Wang Yiyi’s previous birthday. Wang Yiyi recalled that he used to spend time with Chen Jiaxin in a restaurant. It was a place open for the birthday of the day, and friends of the birthday were allowed to perform there. Anna is a natural dancer. Bartending and dancing in the restaurant attracted everyone’s attention, including Wang Yiyi.

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