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Burning 燃烧 Episode 41 Recap

In the interrogation room, Zhang Biao heard Feng Kai’s pressing harder and he was afraid that he would become a scapegoat and a murder suspect. Although he spoke of loyalty, he finally revealed the existence of Cai Liang. He was just the person Cai Liang had found to follow, and he didn’t know anything about it. If Feng Kai wanted to dig deeper, he must first find Cai Liang.

Zhao Yue’e has always been cautious in her work. She didn’t expect that Xu Songlin would leave a loophole here and quickly asked him to go to the aftermath. However, the police are all staring at Xu Songlin, and if they act rashly, they might fall into the hands of the police. Their only bargaining chip was that they had already asked Cai Liang to run ahead and control the opponent’s complete movement.

When Feng Kai took the police to find the village where Cai Liang lived, his wife didn’t know what to ask about the police. A picture of a mother and child in the room caught Gao Feng’s attention. It was then that Cai Liang was a well-known filial son in the village, and his mother was suffering from rectal cancer that had spread and needed further surgery.

Cai Liang’s mother had only performed an operation a few days ago. Cai Liang must have given the money to his wife, so it can be concluded that she must conceal something. Not long after Feng Kai and others left, Cai Liang’s wife took out a mobile phone from the child’s clothes and successfully contacted Cai Liang, telling her mother that she was sick, but she also wanted to learn about the other party, but she also found nothing.

Since Liu Qingye called for help from Cui Zhiyou, he also confirmed that Cui Tianxing had indeed been to the UK, which made Cui Zhiyou some curiosity and doubts. However, he wanted to investigate Cui Tianxing again under the pretext of Jinsen, but he received a call from his superiors to blame. Even the director of Cui Tianxing’s influence in the southern country had to give him three points. Cui Zhiyou’s behavior caused him to be suspended for three months shortly after he was promoted.

Cui Zhiyou, who was suspended, asked his brother Kim Jae-yong for many years to eat for the first time. It was a fake and wanted him to ask his classmates to help investigate the truth. Through his friend Li Jinghao, Kim Jae-yong investigated the drug cases related to Delong Port and Banzhou Port between 1986 and 1993. As soon as he received news, he would reply in time. Cui Zhiyou let him go.

Feng Kai and Liu Qingye organized a fund-raising activity within the police for Cai Liang’s mother’s illness. Cai Liang’s wife was surprised by the result. At the same time, Gao Feng also hit the iron while it was hot, hoping to induce Cai Liang to take the initiative to show up and tell the truth.

The police are trying their best to track down Cai Liang’s whereabouts and have obtained valid evidence. The government personnel who originally helped the Longxing Group are now evading. Xu Jiatong looked at the project plan in his hand and threw it into the trash after all.

The project’s miscarriage and Cai Liang’s loopholes made Zhao Yue’e restless. Because Xu Songlin could no longer be left behind, Cui Tianxing could only send someone from the southern country to kill Cai Liang, and he himself belonged to the southern police station. Own eyeliner, safety is still good.

I don’t stay up all night hoping to take the family to reunite in the South, but Zhao Yuee cares about Xu Jun and is not willing to give up easily. Right now, although Long Xing’s position is not in jeopardy, Zhao Yuee still wants Xu Jiatong and Xu Jun to go to the UK to avoid the limelight on the grounds of problems with the project.

Xu Jun didn’t know anything about these things. He was still deceived by Zhao Yuee’s lies, not to mention why they were so afraid and loathed the arrival of the police. However, Xu Jun was weak by nature and extremely filial, and finally agreed to go to the United States with Xu Jiatong.

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