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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 1 Recap

Li Zhenyan is a top student in the piano department of Baiqi Conservatory of Music. If piano is a part of his life, then conducting is everything in his life. The famous conductor Wei Enda once promised him to accept him as his apprentice when he was a child. Li Zhenyan firmly believes in this promise, and on the road to becoming a conductor, working hard to move forward, wanting to sway the most passionate youth with the baton in his hand, but the reality makes Li Zhenyan very helpless, and Li Zhenyan believes that his school is full of nothing. Meaningless notes, no blood at all.

Li Zhenyan was unable to realize his ambitions in school. Although he was the best student in the piano department, his teacher Zhang also gave Li Zhenyan the only spot for school celebration solo, but Li Zhenyan was not happy. When Teacher Zhang found out that Li Zhenyan wanted to be After conducting the conductor, he yelled at Li Zhenyan.

He felt that Li Zhenyan could not learn the piano well and wanted to be a conductor. Teacher Zhang reminded Li Zhenyan not to let him down. Li Zhenyan’s father expected him. Li’s father seemed to be Li Zhenyan’s antagonist, so he spoke. Refuted Teacher Zhang, questioned Teacher Zhang’s level, and asked Teacher Zhang not to mention his father again, and the two broke up in a quarrel.

After Li Zhenyan left, she was attracted by the sound of the piano. When she was about to go in to find out, Jiang Caiwei suddenly patted Li Zhenyan and motioned him to go with herself. Jiang Caiwei knew that Li Zhenyan had ruined the school celebration solo and fell out with Teacher Zhang. She was a little worried about Li Zhenyan, but Li Zhenyan disapproved.

Jiang Caiwei stopped persuading and took out an application form for transferring to the command department, saying that Li Zhenyan could be transferred to the command department, but Li Zhenyan refused. Li Zhenyan said that no matter how hard he tried in this school, it was futile. Li Zhenyan said that the path he chose was to be the disciple of Teacher Wienda. When Jiang Caiwei gave Li Zhenyan the ticket to Vienna, Li Zhenyan was silent, and Li Zhenyan had a psychological shadow. Dare to take the plane, Li Zhenyan was so depressed that he drunk his sorrows, and he walked downstairs to the house and lay down on the stairs.

Fang Xiaolu, who was going home, met Li Zhenyan, who was unconscious, and dragged him back to his home. . Early the next morning, Li Zhenyan woke up listening to Fang Xiaolu’s piano. The somewhat cleanliness Li Zhenyan was shocked when she saw that she was in Fang Xiaolu’s messy and messy home, and she didn’t care to ask Fang Xiaolu more clearly. Then fled.

After Li Zhenyan and Teacher Zhang fell out, they changed to another teacher, Teacher Hu. It happened that Fang Xiaolu was also a student of Teacher Hu. Li Zhenyan was a little bit resistant, but Teacher Hu was the last teacher willing to accept him. If he does not take Teacher Hu’s class , I can only repeat the grade, and Li Zhenyan has no choice but to compromise. The first time the two played together was a fast-paced piano piece. Fang Xiaolu always made mistakes. Li Zhenyan was a little angry. Teacher Hu worked as a mediator in the middle, so that Li Zhenyan could give Fang Xiaolu more patience.

In the evening, Li Zhenyan was hit by Fang Xiaoru’s clothes blown off on the balcony. He went upstairs angrily and knocked on Fang Xiaoru’s door. Fang Xiaoru was not there and the door was unlocked. After Li Zhenyan entered the house, he looked at Fang Xiaoru’s mess. She couldn’t stand her room anymore, so she organized it for her. After Fang Xiaolu came back, she found that one of her toy pianos had been lost by Li Zhenyan. Fang Xiaolu was a little angry, saying that it was a gift from her mother.

After Fang Xiaolu asked Li Zhenyan to throw his things at the garbage station downstairs, he rushed to the ground floor to search for it. Li Zhenyan felt a little guilty. Fang Xiaolu found her toy piano and accidentally found the transfer application form that was thrown away by Li Zhenyan. Fang Xiaolu put the application form into his pocket. The guilty Li Zhenyan also went to the garbage station to look for it, found Fang Xiaolu’s MP3, and apologized to her. Fang Xiaolu also forgave Li Zhenyan.

The principal of the Conservatory of Music invited the conductor Fisher to come to the school for guidance. After learning about it, Li Zhenyan felt a little lost thinking about her unrealized dream, and did not want to practice with Fang Xiaolu any more, but Fang Xiaolu had been pestering Li Zhenyan, trying hard to think. To make Li Zhenyan happy, Li Zhenyan couldn’t bear to keep Fang Xiaoru out of the door, so she let her in to have a meal together, and after the meal, she instructed Fang Xiaoru to practice piano, but Fang Xiaoru kept making mistakes. Li Zhenyan was a little angry and made her Fang Xiaoru first read the score carefully, calm down by himself, Li Zhenyan thought about it, and suddenly realized that the way he taught Fang Xiaoru was exactly the same as the teacher Zhang he hated.

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