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Burning 燃烧 Episode 40 Recap

The letter of guarantee was seized. The government has always wanted to promote cooperation. The province will naturally put pressure on it, and this pressure was taken down by Deputy Director Zhang. Seeing what happened, Zhao Yue’e suddenly felt like deja vu, how this scene was like twenty years ago.

At the beginning, the government hoped that Longxing would return to Longwan to invest, but Gao Sihai and Liu Zhijian under pressure demanded an autopsy. Now, the two of them have been replaced by Gao Feng and Feng Kai. Zhao Yue’e is also confident to let the province continue to pressure. They can’t find any evidence and can only concede defeat.

After Liu Qingye’s investigation, a suspicious person was found. The man put down the light barrier in the car, covering most of his face, but judging from his clothes, he was the one who took Zhou Haoyu’s computer bag from the scene of the car accident. In addition, I found the surveillance video of Zhou Haoyu going to Shanghai on the same day and outside the airport.

At 12:12 on the 12th, the Audi A6 driven by this man entered the parking lot, parked near Zhou Haoyu’s car, and stayed in the car for 23 hours. What Feng Kai and others are investigating is Cai Liang who is following Zhou Haoyu. From a detailed perspective, he has strong anti-investigation capabilities.

On that day, many people passing by were shooting videos, and some people happened to use the video to take Cai Liang’s face. It’s a pity that the photos are too blurry to see too much. They can only hope that someone else has taken the video.

On the day when Cui Zhiyou was promoted to superintendent, he took the initiative to call Liu Qingye. He liked it in his heart. If he wanted to contact him for a long time, he could only agree to help. After investigation by his trustee, it was found that Cui Tianxing had indeed taken a southern flight to London last week. Cui Tianxing went to London at the same time, and he was even bigger. He was Xu Jiafu’s conjecture. This result surprised Cui Zhiyou.

Although the passerby shot the video of Cai Liang’s face, it was impossible to restore his original appearance because of the double blurring of the dynamics and focus. The vehicles that Cai Liang drove had always been in a monitored place, and half of his face was covered with a light barrier. The Shanghai police, while tracing the whereabouts of Ma Kan, have also reached a deadlock.

For a while, the case seemed to be desperate. The case was a desperate effort by Deputy Director Zhang to get time for investigation. If there is no new evidence and progress, it will inevitably cause unbearable consequences. Feng Kai knew that he would be more anxious, and even cursed with red face for the first time.

Feng Kai suddenly thought of the key, why Xu Jiatong could be so sure that Zhou Haoyu did not tell Gao Feng the truth on his mobile phone in advance. If Xu Jiatong had installed eavesdropping software in Zhou Haoyu’s cell phone, he could kill people first when he went to Shanghai. It was because the mobile phone had no eavesdropping software that he could not do this. Instead, he could only wait at the airport after he determined that he wanted to go to Shanghai.

The Xu family could be extremely sure that Zhou Haoyu hadn’t explained the situation in advance on the phone, only someone was following Gao Feng at the same time, convinced that he did not know the truth, and this person who followed was a new breakthrough. Soon, according to this logic, Gao Feng instantly remembered the anomaly at that time, and Feng Kai and others also successfully found Zhang Biao’s hiding place.

After some twists and turns, Zhang Biao was finally brought back to the police station at the cost of traveling around. In the absence of evidence, Zhang Biao would naturally not take the initiative to admit everything, but Feng Kai’s warning obviously made him feel scared. However, whether Zhang Biao will confess everything is still unknown.

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