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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 52 Recap

Hua Jinxiu not only stolen the Purple Mine, but also sent a killer to assassinate more than 100 Dark Guards in the Dark Palace, and used the Purple Mine Dagger to blame the matter on his second brother Song Minglei. Facing the question from the original Qingjiang, Song Minglei, who was eloquent and eloquent, easily blamed it on the flower hibiscus which had been in close contact with the South. In spite of this, the original Qingjiang, who did not have sufficient evidence for a while, still restricted Song Minglei to the Li Rui Pavilion in order to take care of the overall situation.

Subsequently, the original Qingjiang was like a beautiful flower, and came to the Xifeng Garden to ask about the flower hibiscus, why the southern country Duanshi would learn about the golden cicada flower. After seeing Hua Muqin treat her question so frankly, the original Qingjiang couldn’t help but doubt the people around Hua Muqin, but there was no conclusive evidence at the moment, so I had to leave it for now.

After the original Qingjiang left, Yuan Feibai was scrutinized, and he couldn’t help but suspect that it was a beautiful flower that could benefit the fisherman. While shocked, Hua Mujin felt sorry for the more than a hundred lives and felt self-blamed for not having a good sister, but everything was beyond her control. It was not only Bai who wanted to pass everyone’s efforts. Able to pull the beautiful flower back to the right way.

The news of Song Minglei’s depreciation spread to Hua Jinxiu’s ears. Hua Jinxiu saw that all her own tactics had been realized. Not only did Song Minglei, who had been exposed, be degraded, but also separated the original Qingjiang River and the original non-white and flowered hibiscus. After setting aside the matter of Li Shizi temporarily, all the goals of Huajinxiu had been achieved, but she did not feel a little bit happy, but she was full of irritability. Sima Yun came to find the flower splendid to discuss the statement, but in the face of the flower splendid heart without repentance, Sima Yun still could not ruthlessly start with it.

After Ziyuan was handed over to Yuanfeiliu, the original Qingjiang set off again with Yuanfeibai and returned to the battlefield in Yanzhou. Yuan Feiyan not only saw that her husband was demoted and banned by his father, but even his eldest brother was not reused by his father. Song Minglei took the opportunity to persuade the brother and sister to obey their own strategy and help the original Qingjiang take the throne.

At the same time, Hua Jinxiu sees that the original father and son will destroy the East Court this time, so he wants to use his ally Li Fei and the Fengde army in his hand to resurrect Xuan Xuan and get the Yuxi to help the original Qingjiang ascend the throne. While she was lobbying Li Fei for how to go to the palace at this time, Xuan Fuche was under the suggestion of Prince Xuan Benxu, in the name of protecting the mother and child of the original family, and took all the women and children of the original family close to the palace as hostages. After the triumph of the original father and son, he still used this as a threat to control the original family.

As soon as the daughter of the original family arrived in the palace, the father and son of the Xuan family wanted to continue to use the flower hibiscus to accuse the original family of killing a prince, but they didn’t want the news to go wild. Not only did Li Fei find the flower with this news Splendid, and reached a cooperation with Flower Splendid, he will help Flower Splendid to get the jade seal she wants, Flower Splendid will help herself to remove Xuan Benxu, and keep her and Emperor Xuanxuan safe in her later years. Moreover, Qi Fang also learned about the plan of the father and son of the Xuan family through his own network in the palace, and he disguised himself as a bodyguard. He wanted to save the flower hibiscus, but he didn’t want the flower hibiscus. A great future.

Although Flower Splendid was in front of Li Fei, she promised to guarantee the safety of Fei Li and Xuan Fu’s later years, but unexpectedly she had just left Li Fei’s palace, and Flower Splendid was ordered to be counted. He was poisoned for the second time, and Xuan Fu was thoroughly executed. He also took this opportunity to make his sister Hua Mujin bear the charge of assassinating the emperor forever. At the same time, Song Minglei got the news that the father and son of the Xuan family wanted to use the original Fei Qing and Princess Shuyi to invite the original family into the urn, and they wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. Non-Qing, gathering all the troops, hurried to the Eastern Palace.

Just as the original father and son attacked the Dongting Palace and completely destroyed the Dongting, Xuan Fu thoroughly planned to pretend to be the princess of Zhenjing, Hua Mu Hibiscus, to serve as imperial servants, pretending to be unwell. Xuan Fucheng thought that the tea in the cup was a pre-arranged Xuan Benxu’s miracle medicine that was harmless to the body but could cause the illusion of poisoning. He drank it calmly in front of the flower hibiscus according to the plan, but did not want the cup Zhongzhicha has long been replaced by Song Minglei with real poison.

Xuan Fu completely collapsed. Xuan Benxu and Li Fei, who stood outside the door, heard the news one after another and saw that their father and emperor were not fake poisoning, but after the actual collapse, they couldn’t help but feel helpless for a while. In order to prevent the original family from taking the opportunity to kill the Xuan family, the news was immediately blocked, and Hua Mujin was charged with the crime of killing the king. He simply packed his luggage and wanted to escape before the original Qingjiang rushed back.

Hua Jinxiu saw that her men had not yet started, and Xuan Fuche died after his death. In order to prevent the jade seal from falling into the hands of others, he immediately went to the palace of the concubine to ask for it. While suspicious of her, she hid the jade seal earlier. In desperation, Flower Splendid had to use Xuan Benxu’s head in exchange for the jade seal in Li Fei’s hand.

The original non-smoke heard that Xuan Fucheng was poisoned by the flower hibiscus and controlled Yu Bintian. After the original family was about to be convicted, he immediately notified his brother and Song Minglei of this news, but was told that everything was done by Song Minglei. In order to appease the brothers and sisters of Yuan Feiqing and Yuan Feiyan, Song Minglei continued to falsely claim that he would support the Qingjiang ascend to the throne, and donated the great merits to Yuan Feiqing.

At this time, with the help of Qi Fang, the flower hibiscus, who was beaten into death row, not only passed the news of the flying pigeon to Yuan Feibai and Sima Yun, but also stunned all the jailers. In my consciousness, I got a night to find the jade seal for the original non-white.

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